Saletta, Italy (CNN). A strong, shallow earthquake devastated towns in central Italy early Wednesday, killing at least 63 people and leaving rescuers desperately digging through the rubble to free survivors. The 6.2-magnitude earthquake badly damaged villages in a mountainous rural area of central Italy, a popular vacation spot usually bustling with tourists during the summer break. 

CNN affiliate Rai reported 63 dead, but the toll is expected to rise as rescue teams reach the remote sites where the damage is worst. Among the dead are 10 people in the village of Pescara del Tronto, 6 in Accumoli and 5 in Amatrice, Rai reported, adding that children were among the victims. Roberto Paoletti, a firefighter in the municipality of Arquata del Tronto told CNN a young girl had died in the village. Authorities say they cannot put a figure on the number trapped under the rubble.


Star Wars Saga trailer by Dylan Trost.

I haven’t seen this before, and it’s pretty fantastic. 

Twenty-three year old Heather Lyons was arrested on August 15, 2016 on a threat to bomb/hijack with serious public harm charge after telling her therapist she intended to commit a Columbine-style shooting at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where she worked as a food service vendor. Police found a detailed plan to commit mass murder in her journal titled “Natural Selection,” which included floor plans of the campus center at WPI, sketches of propane tanks and pipe bombs, the clothes she planned to wear and notes on where she could store ammunition, as well as a specific timeline for the event, modeling the diversion bomb idea from Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Her journal also included a hit list of 11 current and former co-workers, along with past classmates. Although Lyons didn’t possess any bomb-making materials or weapons, she was sure of what she wanted, telling police she needed six bombs, a Glock-style handgun, and you guessed it, a pump-action shotgun. Lyons’ therapist describes her as someone with poor impulse control and judgement, which her mother seconds, adding she “may want to go out in a blaze of glory” like the Columbine shooters.



Limsa’s never found a problem they’ve not solved with cannon-fire
And though I might look fetching in their red and black pirate attire
I have no real fondness for the posturing and grog, you see
Nor seasickness and backstabbing and Frontlines mediocrity.
For coin and country’s well and good but don’t believe aristocrats
You’ll find that ‘coin and still more coin’s entire worlds more accurate
Nanamo might be cute and yet I can’t help but be irritated
Knowing that my hard work’s for the profit of the Syndicate
And if you’re not a fair midlander or a wildwood elezen
Gridania’s off the table, you’ve a snowflake’s chance in hell with them
To live in any one of these would just be too unethical,
I can’t buy a house anyway, but every nation’s terrible.

You know it’s bad, the only land charitable to refugees
Is one that made a hobby out of driving beastmen to their knees.
Every man and girl and child who lives in Ul’dah has their price
And every other Twelveswood dungeon features human sacrifice.
The one who’s right in Vylbrand is the one who has the biggest gun
Ul’dah’s no different, it’s just whose purse there contains the largest sum
But both of those make perfect sense next to the Shroud where all agree
That stealing flower seeds is worse than working for the enemy.
Whether they are obsessed with power, sanctity or filthy wealth
It’s clear that the Eorzean Alliance can go fuck itself.
So though swearing to a Company implies that I’m dependable
I’m just here for the hunting glamours, every nation’s terrible.

Outside of the Alliance you’d think maybe it’s improved somewhat
But one look at the morbols in Mor Dhona tells me it has not.
A Coerthan’s idea of a trial’s a long drop into a ravine,
And Sharlayan seems nice but if you live there you’ll be killed offscreen.
Ala Mhigo’s occupied and even if it wasn’t, well
If you weren’t buddies with the king then you’d be better off in hell.
Amdapor ended the world once and Allagans were horrible
And Nym and Meracydia were likely as deplorable.
You know Empires are all bad news because it’s Final Fantasy
I thought that you’d have caught on long before we got to X-I-V.
I see no evidence to suggest Othard might be bearable
And, let’s be real, we all deserve this - every player’s terrible.

The Smell of Cigarettes AU

Character A is a writer/poet who has recently learned that their friend, Character B, has anosmia and doesn’t have a sense of smell. Character A then uses their abilities as a writer/poet to find the right words to describe what certain scents smell like for Character B.

Inspiration/firs-thand information about ansomia: neversmell

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