Finished!! I’m fairly happy with it considering I made it up as I went along, for the next version I want the start with a few less stitches and decrease faster so it’s a completely flat beret style. I think this will be good for the person it’s for though! #currentlycrafting #knitting #cupcake #hat #swirl #yummy

I’m almost finished knitting my first sock, it was really fun but I’m a bit dreading having to do the second one because I have a short attention span. Next time I’ll do them both at once! #knitting #currentlycrafting

Awwwwwww yeaaaaaah! I made molds and cast my own resin buttons! They are coloured using some eyeshadow pigment XD for a first batch, I’m super happy with them and now I can make custom buttons for all of my cardigans :D #currentlycrafting #win #resin #buttons

Spinning wheel make over complete! Mint with new gold hardware and a pink drive band. I wanted a gold band but haven’t been able to find one yet. I spun about 60g of merino before I started the painting process and loved it! Today I visited the Spinners Guild shop and bought lots of different fibers to try out! I named him Mr Gold from Once Upon A Time ;D #currentlycrafting #spinningwheel #mrgoldspins #onceuponatime

Today I was finally able to tick something off my achievements list and open my art store! I was accepted to Creative Market and after a lot of work I have put together 20 kits of graphics for sale. The kits are great for blog designs or shirts or whatever you want to make. I hope you enjoy it and come visit to see all of the hard work I’ve put in: #violetdraws #creativemarket #watercolour #currentlycrafting #shop #sohappy #ink