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Dating Nathan Prescott would include:

•Him letting you wear his jacket when you’re cold
•Early morning breakfast at Two Whales
•Calming him when he’s having a panic attack
•Him protecting you from Jefferson
•Random kisses in class
• Hickeys, so many hickeys
•He loves to take photos of you when you’re not looking
•Walking on the beach to look at the whales
•Nathan cries real hardcore tears when he sees the dead whales with his own eyes
•Taking day long drives going to random places and just cuddling when he’s stressed
•Watching the sunrise and set together
•He lashes out at you sometimes
•But you tend to calm him down fast
•You and him shotgun sometimes
•He can only feel truly at peace when he’s with you
•"I love you Y/N"

A lot of you were requesting to see the DN towels I bought! I’m not actually sure what the text says, but aren’t they adorable? I don’t want to even use them, I just want to put them on display (*´ω`*)‘

Black Actresses you probably forgotten since our childhood....

Reagan Gomez

IG: reagangomez

Popular for: “The Parent hood”, “The Amanda Show”, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” “The Cleaveland Show” 

Currently married with girls and boy has two web shows on youtube called “Almost Home” and “Surviving”

Vanessa Baden

IG: vdotkelly

Popular for: Kenan and Kel and Gullah Gullah Island

Currently married and recently had a baby boy. Currently working on Project called “Viscera” about a Black 20 something college student that is a part of a small percentage of super humans with special abilities. Show IG: HeroViscera

Alexis Fields

IG: alexisfieldspix

Famous For: “Moesha”, “Sister Sister”, “Kenan and Kel”

Her older sister is Kim Fields and Her mother was that lady that burned Penny with an iron! 

Currently married with two kids (boy and girl) 

Add more if you want!!

Damn you’ve got it bad

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: What would have happened if Peter had gone to the pool in D.C.?

Warnings: peter being ripped, a few mentions of this because why not

A/N: I know I haven’t been very active lately, so I hope this makes up for it. I am currently working on something though :)

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anonymous asked:

Omg Dave Strider is so cute. He has the best bed hair, and when he's waking up, his eyes before he finds his sunglasses, all sleepy, are the Best Thing. And just after he's showered and his hair is still slightly damp, and he smells really floral because he uses Rose's shower gel.


Imagine this: Karkat wakes up before Dave and is sitting in the living room or something. He looks up when Dave walks in and just. JAW ==> DROP

Dave shuffles in because he is still *TOO TIRED* so he’s just. Barely walking. And he’s got this WILD bedhead that goes right to Karkat’s gut because it’s fucking HOT AS SHIT OK DAVES BEDHEAD IS SO GOOD anyway *coughs*

Karkat is like. Dumbstruck. Dave is wearing a way oversized tshirt and boxers and that’s it? And its hella adorable?? His eyes are lidded he’s barely awake but what’s shown of his eyes behind crazy long eyelashes is this BRILLIANT BRIGHT RED its absolutely VIBRANT, they look sort of like bright red rubies and passion and fire and its CUTE AND HOT

And then he yawns and makes a teeny little noise with it like small and cute and kinda kitten like and Karkat just MELTS. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN!!! He says “mornin” bUT HIS SOUTHERN ACCENT SLIPS OUT BIG TIME!! ITS THICK AND TIRED AND CUTE and Karkat just fucking DIES he LOVES DAVE SO MUCH




Below are the pieces of writing I have done so far. There will be lots more to come (currently working on something as I do this) and requests are always open!

Requests (Series):

Secrets & Betrayal - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Peter Pan/Killian Jones x Reader) - Completed.   

A Prank Too Far - Part 1, 2 (Killian Jones x Reader) - Completed.

Foolish Magic - Part 1, 2 (Killian Jones x Reader) - Completed.

The Lesser of Two Evils - Part 1, 2, 3, 4 (Peter Pan x EvilPirate!Reader) - Completed.

Where Loyalties Lie - Part 1 
(Part 2 coming soon) (Henry x Reader x Pan) - Ongoing.

Anything You Can Do - Part 1 (Part 2 coming soon!) (Peter Pan x Hook’sDaughter!Reader) - Ongoing

Nothing Is As It Seems - Part 1 (Part 2 coming soon!) (Mad Hatter/Jefferson x Reader)

Requests (One shots):

The Biggest Test - (Peter Pan x Reader)

Forbidden Desires - (Peter Pan x Reader)

Some Stories Can Be Rewritten - (David Nolan x Reader)

I Hate You, I Love You (Peter Pan x Baelfire x Reader)

Dangerous Curiosity (Peter Pan x Evil!Reader)

Love Means Having To Sacrifice (Peter Pan x Reader)

Taking Down the Crocodile (Killian Jones x Reader x Rumpelstiltskin)

Song of the Heart (Reader x Regina x Gold x Archie Hopper)

War of the Hearts (Peter Pan x Reader)

A Little Help from my Friends (Regina x Henry x Reader)

Birthday? What Birthday? (Gold x Reader)

Your Heart Is Your Own (Gideon x Reader)

Beautiful….curves and all (Killian Jones x PlusSize!Reader)

Do you believe in magic? {Gideon x Reader)

You Can’t Run! (Peter Pan x Reader)

A Ghost From The Past (Killian Jones x Reader)

See What is Right in Front of You (Archie x Reader)

True Love’s Kiss is a Powerful Thing (Gold x Reader)

An Eye For An Eye (Killian Jones x Reader)

A Love That Needs No Words (Gideon x Reader)

Childish Fun (Killian x Reader) - College AU

All Work and No Play (Regina x Gold x Reader)

High School Heartbreak (Peter Pan x Reader) - High School AU

A New Neverland (Peter Pan x Smut!Reader)

One Shots:

The Word of a Pirate! - (Killian Jones x Reader)


There Is No Escape - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 910, 11, 12, 13, 14 (part 15 coming soon!) (Killian Jones/Peter Pan x Reader)

Unanswered Questions - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (part 7 coming soon!) (Peter Pan x Felix x Reader)

Green Eyed Monster - Part 1, 2, 3 (part 4 coming soon) (Peter Pan x Tinkerbell x Killian Jones x Reader)

anonymous asked:

So if Zen is suppose to be the love for mc why is seven canon end? O.o

VERY GOOD QUESTION. I can’t believe I’ve never explicitly addressed this.

Also before you guys start reading this, I’d just like to say that this is probably the most I’ve thought and worked for a post, so it would be so nice if you guys could voice out your own opinions and tell me your take on this.

Firstly, I’d like to debunk something that to this day, a lot of people still believe. This is regarding the 707 Reset Theory.

Most people believe that Seven is actually the true ending based on the main game because out of all of the RFA members, he breaks the fourth wall the most. This leads us to believe that he is aware that it is a game. From here, the theory branches out to say that Seven actually loves you in every route and has to suffer through watching you fall in love with all of these other characters before you finally get to him.

The theory caused the creation of many beautiful fanart and excellent mini-fics and headcanons about our darling 707, and because of this, we all slowly stopped seeing it as just a theory. After all, it is very convincing. Even I believed it for a long time.

Some people raised the theory that the other characters also loved MC in every route, another convincing one being that Jumin is also aware of the reset, but ultimately the 707 Reset Theory remained the most popular because his route is the suggested last route, and his good ending allowed us to access the Secret Endings. But at the end of the day, just like all the other theories regarding MysMe, this is not canon. Cheritz has never confirmed it.

This means that the 707 Reset Theory is just a popular theory.

Moving on to the DLCs. The Christmas DLC, in my opinion, was pretty light-hearted. There isn’t anything particularly eye-catching that could bring rise to a theory.

Then, we get the Valentine’s Day DLC. They’re After Endings of the main routes. Nothing much can be said about this DLC either, but some people did start to get suspicious about Seven’s character in his After Ending. Irrelevant to the points I’m currently trying to make, so we’ll save that for another post.

Finally, we have the April Fools DLC, which totally caught us off guard because we thought it would be another light-hearted DLC. Instead, we’re given the Epiphany ending, where it is confirmed that among all the RFA members, only Zen is real, and he is trapped in another dimension where he can never get to you. He then confesses his love for you. Because this is a DLC where you don’t get to choose you’re own route, it becomes canon that no matter what, Zen is in love with you.

This one ups the 707 Reset Theory because 1) Zen does the ultimate fourth wall break and 2) he outrightly confesses his love for you through the screen. No hinting, no beating around the bush, just straight up “I love you”. And we have to take note that he doesn’t say this to the MC. He says this to you.

He genuinely loves YOU, in the form of MC or the player.

I’ve tried to come up with my own conclusions based on this fact, and here’s what I have.

It’s very obvious that the MC in each route has a different personality. For example, the MC in Zen’s route is slightly different from the MC in Jaehee’s route. Each RFA member falls for an MC with a particular personality. However, by addressing YOU, Zen is ultimately saying that he loves you as the player, and not as a character in the game.

MC is a bunch of different people in different routes. She loves different people in different routes. She’s just a puppet. Zen even says in the Epiphany ending that he knows all your answers are pre-determined. It’s clear he didn’t fall for the character in the game. He fell for the girl playing the game.

So you know what? Maybe Seven is the true end for MC, a game character. But you, the player, you’re the true end for Zen. Does this make sense?

This isn’t the end of what I’m trying to say. Let me continue with the April Fools DLC.

This DLC also allowed Cheritz fans, those who’ve played Nameless, Dandelion, and Mystic Messenger, to make connections between these three games. From here, we realise that the 707 Reset Theory isn’t completely wrong, but it isn’t completely right either.

Yes, Seven is aware that it is a game. That is why he breaks the fourth wall. But it’s not necessarily because he’s the canon end. It’s because he is a wizard. He represents the game maker. We are given evidence of this multiple times in chatrooms when he talks about being a wizard. This wouldn’t make sense if you don’t know the background of the other Cheritz games. It all links up.

Taking elements from the 707 Reset Theory and the newest Zen theory, there is a huge, HUGE chance that Zen is the canon end. Again, this is not confirmed by Cheritz, so it remains a theory just like the 707 Reset Theory, but as of now, it is the best-supported theory and quite frankly, it’s the one I believe.

Very long-winded because I wanted to cover a lot of things in this answer, but to summarise, Seven isn’t the canon end. None of them are the confirmed canon end. However, the most possible canon end currently is Zen. This could change in the future if Cheritz decides to release more MysMe DLCs, though I doubt they will any time soon (not huge DLCs at least) because they’re currently working on The Lynn Project.

Speaking of which, this is also something I think we should all take note of. The Lynn Project, which is the current game Cheritz is working on, was actually started way earlier, I think in 2015. However, Cheritz put it on hold because they decided to create and finish Mystic Messenger first. There’s got to be a reason for this. I’m sure The Lynn Project will answer even more of our questions. After all, all of Cheritz’s games link up, which I really applaud them for. What amazing storytelling.

So yeah, there you have it. Nothing is set in stone. Unless explicitly said by Cheritz or stated in the game, all the theories we have so far are just speculation and we’re all just trying to contribute more and more evidence to the theories we support to make sense of the game.

I’ve read a lot of Mystic Messenger theories, and I’d have to say that the best one I’ve encountered is this theory, which links all three games together and supports the “Zen loves you in every route” theory. It explains a lot and is very well-evidenced.

I hope I’ve answered your question sufficiently. I kind of went all over the place but it’s the only way I can really explain this :)

Sleep Talking RFA++


  • Sometimes, Yoosung yells in his sleep
  • And not like screaming because a monster is chasing him
  • He’s shouting about LOLOL gameplay
  • More than once, MC is jolted awake by Yoosung screaming out an attack
  • MC will get him back sometimes by smacking him with a pillow and waking him up
  • One morning, she’s really angry because she got maybe two hours of sleep that night because of all his yelling, so she texts Seven and they set up an elaborate prank and screw with Yoosung for a solid 48 hours


  • It can vary wildly with Jaehee
  • If she’s having a nightmare, she usually says the words “Mr. Han” “C-hair” or is muttering something about cat projects or so much paperwork, etc
  • If she’s having a good dream she usually mentions Zen, Jalapeños, or coffee
  • MC gets kinda jealous because Jaehee never mentions them
  • And Jaehee sleep talks constantly
  • Like, every night for at least an hour
  • At some point, MC needs to go out of town for a week
  • First of all, without the sound of Jaehee’s voice, they have trouble sleeping
  • Second, when they get back, Jaehee acts pretty cool about their absence… but then cries out their name in her sleep
  • MC cuddles the crap out of Jaehee’s back that night because they feel loved


  • Sometimes he recites his lines in his sleep
  • Especially if it’s something he’s currently working on
  • More than once, he recites really cheesy, romantic lines
  • And because he’s the kind of guy who always wants to be cuddling while sleeping, and loves being the big spoon, he usually says it into her hair or the back of her neck
  • During one musical, Zen has to say some super raunchy, sexual things, and he mutters all of it into MC’s ear
  • It completely wrecks her system
  • One night, she needs a break and goes to sleep on the couch after he’s already asleep
  • Halfway through the night, he wakes up because he’s cold without her
  • When he realizes she’s gone, he freaks out
  • After discovering her asleep on the couch, Zen picks her up and carries her back to bed


  • He rolls over just as MC is waking up and pulls her into his arms while he’s fast asleep
  • He says, “I love you… Elizabeth….”
  • MC only wakes up enough to register another woman’s name leaving his lips and get angry but not enough to remember Elizabeth is the cat
  • So she shoots up in her spot in bed, jolting Jumin awake and shouts, “Who the FUCK is Elizabeth?!”
  • A small argument ensues with both of them in a sleep fog when Elizabeth herself hops up on the bed
  • “Oh right… the cat….” MC says.
  • Jumin can’t help it, he starts laughing
  • She’s horribly embarrassed
  • All through the next day, Jumin can’t stop smiling and has to excuse himself from a meeting because he can’t hold in his laughter


  • Okay, Saeyoung sleep talks in all the languages he knows at once.
  • All of them
  • At the same time
  • MC just starts recording what he’s saying so that she can figure it out in the morning
  • Sometimes Saeyoung translates, sometimes he doesn’t
  • The stuff he translates is usually super random and funny
  • “Don’t let the duck escape! Ah! It’s got a jet pack! Watch it gooooo!”
  • “You can’t brush a cat with a pickle, silly!”
  • “I can’t find my computer. Did it marry the toaster like it threatened?”
  • One time, he blushes super deep (he practically turns into a tomato) when he hears what he said and refuses to answer
  • MC tries everything in her power to translate what was said, but can’t figure most of it out because it’s all different languages
  • Eventually Saeyoung takes pity on her and whispers the answer in her ear
  • It’s her turn to turn into a tomato


  • When he’s only half awake, he sometimes forgets he’s blind
  • Like, he thinks it’s still night and goes right back to sleep
  • One time he got up and went to turn on the light, but when there was no light, and V was super confused
  • He kept flicking the switch until MC told him to knock it off
  • He started freaking out, “MC I can’t see!”
  • “Yeah? What’s your point?”
  • “This is serious!”
  • “I’ll take you to the hospital in the morning. Now turn off the light and come back to bed.”
  • In the morning she teased him about it
  • “Oh no! You still can’t see! Lets get you to the hospital! Something could be seriously wrong!”
  • The next time something like that happens, she just convinces him the lightbulb is out


  • When he sleep talks, it’s nightmares
  • MC usually just rolls over, holds him from behind, and tells him everything is going to be okay
  • He doesn’t care for cuddling that much (mind you, he’s not opposed, he just likes his personal space), especially when he’s sleeping
  • But when he wakes with MC attached to his back he usually thinks that maybe MC had a nightmare
  • Then she has a real nightmare, is tossing and turning all night, and immediately tells him once they’re both awake
  • Pretty quick he realizes he’s having nightmares and what she’s doing for him
  • He becomes slightly more affectionate after that

jmdj  asked:

What specific area of space research most excites you? Could be something being explored currently, or something you would like to see work done on in the future.

My twin sister worked on genetics in graduate school, and she continues to research ideas in genetics. She comes up with a lot of great ideas for what we can study in space, especially now since genetics is a focus on the space station. I’m looking forward to continuing with the genetics experiments and seeing what we learn.