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“Chris Avellone directly said he wanted to make Fallout: New Orleans, and Josh Sawyer posted books of field notes of the state of Louisiana.”

“Obsidian are currently making something called Project Louisiana.”

“Avellone no longer works at Obisdian, and Josh Sawyer seems to be strongly implying this project is not actually Fallout-related.”

“It may likely be a new Vampire: The Masquerade/OWoD RPG, with Tim Cain on board.”

The first time Alex says “I love you” to Maggie?

It’s Sunday evening, Alex and Maggie are sitting on the couch at Alex’s apartment. Alex in the corner, her legs spread out on Maggie’s lap. Maggie is reading a book, Alex is going through some files from case she and DEO are currently working at.

Maggie chuckles at something she is reading and Alex raises her eyes to look at her. She is studying Maggie’s profile like she’s trying to remember every inch of her beautiful face. Maggie smiles broadly, still reading, but after a little while she realizes Alex is looking at her.

“What?” still smiling, she looks at Alex and puts the book into her lap on Alex’s legs.

“Nothing, I just…,” Alex is still scanning Maggie’s beautiful face, not able to form the words properly.

Maggie puts the book down on the coffee table, and moves closer to Alex, who puts her legs under her, the files still in her lap.

Maggie puts her hands on Alex’s knees and with a little head tilt to the side raises her eyebrows in question.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” Alex breathes out, finally finding the right words for what she wanted to say. Maggie smiles and her hands find Alex’s.

Alex cups Maggie’s cheek, brushing it with her thumb, looking into her beautiful dark eyes.

“I love you,” Alex almost whispers, feeling her eyes watering with all the emotions she feels at the moment. All the love she feels for Maggie.

Before can Maggie react in any way, Alex kisses her. Slowly and gently. She is so happy and so in love with Maggie Sawyer.

((Hey guys!Sorry (again) for lack of updates!!but i am currently working on something for this blog that some of you will hopefully like!So i will be working on that and trying to answer ask but until then just wanna say i hope u all are doing ok 💖💖))


10.06 ♡ Happy BTS Day

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My creative juice has been draining off lately. I’m slowly running out of ideas on what to draw. So here’s art for all your patience… probably. 

  • Bill Interactions
  • Parallels
  • PKMN Trainer Wednesday
  • Star stuff

I’m currently working on something with Star so be prepared for something DARK, DEVASTATING, MORBID and starstruck

I got a really cool commission request to draw a comic cover based on @dashtumbles‘s fanfiction “Cracking The Surface” she is currently working on! It was a neat opportunity to try to something like this and it was a ton of fun!

You can read the fiction here! (There are some mature themes to keep in mind before reading! But it’s totally full of angst and drama!

Here’s to Love!

I have the most ridiculous bias for this song because a) Maki center, b) piano, and c) that one scene from the anime. Just had to write some for this. So without further ado, english lyrics for Aishiteru Banzai! under the cut!

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Currently working on something rather time-consuming again, so I decided to yet again show you more old stuff.

This is almost 2(!) years old, and back then it was the first time I tried to paint everything on one(!) layer. Although I already dislike most of my works from that time, I will always love this one… (I took reference from a screenshot tbh, but nevermind ^^;)

Have yourself some Alvis~