currently watching

Me, right now: currently watching four kdramas and so behind on episodes.

Also me: I never finished Heirs? I gotta watch that. - Hyungsik and Jisoo in a drama? I gotta watch that. Scarlet Heart Ryeo was good? I gotta watch that. Chanyeol is in two dramas coming up? I gotta watch those.

Still me: watches 3 hours of dance practice vids instead

Yuri on Ice ED Instagram posts!

So okay, the best thing I enjoyed about this anime so far is the ED Instagram posts made by the cast ensemble, but it’s such a disservice to have their posts scroll up so fast and I have a mighty need to know what they posted and sharing is caring.

I fully blame jjleeroy15 (aka Jean-Jacques Leroy) for this though because his tag was what caught my attention. I might now have to make him my honorary favourite supporting cast member.   Also LOL sukeota3sisters go figure!

*disclaimer: some emojis were impossible to find so I substituted them with the closest thing that makes sense. Enjoy!

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