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Pixar be like

1995: What if toys had feelings.

2006: What if cars had feelings.

2008: What if robots had feelings.

2015: What if feelings had feelings.


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Current K-Drama Watchlist

I’m currently watching these shows. I don’t do reviews until I’ve seen the whole show but here are my feelings so far.

The Package
I put this first on my list because I’m so surprised about how much I’m enjoying this little gem of a show! Great character development, really fun atmosphere and AMAZING kisses a plus.

Because This is My First Life
I don’t have to say a lot about this show since it’s beloved by all. Quirky and fun, with a really strong feminist side character (soo ji) who I adore. I basically watch for her. 

Go Back Couple
This show had a lot more emotional depth than I thought it would have and I love that it’s only 12 episodes so it doesn’t have any filler eps. At first I hated the male lead and now I shockingly enough ship the main couple so they’re clearly doing a good job! I love the mom and daughter relationship.

While You Were Sleeping
I LOVE the main actors and the villain is hardcore awesome. But there’s something about it that makes me a little bored sometimes. I think it’s that it doesn’t seem to follow a super strong solid plot line and while I like the couple pairing, they don’t have a ton of sexual chemistry - more of a solid romantic friendship (that is NOT a bad thing but it’s less exciting…you know - like real life LOL).

20th Century Boy & Girl
I’m all about strong supportive female friendships in a kdrama and I love each one of the ladies and their plots. Sometimes this show can be a tad frustrating because of the lack of communication between the main leads (I hate mixups that are easily solved by talking) but overall good.

Jury is out on this one. I just watched one episode so I don’t have much to say yet but it seems creepy that that dude can invade women’s privacy by touching them and then manipulate them to his advantage. HOWEVER, people who say he can’t act are wrong. He’s doing just fine ;-)

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and…the classic non-airing watch:

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
This is a show that I’m watching with my husband (he has agreed to watch ONE kdrama at a time with me so i always pick older shows that are supposed to be super good). Oddly enough (and i feel really guilty saying this for some reason - maybe because everyone LOVES this show), I’m not super into it. Why? The leads are ADORABLE. LOVE them. SHIP them. Want to see them be cute togther and I love their acting. BUT everything else drives me batty: the kooky super annoying gangsters, the pushy cop, the gay phobic jokes and the CEO’s cartoonish dad drive me crazy!! I’ll review this one for real sometime but this is how I feel right now at episode 10. 


Grumpy Princess: No Means No! (But so do other things too)