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Lucky or not, if I was destined to be with you, I won’t let rain or shine tear me a way from you.

pairing: yoongi x reader
words: 4.7k
genre: fluff, small touch of angst
summary: you think its fate that you end up stumbling into his life, even if they were in particularly unfavourable circumstances, but you would like to think that being under the umbrella on rainy days with your crush is a cliche way of falling in love
a/n: okay wot the flying fresh hell this is a month late scenario gift for my bubble tea babe, my partner in crime, my hoe from another home @yoongsigh​ SORRY BAE this is like my 323701737th draft and i hate it but NO WORRIES a jungkook one will be dedicated to you ;) btw patp pt.6 will be coming soon my loves

The first time you saw him was behind the thick veils of rain, an iridescent glow of ivory skin and mysterious coffee eyes underneath a curtain of blonde hair. The blurry rainy scene in front of you was now shifted to the stranger next to you, standing in all his glory with the shelter of a deep midnight blue umbrella hovering above both your heads. The sudden warmth that radiated from him startled you, as you stared at him, baffled and confused but relieved that you were finally not drenching in the heavy rain. A pregnant silent took residence between the two of you, accompanied by the drumming pitter pattering of rain against the umbrella and the distant cacophony of horns whizzing past by the both of you.

But the cold damp soles of your shoe and the chilling slap of wet clothes against your skin didn’t matter. Your gaze and mind was transfixed in front of this stranger. That is all.

It was as if time slowed down, the gloomy thoughts that clouded your mind dissipated and cold stone heart now melted under his piercing warm gaze. It could have been an eternity, it could have been goddamn eons or maybe you were just exaggerating but somehow, this stranger was able to take your breath away within a matter of seconds.

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Open Wounds (Harry Hook)

Prompt Requests from Anons: Could you do something about Harry dating the daughter of Hades and he’s trying to calm her down after she goes mad and she’s all like “it’s cool It’s cool I’m fine I’m cool” like Hades in Hercules?

Prompt Starter:  14; “I’ve got you. Breathe, okay? I’ve got you.” & 18. “There is nothing you could do to make me love you any less. Okay? My love doesn’t come with strings.”

Harry Hook x Hades’ Daughter

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               You had a deep gash in your side and you were struggling to breath as you crawled out back behind Ursula’s Fish & Chips, your wound would heal within the next twenty-four hours but you cursed your father for only making you a demi-god. Being the daughter of Hades, you weren’t immortal and because of that, you couldn’t heal as quickly as you wish to which made your current situation unbelievably hard.

               Your blood was dripping through your fingertips onto the wood of the dock when you collapsed on your chest, feeling woozy from the loss of blood. You should’ve defended yourself more.

               “He’ll never fully love you for that, that’s the only way this whole thing ends,” Uma stated and held her sword out at you to confess your sins to her but you shook your head.

               “I may do business with you Uma, but for the love of the Gods, I am not your servant and I don’t answer to you so if you don’t mind shutting your mouth,” you placed the money on the counter in front of her and turned, your skirts swishing as she slapped the blade against the counter angrily.

               “Do not walk away from me,” Uma demanded and jumped the counter. Gil gasped as things got intense. She threw a dirty glance toward Gil to shut him up and glanced around for Harry. “You will never be his number one no matter how hard you try,” Uma says one last time.

               “I’ve given you money, I’m leaving,” you tell her sternly and turn as she swipes her sword at your feet. You trip slightly and fall forward, catching yourself on a nearby table. You grasped the handle of a sword in a nearby pirate’s belt and turn back, beginning to defend yourself again the pirate captain. Gil tries to break the two of you up but he’s unable to stop the two girls that see red.

               When Uma took a heavy swing against your tummy, tearing the flesh open. You dropped your sword as you grasped your stomach in pain. She walked behind you and kicked your knee ruthlessly, making you drop to your knees. Gil had left the restaurant in a rush to find his crazed pirate partner in crime and tell him what was happening between his girlfriend and captain.

               “That will teach you to steal from me,” Uma growled, “Now get out of my restaurant.”

               You’d blacked out on the dock, covered in blood and sweat when Harry found you after telling Uma that he’d deal with her later. He was terrified and scared. “I’ve got you, Breathe, okay?” he couldn’t tell if he was talking to you or himself, “I’ve got you.”

He scooped you up and rushed you onto the ship and straight to his bedroom. He placed you on top of his covered and pulled your shirt up and grabbed a wet cloth. Pressing it to your side, he tried his hardest not to cry as he stopped the bleeding.

               The next morning, you woke up to Harry asleep in a chair with his forehead pressed to your arm, still holding a cloth over your tummy, his wild hair tickling the skin of your arm. “Harry,” you groggily mumbled out as he stirred and glanced up at you. His eyeliner was all smudged across his grey eyes and when his mind registered that you were awake, he leaped forward and grabbed you, pulling you into his chest.

               “What were ya thinkin? Not giving Uma her whole cut Y/N, honestly. That’s a dangerous game,” you had at this point, wiggled out of his grasp and moved to his broken mirror to check the scar that had now formed on your stomach. “Are you even listening to me? What was so important that you didn’t give her all the money,” Harry demanded an answer and you rolled your eyes, feeling yourself getting angry.

               “It’s not important now Harry,” you told him without meeting his eyes, your grey hair beginning to smoke.

               “Oh, it’s not important, what, do we keep secrets now from one another?” he grumbled and threw his nearby hat at the wall, becoming angry. “You just don’t want to speak with your boyfriend now?”

               “I was holding a half cut for you, you imbecile,” you screamed suddenly, turning around, your hair igniting in flames for a moment before you instantly cooled down at his look of surprise. You took a deep breath, “I’m cool, I’m cool. It’s fine,” you blew out a piece of hair that was still ignited.

               “You were doing what?”

               “I was taking a cut because I paid Dizzy to make you this,” you told him angrily, walking to your chest and pulling out the new maroon pirate’s coat that you’d convinced Dizzy to make for Harry. It had a high collar and decorative velvet regal swirls across the torso. It was made for Harry and he was gob smacked.

“I wanted to get it the good way instead of stealing it because that’s how much I love you but then Uma found out and told me that you would love me less because I did things the Auradon way. So, I got frustrated and then we fought,” you mumbled as you sighed and looked away from your boyfriend who, for once, had a mesmerized and affectionate look on his face.

               “Love,” Harry sighed and walked forward to grab you by the waist and press a kiss to the tip of your nose. “There is nothing you could do to make me love you any less. Okay? My love doesn’t come with strings. I’m honored that you would go out of your evil way to get me something,” and with that, Harry pressed his lips to yours in a kiss that set your body on fire. “And the fact that you got me a new coat is incredibly,” he paused, eyes piercing into yours, “sexy.”

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tonight’s episode of SNL = everything I never knew I wanted
  • Kristen Stewart came out on live TV
  • “Totinos” = basically lesbian Twilight, in which a three-minute sketch had more gay content and sexual tension than any film Kristen has ever done (yes, even the Runaways)
  • Kristen was legit hilarious, hit all her lines, showed she has comedic timing
  • Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer!! !!
  • Cold open & the White House sketches were on point - as good as they could be considering they’re reflecting unbelievable current events
  • Kristen as Gisele Bundchen
  • Kate McKinnon silently cheering on Leslie Jones in the Family Feud skit
  • By far one of the best episodes of 2017 so far, if not the best.

On a personal note… I’ve literally had a crush on Kristen Stewart for >10 years, since before I knew I was gay. I watched the Twilight movies with my friends because I secretly thought Bella was hot. So this episode fulfilled at least 3 different dreams. Any ladies out there who share these feelings, please raise your hands.

This sounds stupid, but I can’t stop feeling disappointed in the person I’ve always looked up to as a human being. This doesn’t deeply affect me as a non-black though.

I’m just really disappointed of how he reacted to his black fans who were extremely hurt by this case. I can’t help but wonder why he had to respond in that manner.

I can’t stand to listen or watch got7 as of right now without that distorted image of Jackson in my head. I know Jackson doesn’t represent the whole group for his mistake, but it’s going to keep reminding me of him.

He better make an apology soon. He needs the balls to say something, even if the company is breathing down his neck.

Even Bambam had to apologize for what happened last year without any order from the company and he wasn’t even in Korea yet.

Jackson should have taken that experience into his mind and applied it to this current situation.

It’s unbelievable. Even though he has been my ultimate bias since I discovered got7, I would have no conscience at all if I defend or excuse him for what he did.

You should know that as well whether you’re fan of got7/Jackson.

It hurts to see fans’ feelings getting torn down by his response, but it also hurts to see him getting death threats. Again I do not condone that. (But I understand the anger and I am NOT dismissing that).

I strongly believe that at the end of the day, you have to be socially responsible for what you say. THAT GOES THE SAME FOR JACKSON TOO. He has to be held accountable for what he said and be responsible for fixing his mess. Not have someone clean them up like that dude Ben Baller whatever.

He really didn’t think through his initial response and he typed that through his feelings without thinking at all instead of analyzing them and taking the fans’ feelings into consideration FIRST.

Jackson, They’re human and as a human, we have feelings. Fans are not some girls who just want to see your fucking abs and hear you say that you love them. They are someone
who support you, pay for your merchandise, attend your fan meetings and concerts, stream your videos, spread awareness so that YOU and Got7 would become a better, successful group.

You mentioned in a Q&A Kwave Interview when a fan gave you so many compliments, you said so yourself and I QUOTE “Thank you so much. That’s too much compliment for me. I need negative opinions, to improve myself.”

(I’m not saying that people’s feelings and thoughts of the situation are negative, WHICH THEY’RE NOT. But I’m directing this to Jackson.)

Jackson. With or without negative opinions, you always have to improve yourself. Even if it means withstanding the backlash. You have to think about that. The fans were trying to educate you on cultural appropriation and how hurtful your response was, you should apply that thinking and put action into it. Words are just words. You have to sincerely show that and apologize like you mean it.

You just had 3 strikes. It’s time to grow up and be a man you want yourself to be.

I hope Jackson reflects on what he said and issues an apology, even if it means going against whatever bullshit advice the company will give him.


Day 91/100

I can’t believe I have less than 24 hours left until the end of these exams/ first year of uni! It’s gone unbelievably fast.
Currently trying to cram a whole module into my brain for my last exam tomorrow, but it’s not really working :-/
Today I had a maths exam and it wasn’t too bad I guess?? I felt confident about the first 85/90% of the paper, but the last big-marker threw me off a little. But if I got the other parts right I can still get a first, so fingers crossed!
The weather improved greatly today, so I hope it’ll stay nice for me tomorrow when I celebrate my freedom :)
I’ve already planned the feast I’ll cook too (a nice stew and some French macaroons for dessert!)

Carl Smut // Carl Grimes


Summary:Rick knows you both like each other and has to find a way to get you together, so when he does things get really smutty but Rick walks in at the wrong time

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You knew that Rick knew you liked Carl and you also knew he wanted you two together.
He made it way to obvious when he ‘accidentally’ locked you two in the same room over 20 minutes ago.
“I don’t think he’s coming back any time soon” you sigh and brush your hand through your hair
“there’s literally nothing to do” Carl grumbles as he tries once again to break open the door.
You take a look around the attic type room noticing all it contained was a make shift bed. No cards, comics, pens. You flop down on the surprisingly comfortable air mattress and stare up at the slightly cracked roof. Carl did the same.
With no windows or air conditioning the room began to get extremely hot. Hot and frustrated did not make a good mix, You pulled your shirt over your head and threw it in a random corner not carrying that Carl was probably staring at your almost bare chest right now.
“What are you doing?” he asked, his voice sounded slightly deeper
“Just trying to cool down” you say truthfully and use your hands to fan your face
“Good idea” he says and does the same, unbuttoning his flannel shirt and throwing it next to yours. You’re both now shirtless and laying on the same bed. Great.
“Wanna tell stories?” you offer
He shakes his head
“Want to play hand games? I remember some from Primary school?”
He shakes his head, once again
“Uh do you want to-”
“All I can think about right now is kissing you, I don’t want to tell stories or play hand games. I want you’’ He says possessively
You stop for a moment taking in what he just said. Dirty images suddenly fill your head making you want to whimper. you’ve thought about stuff like this before but now that it may actually happen its a whole new feeling.
“B-but your dad could walk in at any moment and see us?” you point out as he sits up.
“Just shut up and kiss me” he growls and climbs on top of you. His lust ridden eyes stare into yours before kissing you roughly. His hands hold yours above your head preventing you from running your hands down his toned chest. You feel oddly safe, even trapped underneath him.
He lightly bites your bottom lip before kissing down you neck, sucking on the sensitive skin most likely leaving marks for later. You let a small moan slip and feel him smirk against your collar bones.
His hips grind down on your lower region and for the first time you notice the hard on he must’ve been hiding for at least 10 minutes. With little effort you let one of your hands slip from his grasp and begin palming him through his jeans.
With your one free hand you manage to undo his belt while he slips your bra of. He stops there and you whine feeling his warm, rough hands leave your body. He stands at the end of the makeshift bed and stares down at your figure laying almost ready for him.
“Strip” he orders and watches as you slip your pants and underwear off, all while still laying down.
“God you look so good right now” he moaned while watching you. His hands ran up your bare thighs, stopping below your core.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked genuinely, dropping the dominant façade for a second
“Just fuck me Carl”
He listens, gripping both your hands harshly in one of his while the other grips onto the pillow for support.
His fingers rub on your sensitive spot for a moment before he places himself at your entrance, moving slowly at first before picking up his pace. you removed your hands from his, one gripped his hair roughly and the other you clung onto his back, digging your nails into the skin probably leaving marks.
You moaned loudly and he slammed a hand down over your mouth, probably so his dad wouldn’t hear.
He groaned as your nails left scratches down his back, most likely drawing blood. the amount of pleasure you were currently experiencing was unbelievable. You had never felt something so amazing.
“I-I’m close” he moaned and you watched as he slightly scrunched his face up, he muttered curse words under his breath.
“Me too”
You both came undone together, your sweaty bodies moving together to create the most amazing sensation.
He rolled of off you, both of you breathed heavily for a few minutes trying to regain your breathing.
“T-that was amazing” you said in between breaths.
“Hey look guys I’m sorry for-” Rick stood at the door like a deer caught in the headlights.
well shit.

I’m so upset that I accidentally posted this before I was done writing it :’’’) I really hope y’all didn’t read it yet ahaha that would bum me out

It was a well known fact that Choi Seungcheol was a very passionate person in everything that he did. Some people were just born with a sort of fire burning within them; Seungcheol was one of them. There was nothing he did that was half hearted; he threw his whole self into everything that he did, whether that was a good thing or a bad one. In excitement, in love, in anger, Seungcheol put forth all that he had to give.

While you were generally on the receiving end of the positive sides of this fact, on occasion, you were forced to bear witness to the negative sides.

There was nothing that could bring out the negatives in Seungcheol quite like getting into an argument. 

“You’re unbelievable!” He spat the words out with a sort of icy venom that was entirely uncharacteristic of him, entirely foreign to you. He was such a warm person, always smiling and looking out for your best interests. But where was that side of him now? What had happened to bring about such a drastic change, to cause this complete 180 in his personality?

There was a small part of you that was scared, that didn’t know how to handle this entirely new Seungcheol. In truth, though, you were just as angry as he was, and that feeling far trumped any apprehension that you felt towards your current situation. 

I’m unbelievable?” You echoed, arms crossed over your chest. “You’re kidding me, right? You say thoughtless things, and then I’m the unbelievable one for being offended?”

“Yes, you are!” Seungcheol responded without missing a beat, voice rising alongside his irritation. “You overreact to everything that I say! I feel like I’m constantly walking on eggshells around you!” 

“Oh, great, thanks for telling me that ahead of time,” you all but hissed, sarcasm dripping from your every word. “If you’d just say these things when they were first an issue, then we wouldn’t have to-”

“There you go again!” Interjected Seungcheol, throwing his hands in the air in his exasperation. “I can’t win with you! If I say something, I’m thoughtless. If I hold my tongue, it’s my fault we’re fighting!”

“What, it’s about winning and losing now?” You fired back at him. “Is everything a challenge to you?”

Seungcheol let out a sound that fell somewhere between a shout and a groan, his frustration getting the best of him as he ran his fingers through his hair, tugging hard. “I can’t do this,” he said suddenly, voice coming out strained. He glanced around frantically, eyes finally coming to rest once he saw his keys resting on the table. He moved towards them without a second thought, snatching them up from table and making a beeline for the door, muttering, “I need to get out of here.”

You stood firm where you were, saying nothing as you watched him storm out. The rational part of your brain knew that you should call out to him, should apologize and do your best to get him to stay. But in the heat of the moment, your pride was the most important thing to you, and so you were left just silently looking on as he slammed the door shut behind himself, the sound echoing throughout the house. 

Five, ten minutes had passed, but you had yet to move from your spot. In all honesty, you didn’t know that you could even if you tried to do so. Your brain was empty; not a single thought crossed your mind. It was much like your house at that time; silent, lonely, lifeless. 

It was just before the fifteen minute mark that you finally came to once more. It started with the tears welling up in your eyes, though they began to tumble down soon thereafter, the seemingly endless flow leaving hot streaks down your cheeks. With shaky legs, you were able to maneuver your way over to the couch before collapsing onto it, shaking as you let out silent, choked sobs.

What if you two were really done for? What if he had meant what he said? What if he never came back?

Of course, you had had arguments and little spats before. With the two of you, it was practically inevitable. They were always resolved quickly, though. Neither of you raised your voices and certainly neither of you had ever left. This was new to you, something that you had hoped never to experience yourself, and you didn’t know how to handle it.

Any shred of your previous anger had dissipated as you sat curled up on the couch, hugging your knees to your chest. All that was left was fear for the state of your relationship and concern for Seungcheol. It was already late by the time he had headed out; it had long since been dark, and you knew that he wasn’t always thinking clearly when he was angry. Even after that ordeal, the most important thing at the forefront of your mind was Seungcheol’s safety.

You didn’t think you’d be able to forgive yourself if something happened to him while he was out. After all, the argument had been more or less your fault, so if he got hurt while he was angry at you, you knew that you’d blame yourself for it. 

A glance at the clock told you that it was already one in the morning, yet still there was no sign of Seungcheol. If you had been worried before, you were full on anxious now. You knew that he was likely just spending the night with one of his members until he cooled down a bit, and yet your mind wouldn’t stop producing the worst case scenarios. 

Still, as hard as you fought to keep your eyes open and wait for Seungcheol’s return, the exhaustion of the day soon caught up to you, and you found yourself slipping into unconsciousness. 

You didn’t wake up until it was already light out, the sun filtering in through the blinds serving as your alarm clock. More importantly than that, though, Seungcheol was sitting in the chair just beside yours, a guilty expression on his face. 

“Seungcheol,” you said, voice coming out hoarse as a result of just having woken up.  You made a move to sit up, only to find that a blanket had been draped across you. There had been no blanket there when you initially fell asleep - this was clearly the doing of Seungcheol.

“______,” He replied, immediately turning to you once he realized that you were awake. “I’m so sorry… I don’t even know what to say for myself. There’s no excuse for the way that I acted. I’m sorry.”

You shook your head. “No, no, you have nothing to be sorry for. I was acting out of line. I’m sorry.”

It seemed that Seungcheol wouldn’t accept that, though. “Please, just let me apologize for this. I feel awful for what I must’ve put you through, just walking out like that. Let me say sorry just this once.”

“Alright,” you agreed hesitantly, before adding, “just promise me that you’ll always come back if you leave.”

He looked surprised at your words at first, not having expected it, but he relaxed into that warm smile of his soon enough, and somehow, just by looking at that, you felt that everything was going to be alright again. “I won’t leave you again, ______. I promise I’ll never leave you.”

Seungcheol was a man who was passionate about everything that he did, one who put his whole heart into everything.

When he made a promise, he intended to keep it.

anonymous asked:

Where do people get the idea that Stannis and Gendry are similar? Was it something I missed in the books?

If you mean was there ever a canon indication or line that Gendry and Stannis were considered similar? No, there wasn’t, even though Gendry and Stannis have met:

“Did Lord Stannis question you as well?”
“The bald one? No, not him. He never said no word, just glared at me, like I was some raper who done for his daughter.” 
Ned and Gendry in Eddard, AGoT

However, it makes sense that people connect the two of them as similar- both of them are rather popular Baratheon-blooded people in the fandom. Not many people seem to like Robert, so I could see why people would like to compare Gendry to Stannis instead.

That being said, it’s not like they are without their similarities. Stannis is famed for his stubbornness, he will “break before he bends” and all. Gendry, likewise, is remarkably stubborn. In some ways, it’s his defining trait.

“A smart boy, but stubborn. That helm… the others call him bullheaded, so he threw it in their teeth.” Tobho Mott on Gendry in Ned, AGoT

Stannis is the most stubborn of the Baratheon brothers, Gendry is defined by his stubbornness. They have that in common.

Moreover, Renly and Robert were charismatic, cheery-seeming, loud, personable, and generally fun in many ways.

Stannis and Gendry, by contrast, are sullen, suspicious, and angry.

The boy looked at Ned through sullen blue eyes. Ned, AGoT

Though his eyes had been that same deep blue, Lord Renly’s eyes had always been warm and welcoming, full of laughter, whereas this boy’s eyes brimmed with anger and suspicion. Brienne on Gendry/Renly, AFFC

Stannis, my lord, my sad sullen boy Stannis as described by Maester Cressan, ACoK

…unbelievers by nature, mistrustful, suspicious.Melisandre on Stannis (and Jon), ADWD

Additionally, they are both blunt and uncaring for courtesies. They do not engage in lustful activities generally; they both make a point of avoiding it compared to other male characters actually. Both of them used to believe in the Seven and now don’t. Currently, both are mostly unbelievers who kind of believe in R’hllor. It’s complicated and not nearly as simple as that- neither seems to legitimately worship the Lord of Light- and yet believe in his power having seen what priests/priestesses of that faith can do.

Also, there’s the sass/blunt retorts that Robert lacked generally.

Stannis snorted. “Celtigar pronounced it admirable. If I showed him the contents of my privy, he would declare that admirable as well.”

The Smith has kept my ships safe, while the Mother has given me seven strong sons.”

“Your wife has given you seven strong sons. Do you pray to her?  Davos, ACoK

“Winterfell,” she said at once. “I’d tell Mother how you helped me, and you could stay-”

“Would m’lady permit? Could I shoe your horses for you, and make swords for your lordly brothers?” Gendry and Arya, ACoK

Thoros turned from the fire, sighing. “Not here. Not now. But some days, yes, the Lord of Light grants me visions.”

Gendry looked dubious. “My master said you were a sot and a fraud, as bad a priest as there ever was.”  Arya, ASoS

And then there’s the fact that what Gendry finds appealing about the Brotherhood Without Banners is that they (used to) go by the books, believe in justice.

“A smith can find a welcome most anywhere. A skilled armorer even more so. Why would you choose to stay with us?”

Arya watched Gendry screw up his stupid face, thinking. “At the hollow hill, what you said about being King Robert’s men, and brothers, I liked that. I liked that you gave the Hound a trial. Lord Bolton just hanged folk or took off their heads, and Lord Tywin and Ser Amory were the same. I’d sooner smith for you.” Arya, ASoS

It reminds me of how Stannis believes so strongly in the law, makes no exceptions.

I kind of see Gendry as a hybrid between Robert and Stannis in many ways- his attachment to Arya (a Lyanna-look-and-act-alike,) his brash heroics, the hammer wielding, and other traits mark him as Robert’s bastard. But in many respects, he has a lot more in common with Stannis personality-wise.

Theory of The Last, Naruto the movie

Recently I was giving a look at the designs of Naruto … And I must confess that I was surprised by one thing:

That does not ring a bell? Say… That scene?

And when I thought best, remember this:

女性らしさが増したサクラに きっとナルトは…。”

“Sakura is more mature and feminine. Certainly Naruto… ”


Which incredibly reminds me:

I also remember that the immature attitudes of Naruto cut the atmosphere between him and Sakura…

But the sketches, always is said that Naruto is more “mature”.

And to top it off, I can still relate to their height (with the current difference unbelievable of 15 cm!) Thus:

And finally, we have this image of the trailer, that although it seems useless, gives an idea that Naruto was not in Konoha at the time. My theory is based on the possibility of him being TRAINING.

So the beginning of the film he would be returning to Konoha and meeting with Sakura again. And you know that supports this theory?

“The last story, first love” or more correct translation to the real meaning of the phrase “The last story, the beginning of the first love.”

Now just connect the dots, I’m sure you are smart… Naruto returns to Konoha and Sakura (who coincidentally is more mature and feminine) finds Naruto (which is also more mature and therefore should not cut the climate as it did in beginning of Part II) and what happens?

Yes my dear. The “beginning of first love” comes from there.

And just remember, Naruto and Sakura are the ones with casual clothes. This means that we will see them together in situations out of context ‘mission’.

For a final film, I think the time and attention of Naruto should be all for Hinata, not? I believe that there will be time… Naruto will be very busy starting a mature romance with Sakura ^^

Sorry my bad english :x