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106 w/ Peter Maximoff

106. “Did you just lick the side of my face?”  “I claimed you.”

Requested by @dunbarkiss

You walked through the halls of the school listening to everyone talk about what happened in their previous class and what they’re currently watching on TV. You haven’t seen your boyfriend all day, which wasn’t strange since he would run past and kiss you on your cheek before running somewhere else.

Every time he kissed you, it would feel like a warm buzz since he ran so fast.

You heard people shuffling and moving out the way, and then a gust of wind, which meant one thing. Peter. Expecting your normal kiss on the cheek, you kept walking. Like usual, you felt the buzz on your cheek. Except this one wasn’t warm. 

It was wet.

“Peter!” You screeched, drawing attention to yourself. 

He appeared next to you in an instant. “Yes?”

“Did you just lick the side of my face?” You questioned, wiping your cheek with your sleeve.

“I claimed you.” He said with a lopsided smirk.

“What?” You asked.

“I. Claimed. You,” He said slowly. “Our friend, Chris, over there,” He nodded behind you, “Was staring at you and I didn’t like it. I decided to show him that you’re mine.”

A smile slowly crept it’s way on to your face as you registered what he just said. “Peter Maximoff, are you jealous?” You challenged, raising your eyebrow.

He scoffed. “Why would I be jealous? I mean I’m a model compared to him. But just to make it clear,” He leaned in. “If I see another guy look at you like that, I’m picking you up and running away to the Bahamas.”

You laughed at his response. “I could do with a holiday. And just to make it clear,” You mimicked his words. “I would never leave you for Chris or any other guy.”

  • It's 3 am in the morning, A and B are watching disney movies. The movie they're currently watching is aladdin.
  • person A: *smiling* you know, I kinda wish If I ever be in a relationship, it would be this cute and romantic
  • Person B: you want to be with a prince who, just met you, lied to you so he could get with you, and don't even know if he's only marrying you for lust/power? You really are a naive disney princess
  • Person A: ...........
  • Person B: I was jok---
  • Person A: say one more word, and I'm kicking your ass out in the damn snow.
  • [NOTE: This isn't against meant to offend anyone who likes Aladdin/Jasmine. It's just a harmless ITO]
You hold Astro’s hand first...

(They would all be so flustered and embarrassed, ahhh ~ <3

Sorry if I added too much plot to these, but the prompt was pretty generic, so I figured it would be okay… ^-^;)


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You and JinJin were hanging out one afternoon, watching YouTube videos. He had initially asked you over to try and help him find inspiration for a new rap, but you two had since found yourselves in the conspiracy-theory part of the internet… JinJin is completely engrossed in the video you’re currently watching about black holes and the expansion of the universe. So, while he seems to be distracted, you lean against him and casually reach for his hand~ 

You feel his entire body stiffen slightly and his eyes widen before darting down to your linked hands. He quickly looks back toward the screen, but you can see a tinge of redness creep across the tips of his ears~ He tries to play it off, but he can’t stop grinning, and his mind just can’t comprehend that you’re actually holding his hand right now… <3

“Wow, look at that n-nebula, um… that’s really, uh… aish, what was I saying??”


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You had come to support the boys at their MV shooting for their new song. Well, you had come to support MJ, specifically… They were currently set up to film in a fresh, scenic field by a park. MJ has 10 minutes before it’s his turn on set, so he asks you to walk with him around the location. You agree, and reach out to take MJ’s hand, swinging it slightly as you two walk. He stares at the ground in surprise and smiles, linking your fingers together…

“Your hand is warm… It’s nice~”

Pretty soon, MJ leaves to go shoot his scene, but he can’t stop thinking about how nice it felt to hold hands with you. He keeps running the moment through his mind, and reliving the sense of your touch… They wrap it up in one take, and the director praises MJ’s acting, saying they got the perfect shot. Little did they know, it was all thanks to you~


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Eunwoo told you he’s been chosen to MC at a music awards show, and he’s really excited to have been given such a great opportunity… But he’s also super nervous about it, and is kind of having a mini-meltdown backstage. He invited you to come with him because you’re his closest friend and he knew he would need emotional support, he just didn’t realize how much;;

In an effort to calm his nerves, you take his hand and squeeze it, assuring him that everything will be alright. Luckily it works, maybe a little too well… Eunwoo gazes at you and is so enraptured he doesn’t hear when they call his name. He’s floating on cloud nine throughout the entire show. And when he gets offstage, he starts dazedly twirling though the halls back to his waiting room, pondering his newly developed crush on you~ <3

“Ahhhh~” *spins around in pure bliss*


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You have been hinting at Moonbin for a while that you like him. Everyone else has noticed it, and the other Astro members have formed a secret alliance with you to help get you two together. After many failed attempts and consulting with the other boys, they conclude that your only remaining option is to use the cheesiest pick-up line you know on him. (Hey, no one said they were romance experts;;) You approach Bin and hit him with the classic “your hand looks heavy… want me to hold it for you?”

“Huh? Oh… That’s really cute, Y/N, haha~”

Bin laughs it off, assuming you’re just messing around with him. But when you actually grab his hand, he reassesses the situation. Something about the look in your eyes makes everything click into place for the little puppycat~ He gently laces your fingers together and (finally) asks you out, much to the joy of the other boys, who happened to be eavesdropping…


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You and Rocky had been shopping downtown, picking up some gifts for an upcoming event. After a long day of visiting various stores, you’re now headed to get some some food at a diner Rocky claims is lucky. He says every time he goes there, something good happens. While you don’t fully believe him, you are hungry, so you agree to go. You two are less than a block away now, only a crosswalk separating you from the diner in question.

You reach for Rocky’s hand as you two cross the busy street, and although he doesn’t show it, Rocky is pleasantly surprised~ He just isn’t sure why his heart skipped a beat at your touch… You two have been close for a while, but he’s never thought of you as anything more than a friend… until now, that is~ Once you reach the other sidewalk, you loosen your grip, but he reclaims your hand and grins at you teasingly.

“Um, can we keep holding hands? I kinda like it~”

He knew something good would happen~ <3


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You and Sanha are waiting for the bus one winter afternoon. You keep having to blow on your hands and rub them together, since you forgot your gloves and it’s exceptionally cold today. Sanha feels the effects of the weather too, but isn’t sure what he can do about it. You continue complaining about the cold, and you decide ask him if you two can hold hands for warmth.

Sanha freezes in place unsure of what to do. He’s liked you for the longest time, but never had the courage to say or do anything about it. Now, you’re offering him a golden opportunity to get a little closer. He nods, his heart racing, and lets you take his hand. You two sit there in an awkward yet comfortable silence, warmer already~

“Sorry…” *coughs* “Um, my hands are kind of sweaty…”

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Ali pregnancy theory:

I’m currently re-watching 6x19 and had an epiphany. Alison fell down the stairs at the bed and breakfast in 6x19. If the baby was Elliot’s, don’t you think she would have lost it then? There’s a very slim chance of survival with that kind of trauma so early in the pregnancy. And there is no way that she and Elliot slept together after she fell down the stairs because as soon as she came home from the hospital, he started torturing her as Wilden in 6x20. Then she checked herself into the mental institution. So there is literally no way that she is pregnant with his child. It has to be Emily’s. It’s the only logical explanation.

First of all - a Happy New Year to all you out there!

I really miss ranting about YoI. Maybe I should just do it anyway lmao. I’m currently re-watching the show - something I’ve refrained myself from while it was running (and I haven’t done yet because … ugh … other obligations).

I wonder if I’m gonna find a lot of things that I missed watching it the first time around. Probably lol. 

How did / do you guys experience your first re-watch? Or are some of you even watching it for the first time, maybe? 

What are your feelings about season 1 being over? Are you still suffering from withdrawal symptoms, or have you already gotten over it (or are currently in the process to lol)?

What are your wishes and hopes for season 2 (and yes, it will happen because it has to happen - for the sake of my sanity!)? 

Haikyuu! Sleepovers (Karasuno)

- Hinata wanting to watch all the scary movies, but once it comes to bed, he clings onto to Kags for dear life when anyone in the room moves.

- Daichi bringing ‘healthy snacks’, whilst Suga just brought chips and candy.

-Daichi trying to encourage his little birbs to eat healthy, saying “If you eat this carrot, you’ll grow muscles twice the size as mine!”

-Hinata, Tanaka, Noya and Kags are the only ones who eat Daichi’s carefully sliced carrot sticks.

- Noya; this little shit man. When anyone goes to the bathroom, he waits outside the door, and fucking pops out and screams, this had Asahi running back in.

-Ennoshita the only sensible person there, making sure no one explodes the microwave (again)

-Yams and Tsukki just camping in the corner, waiting it out for these idiots to go to bed, then they both get up and go order pizza for themselves.

- Hinata texting Kenma exclaiming the movie they’re currently watching has no affect on him, but is really turned around on Kags lap hugging him cause’ the clowns are creeping him out.


:) k thx bye

Ok so this just happened...

I finally got my boyfriend to watch Sherlock (we’re currently watching ASiP) and he just said: “Is John bi?” I couldn’t help but laugh because he’s never watched it before and I’ve never mentioned TJLC to him and yet he thought that the scene at Angelo’s was the “gayest scene” he’s ever seen. He actually said that. “This is gay! This is the gayest scene I’ve ever seen.” How people still think this show isn’t gay amazes me.

@bibliophilicwitch-archive’s Sunday Tomes & Tea!! I am substituting water because I drank last night…
I know I have been out of the game for awhile, but I am currently re-reading The Day Watch, second in the Night Watch series. I have recently unearthed this series from the back of my bookcase because I could not stand to read another Anita Blake… I mean 10 in a row is a bit much.
I love this series because it gives a perspective of Russian culture that most Westerners don’t see often. Plus, I love the intricate machinations that go into the missions between the Watches.

If we’re right, they didn’t dangle garridebs in front of our faces, they “left it hanging”, suspended in the moment, ‘cause it’s currently happening while we’re watching this ep, though they certainly left it up to interpretation for the antis. it’s one of the many loose threads, mark “I don’t like loose ends” gatiss will pick up again.

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last song i listened to: mercedes sosa and shakira’s la maza (they’re both my childhood idols and la maza was played in my house a lot I love to dance to it so finding out they had a song together and THIS SONG… my heart) 
fav 3 shows: currently I’m re/watching svtfoe, b99, and yoi 
top 3 characters: marceline, x23, symmetra
fav 3 ships: ugh i have to choose… im just going to use the three characters from above- marceline/pb, x23/jubilee, pharah and/or sombra/symmetra

if i don’t tag you and you want to do it, you can just say i tagged you. I’m having a headache atm so i know this isn’t nine 

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Dear Sherlock fans,

I’ve just come out of the TFP tag, so let me be (one of?) the first to extend my hand in solidarity and condolences over the upheaval caused by yesterday’s(?) early screening of The Final Problem.

As a Sherlock ‘casual’, I have to agree that this fourth season has been very odd and a little unsettling. My family and I are currently re-watching Season One, and that’s been a bit nicer, really. Season Three and Four’s trend of setting up major plot developments (this character is dead; that character has found happiness, such-and-such faces their greatest challenge) and then easily moving past them/negating them is very frustrating, and I feel for you. I’d rather they’d stuck with the excellent formula of John and Sherlock rattling around London and solving the case of the week. Moriarty appeared and was gone all too soon. The Fall came too soon. Plots are used and dropped, and it’s a disappointment.

However, you have plenty of sympathy from the Transformers Prime fandom. We’ve been disappointed by plot choices as well. Our third season was weird and off-key (and let’s not talk about Predacons Rising - I haven’t seen it for one and for two what I hear is that it was messy).

Anyway, I’m sorry you’re all upset. We’ll all know what really happens by Sunday. Hang in there; I’ll be sending hugs and nice edits/art of robots and detectives.

Anime's boring. Let's fuck

PROMPT; HC where Dan and Phil are cuddling and Dan accidently grinds on Phil and smut happens

A/N - I’m a sinner he l p


Phil’s hands were around Dan, a grin on both their faces. They were currently cuddling, whilst re-watching all of Sword Art Online for what they presume is the 5th time

Dan smiles as he watches the main Protagonist kiss his significant other, turning to face Phil, leaning forward to copy their kiss

Only, it didn’t work, and Dan accidentally ground his ass down against Phil’s in an attempt to kiss him

Phil smirked at Dan and latched his mouth on the brunette’s rather sensitive neck, taking the grind out of context

Dan continued to writhe against Phil’s lips, his hot breath tingling his neck

Before Dan could even pause the anime, he was on his back, Phil hovering over him and kissing his neck as he slid down Dan’s Star Wars pyjama pants

“Such a slut. Not even able to make it through one episode without getting hungry for my cock”

Dan opened his mouth to say something, only to get interrupted by Phil’s fingers finding their way into his mouth

“Suck” Phil ordered, his pupils dilating. Dan did as told, closing his mouth around his fingers and sucking

“Good boy” Phil whispered breathily in Dan’s ear, biting gently at it before pulling away and sliding his fingers in the brunette, moving his fingers in a scissoring motion

He didn’t particularly need to stretch Dan, but he always took extra precautions when it came to sex

After a bit of stretching and sucking hickeys on Dan’s pale skin, he took his fingers out and pushed off the clothing restricting him from fucking his boyfriend

Phil spat on his hand and wrapped his hand around his length, spreading the spit around his cock to make this more pleasurable for Dan

When he knew he was ready, he moved his hand out of the way and shoved himself into Dan, a groan slipping past his lips

“Always so tight, baby” Phil growled under his breath, continuing to pound into Dan

He changed his angle with every thrust, Dan’s moans and gasps like music to his ears

Phil looked down at Dan, seeing his hair curling from sweat and his mouth hung open. He couldn’t help but groan. The sight itself was enough to get him off

As Dan’s body tensed and writhed, Phil knew he found the brunette’s prostate. He slammed into him over and over, watching his cock leak precum

Dan was the first to cum, chanting Phil’s name like it was the only word he could remember

Phil’s orgasm chased closely behind, his cock twitching inside of Dan as he released inside of him

“I love you” Dan panted as he felt Phil pull out, a tired smile on his lips

“I love you too” Phil said, a yawn following after


2 HCs in one day I’m on a R O L L