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Best 9 albums of 2016

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In no particular order these are my most 9 beloved albums of 2016:

  • Dean - 130 mood : TRBL
  • Jun.K - Mr. No Love
  • Sechs Kies - 2016 Re-Album
  • Kim Feel - from Feel
  • Park Hyo Shin - I am a Dreamer
  • Ryeowook - The Little Prince
  • Beast - Highlight
  • History - HIM
  • Winner - Exit:E

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Tag Game!
Share the 4 most recent or current albums you are listening to!
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1. Inquisition - Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
2. Cypecore - Identity
3. Mgła - With Hearts Toward None
4. Heretoir -Heretoir

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Name: Stephanie

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′ 4″

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Color: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Glitter

Favorite Animal: Elephants and Pigs

Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8 hours

Cat or Dog Person: CAT!!!!!

Number of Blankets I sleep with: 1… Sometimes 0 if boyfriend steals the covers or I’m really hot. 

Favorite Singer/Band: Currently I can’t stop listening to Bruno Mars’ new album. 

Dream Trip: Europe

Dream Job: Living the dream!  Teacher!

When was this blog created: I started my other one back in 2012.  But then I was stalked last year and deleted it.  So, I started a new one!

When did your blog reach its peak: I don’t think it has yet… But for now this is the highest it has been. 


FAVORITE PLACE :  Coffee shops (as cliché as it may sound)! Also Museums.


FAVORITE COLOR :  Colors, actually; red and black.

PETS :  Had a dog before; and fishes at current.

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO :  Actually I’ll just put it the album; WTK’s self-titled.

FAVORITE TV SHOW :  Supernatural; Also Gravity Falls, among others.

FIRST FANDOM :  Harry Potter, I guess? But not thoroughly involved in it at that time.

HOBBIES :  ( keeping this blank bc I’ll probably say smth cliché ahaha )

BOOKS THAT I’M CURRENTLY READING:  Asylum by Madeleine Roux, Carrie by Stephen King

FAVORITE BOOK :  There’s a number, I suppose, but I’ll just put in Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell here, as well as The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton.

WORST THING YOU’VE EVER EATEN/TASTED :  Something spoiled. Ahaha but aside from that, Durian and Buro (Balao-Balao) mostly because they’re not my cup of tea.

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Tag Game!
Share the 4 most recent or current albums you are listening to!

Here’s mine 😈
1. Watain - The Wild Hunt
2. Behemoth - Evangelion
3. Cradle of Filth - Damnation and a Day
4. DevilDriver - The Fury of Our Makers Hand

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Tag Game! Share the 4 most recent or current albums you are listening to! i was tagged by @metalocalypso, thanks pal~ :D

1) The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold. I’m still feeling through this one but i love the concept and how similar the last song is to The Greatest Show on Earth by Nightwish. Also Roman Sky is a kick ass song and my fave so far.

2) This is Gonna Hurt by Sixx:A.M. because it’s on of my favorite albums of all time and i’m kind of always listening to it.

3) Quintessential by Steam Powered Giraffe. It’s their most recent album which is why it’s getting a lot of attention, and i really identify with the anxiety theme they have going on with it. It has a lot of really feelsy songs for me.

4) Prayers for the Damned and Prayers for the Blessed by Sixx:A.M. I love the idea of dual albums that play off of each other and i really want to sit and listen front to back with both of them and get an immersive experience.

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1- toxik idol’s “death pop electric”
2- brendon small’s “galaktikon” (duhhh.)
3- as blood runs black’s “allegiance”
4- the balck dahlia murder’s “everblack” (or maybe it was abysmal? or unhallowed. i kind of switch between those three w.o looking lmao)


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Tag Game! Share the 4 most recent or current albums you are listening to! i was tagged by @metalocalypso thank u <3

1.) Death - Spiritual Healing
2.) Bathory - Bathory
3.) Type O Negative - Slow, Deep and Hard
4.) Mayhem - Deathcrush

Hnnnnguh who to tag. fuck it, I’ll just share an old sketch with y’all

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it's 3 am and i am calum hood trash

ok so like singledad!calum has a daughter who is a huge fan of her dad’s band so one night she’s listening to all their old live albums and she’s currently listening to an album (that came out about the time she was conceived) and she’d hear her father dedicating a song he’d written to a woman she’d never heard her dad speak of. Of course she wouldn’t really think much of it, until calum comes home from hanging out with the boys, and his whole demeanor would change once he recognizes what song is playing. Curiosity getting the best of her, she’d ask who the song was written for at the dinner table. Cal would sigh and swallow slowly before quietly getting up and walking to his bedroom. Following her father, she watched him pull out an old box from the closet. Sitting down on the carpet, with shaky hands cal opens up the box to reveal multiple things. Little Hood remembers nothing of her mom nor has she ever known anything about her not even her name. Since her death a few days after giving birth, Calum’s way of “moving on” was to completely erase her existence (messed up i know). So picking up a pile of photos he’d start with the very first photo he’d ever took with her mother, he’d tell his daughter how much she looked like her mother before proceeding to tell the story of how he fell so hard in love with her mom. Cal kept his composure while he talked though he desperately wanted to break down and cry. His daughter would notice how his eyes glassed over as he revisited his past and she’d put her hand over his knee. Calum would reach in the box and pull out a locket he had given to her mother. Inside was a picture of the two on their first date. He turned to his daughter and clasped the locket around her neck.
“So uh I was waiting for your 16th birthday to give you this but this moment feels fitting, I gave this to your mother on her sixteenth birthday” He said once she turned around.
A tear slipped from Calum’s eyes as he watched his one and only daughter stare at the picture of her parents. He’s not the only one whose crying because his daughter would then launch herself at her father and that’s when calum let himself break down and cry.