currently inked

In the interminable interim
Between delirium and the dismay
When you must part ways
And inter the dream
That died when one (or both)
Of you got tired of trying
That period is like the lull
Of sleep, the calm before the storm
Comes to claim what isn’t tied down
Tossing off the dross
And if you have nothing left
Really, is it a huge loss?
—  Some things are meant to end
current mood 2

in me is an abattoir, 
slippery, grisly,
grindhouse red;
fist fitted,
and heavy
with destruction

once, birdhearts did
flit and flutter; in me
280 day
milk and honey-
suckle genesis,
fruiting loam

now, moon-tied;
cauterized highways to
goddess jaw gates;
sloughing burrow
walls of meat
and promise

steady sludge

leaves alive

— courtney ann scarborough, 3/6/17

Indie Talk
Ian Murray
Indie Talk

One thing I usually see when it comes to fandoms is something about the fans being “toxic” or being hostile towards others who have either been in the fandom for a long time or if they’re new to said fandom. (I also wanted to draw Sans and Bendy together in the same comic, they both smile! It’s a no-brainer.)

This is a fear that the newly formed fandom for Bendy and the Ink Machine, currently fear. Especially since they also fear that it may become as toxic or even more toxic than the Undertale fandom. Now me personally being a part of both fandoms. I can understand it. But I made this comic/dub as a reminder to some of those in the fandoms I’m a part of. To those reading who listening to this. I have this to say.

others can’t ruin your fun and enjoyment of something that you’re a part of. If you like BatIM, good! If you like Undertale, good! if you like both, good! No matter what fandom you’re a part of, you are unique and no one can take that away from you. Ignore the haters.


Art & Voice Acting = Me

Bendy = TheMeatly

Sans = Toby Fox

We sit awake in dreams of each other,
dreams of colour and
so much quiet.

but eventually
someone shifts position,
slides off the bed,
makes their way to the kitchen, or
the bathroom, or
the living room,

and the dream disappears.
We become human again.

—  Reena B.| Excerpt from a book i’m working on.