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Let me get lost.”

There is a desire that resides deep within her soul to run away. To escape to an unknown future. To wander around eternally, without destination, without home in sight.

It is always there just beneath her skin, humming in her veins, vibrating on her bones, just barely on the back of her mind, always within grasp.

To carve a new path. To start a new adventure, a new life. To change her name, her looks, her identity, and personality. To forget. To go somewhere where no one knows her. To start all over again. To never look back.

To never get back.
—  cynthia go // Escape ( @cynthiatingo )

We sit awake in dreams of each other,
dreams of colour and
so much quiet.

but eventually
someone shifts position,
slides off the bed,
makes their way to the kitchen, or
the bathroom, or
the living room,

and the dream disappears.
We become human again.

—  Reena B.| Excerpt from a book i’m working on.
forever is a long
long time
and if i can’t spend it by your side
i’ll spend it wishing i was
—  i wouldn’t mind
(cc, 2017)

do not tell me to compromise
do not tell me to rip out the parts of me they cannot accept and cast them away
while listening to a side that tells me that i do not belong here
we knew the dream was over long before the fall came
i woke up when i saw the children dying, i have not been able to sleep since
there are young, black mothers that have not been able to sleep since

do not tell me to compromise
do not tell me that my going to college in itself is not an act of revolution
when girls have a 1 in 4 chance of getting raped there
when girls are not listened to, when we are policed like objects
we are not theirs, we have belonged to ourselves from the very beginning
our safety should never have been dependent on what we were wearing

do not tell me to compromise
do not tell me to soften my voice in order to coddle your ignorance
my friends are full of anger, filled to the brim with fire
together we are an unstoppable force, tears acting as greasepaint
an invisible revolution formed by those that refuse to swallow lies like cough syrup

do not tell me to compromise
because my worth was never up for debate

—  fire || January 19th, 2017

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Currently super into the idea that Nori has an honest job with the family business by day but sneaks off at night to cause mischief. Nori styles his hair as ostentatiously as possible to distract from his other features and to trick pursuers to be on the lookout for that particular hairstyle.

My previous comic about it: (x)

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It’s October!! Here’s a super late inktober thing using a prompt from relseiy’s insta… I’ll do my best to catch up!

i know very few things about myself, but i know this: the way laughter feels after crying is the absolute best. 

i know many facts about animals but the most important is that if you take one away, they all suffer.

i know so little about the lives of the people i pass. but if there is one thing i understand about us: it is that no matter how often we are broken, the quiet and genuine kindness of humankind leaks out, in every situation. we give with no hope of being paid back, we defend our family with our own bodies, we act in small gentle ways that will never be noticed and never be thanked. 

i know this: i have met more than my fair share of people who are filled with bottled rage. but each is far outweighed by people who are good, who are filled with hope: it is simply that they are the softer ones. 

so yes, hate speaks loudly. it always does. but a firework is not a volcano, and love is the whole core of Earth. hate cannot hope to conquer us. we are each filled to the brim with love: we remember our nature. we hold on.

—  “Do you think the power of love is more powerful than that of hate?” - Short answer? Absolutely. // r.i.d