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Let me get lost.”

There is a desire that resides deep within her soul to run away. To escape to an unknown future. To wander around eternally, without destination, without home in sight.

It is always there just beneath her skin, humming in her veins, vibrating on her bones, just barely on the back of her mind, always within grasp.

To carve a new path. To start a new adventure, a new life. To change her name, her looks, her identity, and personality. To forget. To go somewhere where no one knows her. To start all over again. To never look back.

To never get back.
—  cynthia go // Escape ( @cynthiatingo )
forever is a long
long time
and if i can’t spend it by your side
i’ll spend it wishing i was
—  i wouldn’t mind
(cc, 2017)

We sit awake in dreams of each other,
dreams of colour and
so much quiet.

but eventually
someone shifts position,
slides off the bed,
makes their way to the kitchen, or
the bathroom, or
the living room,

and the dream disappears.
We become human again.

—  Reena B.| Excerpt from a book i’m working on.

1 • Lavender

It’s October!! Here’s a super late inktober thing using a prompt from relseiy’s insta… I’ll do my best to catch up!

This, people, is the height of current fashion. Can they make this into an actual scarf and sell it??? REBLOG IF YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE TOO

Life recently

  • Gained more weight. It’s because of too much stress and I don’t know what to do aside from eating.
  • Still haven’t achieved a single goal. Too sad to walk and I already lost my motivation to do almost everything.
  • Still looking for my will to live. Can you tell me where Will is?
  • Writing more often. This is bad because I hid to much and this is my only escape. I write because I can’t tell people how dark my thoughts are.
  • Sudden mood swings. I don’t know but there are times that I’m not interested at all, but there are also time that I want it all.
  • Cries a lot. Much more during the night with dangerous thoughts.
  • Still paradoxical. I’m a self contradicting person. Kinda like hurting myself tho.
  • Dead. All of the inside like mentally and emotionally. I’m just waiting to be physically dead.
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