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i took screencaps of all the ink colors currently in splatoon 2! these arent by any means official names for the colors, i just made them up to differentiate them. if you wanna see splatfest colors, ill be adding them to a tag as they happen. unfortunately i dont have screencaps of the cake vs ice cream splatfest, but they might use the same colors if they ever do pearl vs marina. the tag is here;

octo valley ink colors will be under the cut just in case nobody wants to see minor spoilers;

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my lips against her skin is not something dirty
for your entertainment
my body pressed to hers is not a fetish
or a sin
to share a gender does not make our love a porn category
we are beautiful
simply meant to be
our love and closeness is our own
and each kiss is for us
and us alone
—  Miriam K

Curious facts about dream and ink

*Dream and ink were friends long ago.

*Dream thought Ink and he had the same goal.

*Dream never could notice the aura of Ink since this one has no soul. For some reason Dream thought that Ink hid his aura so that it could not be read.

*Dream and Ink are currently not friends.

*They had a pretty big fight when the guardian of the dreams saw that Ink was not interested in saving the people, but only the Aus. Although both seem similar have opposite thoughts.

*Dream wants to protect the positive feelings and living things of the Aus, even if it means changing a timeline.

*Ink as a protector of the Aus only protects them from anomalies or changes in temporal lines, practically does not matter if an Au was created to suffer.

*Ink is not bad, he’s chaotic neutral. (A neutral chaotic character is considered free from the restrictions of society and is not impelled to practice the Good itself. For him, Good or Evil does not interest him much.)

*Dream is totally chaotic good. (A good chaotic character acts according to the dictates of his conscience without regard to what others may think of him. He is generous and benevolent, combining a good heart with a free spirit.)

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i. forgotten, forlorn, forsaken: as though the presence that graced me with the words I needed for these feelings has left me alone in the middle of an old bedroom, full of old memories.

ii. there are indents in the carpet beside the stained bed where I have been on my knees and I can’t go back down to clasp my hands because they are too wet with the tears of those I have hurt, too slick to stay together.

iii. it would be kinder to be drenched in blood. the stain is easier to be clean of, I know what you’re thinking, but red is always more soluble than sin. 

iv. a hollow wind comes through the window. it blow the covers back and if I squint it almost looks like there could be a body in the bed, arms outstretched to either side, begging.

v. I know this is never what people meant when they said be careful of letting God in your bed, but I didn’t understand the warning regardless. I didn’t understand. 

vi. our mistakes are so clear in hindsight, like holy water running over feet already washed. maybe the bed is made. maybe there is no body. maybe the bed is made around the body and God is there waiting for me to get in.

—  church pew poetry || O.L.