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Don't worry it's all PR

IKR??? Also PR???

The World’s Fanciest Errand Boy&Girl were out driving yesterday—-which is seemingly nothing, but it isn’t:

Both Trolly-y and Meme-y flew up, presumably leaving their vehicles in LA–and when you shoot on location (as the show is doing in Van City) in studio supplied housing (as they are currently doing), the show van(s) come and pick you up/drop you off every day. It’s why they’re all clearly living in the same complex and generally seen out walking to places.

Van City isn’t that big and they’d also probably have someone (not WFEB&G) to drive you around for shit or town car/Uber…but THERE they were driving, which meant they chose to go somewhere, AWAY from everybody else before work AND Lili was looking a bit more dolled up than she normally does for hanging out.

So they rented a car or are now leasing/bought one and are doing it to have more SH time…and no, show errand running for the breakout stars of a network show IS not what they spend their time doing.

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Hi I was wondering if you could tell us where you went to college for art? And do you think you learned a lot when you attended?

While I didn’t go to art school I do have an architecture degree! Drawing’s been something I’ve pursued alongside. I wasn’t as hype about it as drawing but it was good to be in a studio environment anyway. Funnily enough, my current job is not, in fact, architecture-related, and instead I’m using mostly the art and design skills I learned on my own.

If you’re asking because you want to know if art school is worth it, I can’t give a great answer because I’ve never been. There are plenty of successful people in both camps. I would suggest trying to get hold of professors, teachers, or professionals in the field you’re aiming for and tell them what you’re thinking and if you could ask them some questions. Show them your portfolio if you have one and straight up ask them what they think of art school and if they think might be worth it for you as an individual, based on your current work and the direction you want to go in. I’m just one person so keep digging around and getting opinions!


Mary and The Witch’s Flower (2017) | Trailer #1

Take a look at Studio Ponoc’s first full trailer for their first feature film, directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (When Marnie Was There, Arrietty). The film is still currently listed to release this year. More info about this film (and Studio Ponoc) is available at ANN.

favorite things in the batim fandom right now

  • henry being A Dad
  • the toons’ (most notably bendy’s) widow’s peak thing functioning as eyebrows and shifting around with the toon’s expression
  • the unspoken agreement that bendy starts melting when under stress or severe negative emotions
  • bendy having Daddy Issues
  • henry being a tired man who has had it with someone’s shit and it’s probably bendy’s or joey’s
  • henry being entirely too calm about this entire fucky situation
  • boris the musician
  • bendy loving tap dancing
  • boris the sweetheart, boris the show’s antagonist, boris who went the way of bendy in the game and is a game antagonist, anything boris basically
  • boris’s favorite instrument being the clarinet
  • alice being a kickass dame who don’t take no shit
  • alice and bendy shippers being totally cool with those who ship them as buds
  • those who do ship them making it cutesy and innocent
  • those who don’t giving them sibling roles
  • boris and bendy as basically brothers
  • henry, alice, bendy, and boris sleep piles
  • henry, alice, bendy, and boris dysfunctional but loving family
  • bendy is a prankster
  • and you get an existential crisis and you get an existential crisis and YOU get an existential crisis but not the humans because they weren’t created
  • bendy especially having a hard time with the above
  • everyone having nightmares because trauma, thanks joey
  • plenty of ptsd to go around, thanks joey
  • henry was drafted into war and that’s why he left the studio
  • above also responsible for some of the ptsd he’s got but he’s managing okay and then thanks, joey
  • henry and joey had a fight which is why henry didn’t return afterwards
  • henry returning to the studio lowkey contemplating punching joey
  • joey bringing the toons to life before henry left; toons are good friends with henry
  • toons brought to life after henry left; henry has even less of a clue of what to expect when the game opens
  • joey brought bendy to life with an ulterior motive to begin with
  • joey brought bendy to life with benevolent intentions but devolved into a power hungry monster as time went on
  • joey brought bendy to life because henry is 85% of his impulse control, wasn’t there, and oh my god, i’m gonna make my oc real you guys
  • joey never considering the consequences to his actions no matter how many times someone has tried to get him to shape up
  • sammy being a crazy motherfucker
  • sammy, pre-ink-incident, being 10000% done with joey at all times
  • the entirety of the hell’s studio au
  • the entirety of the toon henry au
  • the entirety of the 2D bendy au
  • the entirety of the lampblack city au
  • the very little that current exists of the role reversal au; bendy escaped from the studio long ago, summoned back by joey, finds horrifying shit has gone down
  • ANIMATOR BENDY yes i know that’s technically hell’s studio but i’ve seen it elsewhere
  • i know i’m forgetting stuff feel free to add

bouncing off the previous reblog, if you want to create a chromatic aberration effect in clip studio paint, the steps are the same but the layer mode you want is darken as opposed to ‘shade’.

I just made a little auto action which will set up the layers for you:

You can download it here, to use it open the auto actions window (window > auto actions), and right click > import set…

alternatively you can drag the file into the auto actions window.

and while on the subject of auto actions, you can create a shortcut for them by going to file > shortcut settings…, then choosing auto action from the dropdown

Voltron currently: Studio Mir is in a legal dispute with Dreamworks, people at risk of losing their jobs because of these leaks, the show and its creators are in jeopardy

Some people: Taking it as a joke, not deleting leaks, acting stubborn and ignorant af, don’t even care


You know, I’ll readily admit that so far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole has had consistently better film output than the current DC Extended Universe.

But on the other hand:

  • DC didn’t make Superman secretly a member of the Klan during a surge of racist and xenophobic rhetoric and politics in the US
  • DC also didn’t make their Jewish characters like Harley Quinn or Batwoman into pseudo-Nazis while the US is under a blatantly anti-Semitic political administration
  • DC also didn’t ask comic shop employees to wear T-shirts with pseudo-Nazi logos or to cover their store logos with pseudo-Nazi symbols
  • DC also, in my knowledge, never blamed slumping sales on being too diverse in their lineup
  • Which isn’t to say they haven’t had their share of tone-deaf and flat-out insulting gaffes, but when New 52 didn’t do as well as they expected I know they didn’t blame it on having a Green Lantern and a Batman who were Muslim
  • Marvel Studios has yet to release a solo superhero film starring a woman (Elektra is a Fox film).  DC’s had two female-led cinematic releases (three if you consider Evey to be the main character of V for Vendetta), those being Supergirl and Catwoman.  And yes, Supergirl and Catwoman were terrible, but at least they exist.  An attempt was made
  • The current DC Extended Universe will also give us Wonder Woman before the MCU gives us Captain Marvel
  • If the current planned lineup for the DC Extended Universe holds, then their first five solo film leads will probably be two white men (Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill and presumably whoever plays Captain Marvel in Shazam!), a Jewish woman (Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot), a Native Hawaiian man (Aquaman, Jason Momoa), and a black man (Cyborg, Ray Fisher).  The first solo film in the MCU with a lead who isn’t a white man will be Black Panther, their thirteenth solo film.
  • While Marvel was making Captain America and Magneto into HYDRA agents, DC made Snagglepuss into a gay Southern Gothic playwright because why not
  • While DC has its own fair share of fuckery, bad decisions, pointless, flow-wrecking crossovers, and other such garbage, at least they haven’t blown so many dog whistles at the alt-right in the past year that it’s very hard to consider it tone-deafness or coincidence at this point

So in conclusion, as we currently stand, DC’s on Marvel’s left.

Looking for a room by May 5th!

heya everyone, I’m currently looking for a roommate situation that I can move into! im 27 years old and work in animation, and am a type B (i like video games and sleeping) and am currently in my own studio.  I have a pet with me, she is a very gentle therapy cat (registered and everything) and loves belly rubs (seriously) but she would have to be the only pet, so I know that narrows stuff down a lot, but I’m willing to work with you!

I’m hoping to find a place within a 10-20 minute commute of CN, and any other info we can talk about through email. 

I’ve opened up my asks so if you are able to help, please send me a message there then I’ll give you my email after you give me yours and your first and last name (a safety peocaution… you’ll have mine since its my blog title aha) and we can discuss stuff from there

thank you so much!


10 Years of ASSASSIN’S CREED  

3 May 2006
Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed for PS3 - the latest project currently in development at the publisher’s Montreal studio.[…]

Assassin’s Creed is a stealth/action epic set at the height of the Third Crusade in 12th-century Jerusalem, and seems to borrow elements from both Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia. As an acrobatic young killer named Altair, players will work for the Assassins, a secret society dedicated to ending the Crusade.

Billboard: Niall Horan Braces for Stardom Outside One Direction, With Advice From Justin Bieber & The Eagles

When Niall Horan decided to move from London to Los Angeles in early 2016, it’s no surprise that he chose a house in Laurel Canyon, the epicenter of ’60s folk-rock culture. Horan was the one ­toting a guitar in One Direction, the British boy-band juggernaut that was just then going on a hiatus, and he’s got the soul of a singer-songwriter: He’s charismatic, witty and sensitive, but also easygoing and no-nonsense. Viewed alongside his bandmates – born rock star Harry Styles, “sensible one” Liam Payne, “funny one” Louis Tomlinson, moody R&B prince Zayn Malik – Horan, 23, is sort of like the middle brother: the most ­approachably handsome, the second-most popular across social media (29 million Twitter followers; 19 million on Instagram) and the most likely to lust after a gig at the historic Los Angeles rock club The Troubadour. “Playing for, like, 500 people. What more do you want?” says Horan. “I’ve had some good moments with screaming ­teenagers, but I like when the room is completely dead. It’s a ­different kind of respect. People are actually listening.”

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some gorillaz headcanons
  • 2d was a teenager during the 90s which means that he knows all the lyrics to all the quintessential 90s songs. when noodle was little they would blast backstreet boys and nsync throughout kong studios and dramatically sing along and jump on the couch pretending to put on concerts. it helped get noodle used to performing and also taught her how to pronounce words in english. even now as an adult noodle will start playing i want it that way on the home speaker system and 2d will show up in the doorway twenty seconds later dramatically screeching “TELL ME WHY AIN’T NOTHING BUT A HEAAAARTACHE.” they both go OFF and have accidentally broken multiple items because they were jamming out so hard.
  • murdoc is half mexican from his mom’s side. it’s part of the reason he went to mexico after phase 1 and why he can speak spanish. he learned rudimentary spanish from visiting his mom in the sanatorium as a little kid, but since he couldn’t visit her much and she died when he was about 11 or 12 he had to teach himself the rest of the language in his 20s.

more under the cut!

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Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller at Studio 54, 1978

(via People Are Panicking About Michonne In The Walking Dead Season 8)

“While Gurira can’t be in two places at the same time, in this case, she will be. The Walking Dead films in Senoia, Georgia, for the most part – with some shoots taking place at Tyler Perry Studios closer to Atlanta. Avengers: Infinity War is currently coming together at Pinewood Studios, located in Fayetteville, Georgia. Pinewood Studios and Raleigh Studios (home of The Walking Dead) are a 15 minute drive from one another if the driver, at a slow Sunday cruise pace. In other words: Gurira can film both Avengers: Infinity War and The Walking Dead Season 8. We have no reason to believe Gurira is exiting the AMC series in favor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Seven

Summary: You explain everything to Kathryn after faking your way through the rest of the convention. Back in Vancouver, you and Jared have to have a serious talk about the future of your pregnancy
Jared x Reader (mentioned Jared x Gen, Jared x Reader x Gen), Jensen, Kathryn Newton
Words: 4.6k
Warnings: pregnancy, angst, smut
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Series Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

For once, you were grateful that you were flying back on Monday morning so that you were able to spend Sunday night in the hotel.

You promised Kathryn that you’d tell everything to her that night, seeing as the small break for lunch really wasn’t enough time to explain yourselves properly.

She agreed to keep it quiet and, seeing as she didn’t have any panels left where she might accidentally slip up, you trusted her.

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20 Ways to annoy Kim Namjoon

1. Steal the book he’s reading. 

2. When he asks about the book, say you saw Taehyung eat it. 

3. When he looks at you weirdly, make a face. 

4. Say, ‘you don’t get it? It’s a concept. Aish Namjoon, I thought you were smarter than that’. 

5. Ask him if he cheated on his MENSA test. 

6. Blow into his open mouth whilst he’s sleeping. 

7. When he freaks out and wakes up, take a picture.

8. Post it on SNS. 

9. When he’s doing a shoot, imitate his facial expressions by gawning out your own lips. 

8. Chant “LOOK AT MA LIPS. MA LIPS. MY LUSCIOUS LIPPY LIPS” whilst he makes his signature poses. 

9. When he’s trying to ask the girl he likes out, play expensive girl in the background. 

10. After he gets over his mortification and shoots you a death glare, come up and say ‘hi, there, I’m Y/N- wing girl extrodinaire, and I can help you take it off now-” 

 11. Say you’re sorry for messing up his chance and you thought expensive girl would capture the mood perfectly. 

12. Call him up at 2am and don’t stop until he answers. Tell him you just called to let him know how blue hair doesn’t suit him. 

13. Tell him Jin dances better.

14. When he tells you he’s busy in his studio, use speakers to alert the whole building that Namjoon is busy in his studio. Yell “ATTENTION ATTENTION. NAMJOON IS CURRENTLY IN THE MIDST OF A BUSY session in his studio so please do not disturb him. WE SHALL EXPECT EXPENSIVE GIRL PT 2 SOON.”

15. Hide a stash of his porn under Jin’s pillow labelled “Can we try this?”.

16. Ask Jin if he got the gift Namjoon made you send him. 

17. Over dinner with Bang PD, ask why he left the studio computer tab open to “Manager kink scenario fanfic.” really casually. 

18. Cry in public faking that he broke your hand. 

19. Photobomb his #KimDaily shoots. 

20. Tell him he dances really well. Yell “SIIIIKE” after. 

AN: I had this idea whilst I was eating breakfast and started laughing to myself like the maniac I am. 

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Have you seen either the Secret of Kells or Song of the Sea? They're beautifully animated movies (definitely recommend if you haven't seen them) and your style kind of reminds me of them, it's so pretty!

I LOVE those movies. Absolutely gorgeous design and animation. 

The same studio is currently in production of their next feature The Breadwinner and I can’t wait to see it.

To all my fellow Haikyuu fans

This is to everyone who thinks Haikyuu is over. 

The manga isn’t over yet, and neither is the anime. We’re getting the Seijoh OVA this year, and according to some information, we’re getting another OVA that will be about Shiratorizawa. 

As far as my experience and knowledge goes, we’re not getting Season 4 this year for 3 reasons: 

A) We’re getting the OVA’s. For the creators of the series maybe it’s important to  fully close that cycle. In the OVA’s well get a conclusion to what happened with Seijoh, and Shiratorizawa after they lost against Karasuno so we can say goodbye to them properly. (MANGA SPOILER AHEAD: I know seijoh appears for a brief moment in the manga again, and we still don’t know if we’ll have another quick appearances of other teams. MANGA SPOILER OVER

At least we’re not seeing them in court again, or at least in a long long time. It all depends in what will happen with Haikyuu after nationals are over, but let’s not talk about that because we still have a long way to go for nationals to end. 

B) I don’t know if you’re aware, but the anime industry in Japan, even when it’s one of their biggest industries, it’s not doing well. The creators of the manga are the ones who take almost all the money. Animators are paid really little, and there’s this crisis where Japan is running out of people who is willing to spend long long hours animating the mangas, and have an unfair payment. So, with that stated, they can only animate certain things at a time. It was either the OVA’s, or Season 4. And I’m guessing the studio in charge of Haikyuu!! is currently working in other things, too. 

And C) The manga is always ahead of the anime for a reason. The studios need enough material for them to create complete seasons. They need to look at the material and decide from where to where they will divide the seasons. My guess is that when the Shiratorizawa season was over, there wasn’t enough material for them to do a complete season/arc that would follow only one storyline, so they went for the OVAs while the manga continued. Now that there’s enough material to create a season 4, I believe they are currently working on it and in 2018 we’ll get some more Haikyuu!!

Haikyuu!! anime will be over only when the studio say it’s cancelled. If the studio hadn’t said a thing, it’s good news. We’re getting new material this years, which is also good news. The studio is still interested in producing the Haikyuu!! anime. As my mom says: No news, it’s good news. Bad news are usually the first to be known. If Haikyuu!! anime gets cancel, we’ll know right away. 

So with that said, don’t worry ahead of time. Haikyuu!! is not over. It only takes time to animate a series. Breathe, my beautiful people. We’re not done here.