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Confessing your feelings to Dyl

Alright, this imagine is inspired by the random conversations that me and @reb-and-wrath have about the guys. Hehehe. And no, I don’t write imagines but I just want to try it out and see how it goes since I’m currently writing a fic. 🙊
Anyways, I hope you guyz enjoy. 😌💕

It’s summer, and there’s no school for three months. Elizabeth (me) and her three closest friends, Xena, Dylan and Eric planned a road trip to get out of Littleton and go to California. They all saved up money to go to Cali.

They were taking Dylan’s BMW on the trip since he had recently gotten his driver’s license. “We’re definitely going to have a good time there.” Dylan had said when we planned the trip. And of course all of our parents knew about the plans and thankfully we were granted permission.

“I can’t wait for us to get to California!” I exclaimed to my friend Xena while we were packing up some clothes. “So have you told Dylan that you like him”? She asked. She was the only one that knew about my feelings for Dylan. Cause if I told Eric, he would go to Dylan and tell him.

Xena and Eric had gotten together a couple of months back, and everytime the four of us would hang out, I’d get butterflies everytime I’d see Dylan coming, and Xena would elbow me, smiling knowingly about my feelings for him.

“Umm… no.” I said quietly blushing and she gave me the seriously? look. “Oh! I know! Tell him how you feel when we’re in California.” I twirled with my hair nervously. “Or I’ll have Eric tell him for you.” I gasped. “No! I’ll tell him.” I said.


Finally, we were on the road trip, with the guys wanting to stop every freaking time. We bought food for the road, and took turns driving except for me, because I admitted being terrible at driving, so thankfully my turn was skipped.

It was late night, and Eric and Xena were in the back seats sleeping. While Dylan was driving and I was in the passenger seat.

“Hey, Dyl”? I said nervously. “Yeah”? He glanced at me and then kept his eyes on the road. “What are your plans after high school”? I asked. “I dunno. I want to be a computer engineer. Move out of Littleton.. and yours”? He asked. “I want to study law.” I said. We spent the rest of the road trip just talking about dreams and the future until we finally arrived to California.

We checked into an hotel, and got two rooms. “Me and my girlfriend are getting one room, and you two, the other room.” Eric said. “Damn.” I thought. I get assigned the same room as the guy I pretty much have a crush on. We picked up our luggage and each went to our rooms. Dylan and I walked into our room, and to add more to my situation, there was only one king sized bed.

“What the fuck, Eric?!” I mentally scolded him. We put our stuff away, changed into comfortable clothes and quickly fell asleep since we were both tired. The next day the four of us spent it at the beach until evening, we made a campfire, and we were just eating, and talking and listening to music.

Eric and Xena were both on one side of the campfire talking and cuddling, meanwhile Dylan and I were burning marshmallows terribly. After many failed attempts, we finally gave up, and threw the sticks away and Dylan just put his head on my lap, laying down on the sand. Maybe this was my chance to tell him.

“Hey, Dyl”? I started. I already felt myself getting nervous.

“Yeah”? He said looking at me.

“We’ve been friends for quite a while, and…” I felt my heart beating faster than usual. He raised his eyebrows indicating me to keep going.

“…and truth is, I like you quite a lot. More than friends.” I blushed and kept my gaze in the distance. Dylan blushed. “I like you too.”

“I just never said anything because I didn’t think you’d have feelings for me, the way I do for you.” He confessed.

We smiled, and slowly I leaned down, and pressed my lips to Dylan’s and we kissed tenderly. The radio was softly playing “Beautiful” by The Smashing Pumpkins.

I ran my hands through his hair, as we deepened the kiss, and Eric, yelled out, “Damn, V! Get a fucking room!” And Dylan playfully flipped him off.

The end.