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did a sketch of him with his greasy lookin black hair

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So I have a very strange head canon I think you'll like for klance, basically lance is amazing at DIY crafts, he's very detail oriented and before him and Keith got dating he made Keith some cute gifts and would leave them for Keith outside his room

yes! im here for this. more lance & crafts because why not:

  • he is the arts & crafts god when it comes to babysitting his younger siblings
  • lance loves glitter and loves putting it on things that he makes 
  • (u can often find glitter peppered across his face and hands sometimes. keith calls them his glitter freckles)
  • lance is like a friendship bracelet making sweatshop ok that kid loves making friendship bracelets because he finds it lowkey therapeutic and it gives him an opportunity to show appreciation to his friends/family
  • team vld all have matching bracelets he made in their respective colours
  • but lance & keith have their own matching ones that he made for them after an exhausting battle they had (before they started dating) 
  • he can definitely knit and he knits his friends/family socks/sweaters/throw blankets for christmas 
  • macaroni art? thats his shit
  • hes also probably really good at scrapbooking 
  • he also makes his own cards for holidays/events so it feels more personal
  • basically he loves doing little diy things because it allows him to use his hands a lot and keep them occupied and helps when hes feeling down

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As much as I liked the reunion, is it bad that I was kind of annoyed about everyone praising Bangel? Like I don't have a problem with people liking bangel, but they only talk about spuffy as an unhealthy relationship and not about spike post-soul? I mean at the end of season 7, their relationship seemed a lot healthier than Buffy and Angel ever was. Plus in the comics right now, which is meant to be canon, Buffy and Spike are in a happy, healthy relationship. It just felt one-sided to me.

tbh, I didn’t mind it all that much because I was way too elated to see them all back together again. But… the first thing I saw regarding the reunion was the cover, and I immediately thought: “I guess the EW people are Bangel shippers, then.” It kinda rubbed me the wrong way. And I’m not saying this as a Spuffy shipper myself. I wouldn’t have liked to see Spuffy on the cover either.

 I would’ve liked to see Buffy alone or the four main Scoobies.

That was what the show was about, the ships were secondary.

2.5/5 Stars.

I had a really complicated relationship with this book. On the surface, it appears to have everything I enjoy in a novel—a quirky protagonist, smart insights, dry humor, a character-driven narrative—but if I’m being honest, it was completely tedious and desperate for some more extensive editing.

It’s a Bildungsroman story about a Turkish-American girl named Selin who begins her freshman year at Harvard University. Selin is awkward, insecure and unprepared for this next part of her life. She meets Ivan, an older Hungarian mathematics major, in one of her classes, and they begin something of a courtship that culminates in her traveling to Hungary that summer to be near him.

It’s basically a right of passage for a college-age girl to go through that phase where she falls in love with an intellectually exciting but emotionally inept asshole. And Batuman does a really good job of capturing this to the point of nearly painful nostalgic discomfort for readers like myself who have been through that: the coy back and forth, the anxiety of waiting for that next email, the inevitable disappointment just around the corner.

Selin is a linguistics major, and so language and communication play a big role in both her internal monologue and her relationship with Ivan. Ivan, and the feelings she has for him, are so obscure and perplexing to her that there’s a constant sense of disconnect. Again, this is something that felt familiar to me and reminded me of my own college years.

Batuman writes in sharp, incisive prose, and there is clearly a lot of potential in her writing. But I’m not sure how to adequately convey how boring and tedious parts of this book were. We go through every single step of Selin’s first year of college and the summer following it, and much of the narrative and dialogue feels completely unnecessary. I skimmed pages and pages of this book because I cared so little about what was happening. I almost bailed on it several times. And then the sky would open and I’d come across a section that I loved. It was a very uneven and frustrating reading experience.

I would have given this a solid 2 stars, but it gets an extra .5 for Batuman’s obvious talent.

Thinking about This Town, JHO, and what we currently have been told about Harry’s solo stuff, I literally am so fucking proud and happy about what they’ve created. 

It feels very ‘them’, all of their stuff - all different from each other, stuff that I could have thought they’d like to do before anything was out, and like. My sons are doing the kind of music they like, want to, being artists and I think so far, all of them have been able to reach out to new audiences because THEIR MUSIC IS GOOD and, baby steps of course, but it’s about time the world knows about these four via their music. 

SM teased Ten’s station song so damn early that now nothing in my life seems exciting. Like, literally nothing that happens gets me as excited as when I found Ten was getting a solo. My cousin had her baby? Cool, where’s Ten’s solo? I passed that exam I didn’t study for? Nice, is it almost time for Ten’s solo? Another one of my favorite groups just had a comeback? Yay, now how many more days till Ten’s solo?