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Okay but Clockwork functionally being a cryptid in the Ghost Zone tho

Danny tells one of his ghost friends that he knows the Master of Time and gets basically the same reaction someone would if they said mothman was their best friend

Ghosts make jokes about chugging contaminated ectoplasm and fighting Clockwork behind Walker’s prison at 3 am

There’s a group of ghosts dedicated to proving his existence with a bunch of ‘evidence’ like broken watches and blurry photos of purple-cloaked ghosts that are very obviously not Clockwork

There are conspiracy theory obsessed ghosts who have theories ranging from “Clockwork was a story created by Pariah Dark to keep everyone too paranoid to rebel” to “maybe the real Master of Time was the friends we made along the way” 

Currently reading: Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

This is the first book I’ve read in at least a year that has nothing to do with my degree studies; it’s been on my to-read list for ages. What are you reading?

  • The wife: What are you up to?
  • Me: Writing
  • The wife:'re looking up how to make gazpacho
  • Me: Did you know tomatoes weren't added until the 19th century? Wild

1.5/5 Stars.

Fewer than 70 pages into this book I made the decision to continue hate-reading. It is so painfully shallow it reads like bad YA. If the characters were any more one-dimensional and under-developed they wouldn’t even exist.

Marketed as a modern-day Romeo and Juliet (which, honestly should have been warning enough), White Fur is the story of Jamey, a WASP-y heir to an investment bank fortune, and Elise, a half-white half-Puerto Rican who grew up in public housing on the “wrong side of the tracks” or whatever. I hate myself for describing them in such cliches, but I’m just taking what I was given.

Jamey and Elise meet and fall in love…though I honestly have no idea why because there’s no character development or insight into anything that happens. They basically just really like having sex with each other and then one day they’re in love and Jamey decides he needs to relinquish the fortune he was supposed to inherit so he can distance himself from his predictably shitty family. Oh, and it takes place in the 1980s in New York City for whatever reason.

Then…things get really weird. Like, I wouldn’t even be able to explain what happens without it sounding so silly and out of left field, which is exactly what it is even though it’s supposed to be really sad and tragic or something.

I don’t know, you guys. I was originally drawn to this because I thought maybe it would explore class issues in an intriguing way, but it brings almost nothing to the table and what it does bring is predictable and cliche.

Gup the Tree Dragon (Jade, 6/23/17)

What type of spirit are they and what do they look like?

Gup is a small male tree dragon from my astral home, he’s a mixture of brown and deep greens and his eyes are a silver like grey! His tail is longer then his body and it’s about a 2:5 ratio for body to tail he has thin wings that are nice compared to his size and his scales look like tree bark with little pieces of moss and other various things on it!

How old are they and how big?

Gup is around 19 years old and about 2 feel talk and half a foot tall!

Are they ok for beginners and why?

Gup is ok for beginners due to his patience and astral helping skills as well as he’s very easy to communicate with due to his very noticeable energy!

What are their magic abilities/ ways of communication?

Gup does nature magic as well as water magic. His preferred way of communication is pendulum and tarot!

What size family are they looking for and what are their favorite things/ pastimes?

He would like a small to large family (2-13).

His favorite pass times are sunbathing and chirping(sorta like whistling) and favorite things are fish and birds!

What are things they don’t like?

Gup doesn’t like anything salty or dry.

This spirits full name, preferred offering, and possible manifestations will be given to their future companion!

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