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Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers!

I’m anticipating that I’ll be mostly silent today, so let’s do a thread of what we’re currently reading.

I may have my very first success with Nora Roberts. I started her book The Search, which is about a woman who escaped a serial killer and now trains dogs on an island in Washington state. It has dogs for days. I’m hoping it’ll get me past what always happens to me with a Roberts book: utter boredom about halfway through, leading to a DNF on Goodreads and puzzlement about why she’s so popular. I like it so far, but I’m only on page 56.

How about you?

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I'm thankful to Pete for his current hair situation. It sounds stupid, but I enjoy it so much lol

NO that’s not stupid at all!!! I mean just look at it

It’s unique yet sophisticated

And the way it swings around when he’s onstage?

It’s perfect on him. The best hairstyle he’s ever had