currently addicted to this game :)

I’m currently playing Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and I love the shit out of it. Arata is the biggest dweeb ever and a complete fashion disaster. To be fair, everyone in the game looks like they got dressed in the dark. 

If y’all like plot-driven games where you capture, battle, and evolve monsters, I’d highly recommend Cyber Sleuth. The story and characters are quite well-done, too. I was expecting something simple and childish, but it’s actually rather mature at times? The game runs super smooth on my PS4 and it’s extremely addicting.

And I’ve got two huge ships. Guess what one of them is.

Anyway, trying out a simpler style so I can make quick doodles.

[Translation] Think Note Vol.52: Necessities of Life

Yamada finally had some peace early this year and in this Think Note, he talks about going out with Nozomu & Yuma, and the things he enjoys doing in his long vacation. Big thanks to weibo user @MoMozzz32 for the clear scanlation. Don’t forget ask permission & give credit if reposting or retranslating to another blog/page. Enjoy this translation! 😁😁😁

”Enjoying my daily life. Of course, I’m really happy.”

For the past year, Yamada who have been busy filming drama and movies while producing [Hey! Say! JUMP’s] live tour, he can now say, “I finally have time for myself.” Wear, eat, live. By enjoying the basic necessities of life, his private life begins to take over.

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Fan art for mobile game I’m currently addicted to, King’s Raid! I draw for a fan art contest, but because I’m not in the mood, I can’t go all out not that I always go all out in my greatest condition. There’s a participation reward so I entered anyway. By the way, I drew Jane, she is a tank and an undead.

Oh~ (Hey) Say you are mine
(Yes you are) I’ll be on line
지금 니 마음을 [범/효] 말해줘
[범/효] I never lie about my mind
듣고 싶은 그 말을 말해줘 ~

-Love Line by  Hyolyn, Bumkey and Jooyoung


I haven’t drawn in a long time Q7Q so here’s something cheesy lol~
I hope I drew them accurate enough(ohgodtheanatomy), if you know who they are then you now know of my current addiction.

Fun facts about me

I was tagged about a month ago by @dawniestyles and @theharrystyleseffect

  1. As you may have noticed, I’m a procrastinator
  2. I can’t ever say no to chocolate
  3. I’m the oldest of 2 girls
  4. I’m left-handed
  5. I’m addicted to TV shows. I’m currently watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Brooklyn 99, Downtown Abbey, Stranger Things and New Girl
  6. I don’t usually get starstrucks but if I ever met Harry I think I’d lose my consciousness
  7. I’m a music geek
  8. I’m always distracted and forgetting things
  9. I believe I was born in the wrong country
  10. I’m a spoiled girl by my mom and grandma

I tag @whoopsharrystyles @harryschancla @harrysinamovie @magic-view @tweedygal @harrysadwank @stylesinthewild @fairylightsstyles @pinkharold @aqua-harry

Owari no Seraph: Unmei no Hajimari pt. 3

I decided to translate some more random family events here since I’m currently addicted to this game lol. Also everyone’s interactions are so cute t__t thank you for making this game, developers~

Spoilers under the cut~~

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Goal: tag 9 people to get to know them

Relationship status: going on a month now

Favorite color: black or white

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (though I like both)

Last song: Five More Hours- Deorro x Chris Brown

Last movie: Forrest Gump

Top 3 shows: currently Outlander (my addiction rn) Community and Game of Thrones

Top 3 ships: Superbat obviously, Spirk, and I have more but can’t think of them

So I tag @bscao3 @yamad-a @yuesai @instantredhead @dustyjournal @grandaddykink @katsuyacrimson and that’s all the peeps I can think up from memory 😅

5 Things

I was tagged by @a-shakespearean-in-paris​. I’m so sorry it took me this long to do this and thank you for tagging me. :)

5 things you’ll find on my blog

- Cullen Rutherford
- Dragon Age
- stuff from my sketchbook
- any of the writings I decide to do
- Gundam Wing because it is my sister’s fandom and she usually asks me to do stuff pertaining to her stories. 

5 things you’ll find in my room / office area
- A coffee mug (with coffee)
- pictures of my daughter
- a candle (or two)
- incense. I’m addicted. 
- an Xbox360 and the most current Game Informer sitting beside it. 

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do
- Go to Greece
- see my sister get one of her stories published
- see the Earth from space 
- Actively participate in the PTO of my daughter’s school. I’m not enough of a people person. The other parents drive me nuts. 
- be able to sing well. 

5 things on to do list
- actually finish a long fic - I have a new one started… hopefully it doesn’t go the way of Battlefields
- get better at art. 
- unload and reload the dishwasher
- proofread my sister’s latest chapter in her fic
- put today’s layer of clear coat on my nails. My mani turned out abnormally good a few days ago and I’m trying to keep it for as long as possible. 

5 things you may not know about me
- I love nail art. I can’t do it but I love to look at pics of gorgeous nails. 
- I only have one sibling. She is my fraternal twin and we are besties. 
- I have a degree in E-Discovery Paralegal.
- I have a serious addiction to coffee and drink it at all hours of the day. At 10pm when I should have long switched to something like water, you will still find me with a coffee in my hand.
- I have been with my guy for 10 years but we will likely never actually get married because neither of us feel that it is a necessity. 

I’m going to be the bad Tumblr friend and not tag anyone specific because I know a lot of people have already done this one and I honestly can’t keep track of who all has done it. If you haven’t and *want* to do it, consider yourself tagged. *hugs* to all of you. 

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rules: answer the eleven questions given to you and then make up eleven more

Home cooking or take out?Hn, take-out always feels pretty special. Like an indulgence or an event, oddly enough.
Modern or classical dance?Classical dance is badass but I do prefer modern.
Kisses or holding hands?Honest? Holding hands, because it is a comfort and a delight and we don’t do it very often to be honest, and it leaves our mouths free to just chatter away happily at each other.Poof! You suddenly have a couple of days off with no responsibilities. What would you like to do?Currently? Horizon: Zero Dawn. That game is maddeningly addictive and I always feel guilty if I spend too long on it.
What is your #1 travel destination?Uh. Grand Canyon would be cool?
What did you want to be (professionally or otherwise) when you were 13?Veterinarian, possibly equine. I had a Texas A&M shirt and everything.
Any regrets?A few.
What is one thing you are looking forward to in the next month?I’m taking a trip north-east!! I’ll be in Jersey to see my best friend, NYC for another good friend’s bachelorette, and maybe Pennsylvania to see my uncle.
What is your favorite fic trope?UH. HM. I honestly have no idea.
How many hours of sleep do you average?TOO MANY.
Tell me a secret :3CATS ARE THE WORST.
(Let’s be real here: I fucking love cats. Cats are weird and hysterical and fucking fluffy and awesome. All I ever want is to pet them and trick them into forming a secret spy agency with me wherein we work to take over the world. But I am allergic to cats. I am not meant to touch them or breathe in the same room as them. And so I am not BURDENED BY THIS SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS, I must keep this fact a secret from myself, and instead convince myself that they are THE ACTUAL WORST BLEH CATS YOU AWFUL CREATURES. I have been so successful that sometimes I almost believe it.)

I am far too lazy today to come up with questions. Though if I did #1 would be Zombies or Unicorns? YOU CANNOT SAY ZOMBIE UNICORN.

Fun Fact about Yoosung's LOLOL

So, if you haven’t noticed Yoosung is a college student who is currently addicted to a game called LOLOL.
If you don’t know, LOLOL is a parody made by Cheritz. The original game is called League of Legends. This game is a PC online game that you can play depending on what region you are in.
League of Legends, also known as LOL is very popular in Korea because most skilled players that play in championships are Korean! (trust me they’re really good)
So its quite normal for Koreans to play it.
I encourage you guys to have a go at this game, its super fun to play!
COME ON! JOIN YOOSUNG AND CLIMB TOGETHER TILL YOU REACH THE TOP! (oh yes, people are really salty and toxic…and trash…just like our fandom..but with less salt..more sugar…yehh..)