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LISTEN…. i love everything about this dialog but the part that absolutely blew my mind was just… tony wondering if ultron can still be good…… listen to me…. this is something i miss so much in both the mcu and most comics nowadays…. my son… the guy who would hire ex-convicts without looking at their records at all… the guy who would wax lyrical about the value of second chances with minimal prompting… the guy who was manipulated by villains multiple times exactly because he was so intense about Believing That People Can Get Better… the guy who fell in love with villains multiple times…. the guy who refused to kill based on the premise that everyone deserves a chance to turn themselves around… the guy who looked at the system that fostered a crime instead of condemning the criminal…. the guy who hasn’t given up on you even after you gave up on yourself… listen……. LISTEN….. MY SON……..

P L U S that delicious contextual layer of ULTRON HAS HIS BRAINWAVES SO REALLY TONY’S WORRIES ALSO TIE BACK TO THE HOPES HE HAS FOR HIMSELF AND HIS SELF-IMAGE and anyway this event is 739283629x better than the actual movie it’s based on lmao

Petition for safer captions

I’m done. I am sick of seeing shit in the tags
This goes for Jacksepticeye and even more so Markiplier.

I have said this several times before but this time again I’m gonna explain why im passionate about this changing
First of all: You guys are ableist. Captions are meant for people with hearing problems and not for your witty little comments.
For example as i’ve seen recently: Septiplier comments, Selfpromotion, Unreadable anti zalgo text, ( seriously, its already hard to hear for some, you’re gonna make it hard to read too? )
Secondly: Septiplier. says enough i think.
Third: Most of you are not aware that captions are made by fans and not by creators or youtube

I have tried to change captions myself for a long time and some people know i’d take up the job, be it voluntarily or paid, to change captions on videos from Jack, Mark, or even Wade, Bob, and now that Robin uploads frequently, i’d do it for his videos too.
I know youtube doesn’t offer the option where i can change captions, into correct, understandable, not filled with bullshit captions, and also without having to spend hours changing it, only to find out its filled with exactly what i stated above within 5 minutes.

So please. @therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @lordminion I don’t know if there is any way for you guys to be able to help me out with this. I just want to make it better, + for the time i have been making captions i really enjoyed it, it relaxes me. it de-stresses me. Also its super educational.
I’m out of ideas other than bringing this to attention again. Reblogs are really much appreciated.

And if there’s an option to edit captions where only a few people can do it, and you trust they’d be able to do it correctly. I’d take the opportunity to help out in a heartbeat.

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Friendship between aizawa and present mic?

Aizawa + Present Mic:

  • Suffering. Suffering everywhere. On both sides. Shitty friends… but they actually really love each other.
  • Aizawa just wants some peace and quiet in his life but Mic knows that ain’t what he needs. 
  • Aizawa always having time to listen to whatever Mic is currently obsessed with. He knows the guy just needs to let it out and not many people have time for him. He’s got this. He’s gonna listen to Mic prattle on about freshwater otters for a good 8 hours.
  • Mic texts Aizawa when he’s out about any stuff he sees on sale that he thinks Aizawa would like. He even just outright buys stuff sometimes. 
  • Hero trauma bonding. Lord knows they’ve both seen some shit. 
  • Even for heroes they have a very good working relationship where they have a blind trust in each other. They even have a rule where if one of them says “trust me” they gotta just trust them, even if whatever they’re proposing sounds insane. 
  •  You know the thing about how introverts make friends? An extrovert found them, decided they liked them and kept them. This is that. Since day one that’s how it’s been. 
  • Aizawa subconsciously having soft spots for the kids that remind him of Mic.
  • Mic having an obvious soft spot for kids that remind him of Aizawa.
  • They both have very unique personalities and needs. They both understand the other, without words they can understand what the other is going through.

5-5-17 | 68/100 Days of Productivity

These are some notes that my English teacher made us write based off of The Odyssey! Homer is one intense poet :o

(Sorry for such a bad picture oml ;-;””)

Hope all of you guys have a wonderful day!

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|| summer blues ||

This week was suuuper fun ! Universal Studios was definitely the highlight of the week ( and possibly my summer ). You guys should definitely try frozen butterbeer at the Harry Potter World ! School is starting in a couple weeks, so I hope I can squeeze a little more fun out of summer before junior year kicks me in the ass ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚:✲ School for Thomas and I starts on August 14, what about you guys ?

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~ Dominique

5-18-17 | 74/100 Days of Productivity

some geometry notes i wrote down today!! i’m lowkey starting to slowly growing to like math … hooray?

i hope all of you guys have a wonderful day!!!

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I am currently listening to @voiceovernexus‘s newest episode of Let’s Read Homestuck and was reminded of a train of thought o had a few months ago. When Aranea is talking to Terezi and explaining doomed timelines, she says that reality has to “propagate it’s own existence,” and anything that deviates from the set path is a doomed timeline. 

My thought process stems from a couple things; the previously mentioned video, and the Computer Science In Homestuck video. In that video, our narrator says that Paradox Space has each universe create the next in a never ending loop, with no real beginning, kind of like the Water cycle.

This got me thinking: if each universe/session creates the next, what about those that don’t produce a universe? Those like, say, Dead sessions like Caliborn’s? In which a session is unable to produce a universe. If that happened, then the line would be broken, and a paradox would occur. The line would be broken because Calliope and Caliborn’s universe is Universe C. In what other instances do we see stuff being done out of order, or things happening that weren’t supposed to? Doomed timelines.

So, the only logical conclusion I could come up with is this: Our story, that we know and love so much, that has such a wide and loyal fanbase that we would fall on our swords if hussie told us to, is not the alpha timeline.

please, give me your feedback! Am i wrong? Did i miss something? let me know!

New Music Friday

I’m back home from my lovely vacation, so let’s talk about all of the good music that came out this week:

  • HAIM finally released their album Something To Tell You. I’ve been waiting for this album since they released that live video for Right Now. I’m currently listening to it now, but let me know what you guys think of it.
  • Captial Cities released their EP Swimming Pool Summer
  • Although I’m a week late Vérité released her album Somewhere In Between. I love her, so hopefully this album is good.
  • Sundara Karma updated their album Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect with three new songs. She said is still probably my favorite song on the album.
  • Dua Lipa released her video for her song New Rules from her self titled album. New Rules is honestly my favorite song from this album, so i’m beyond happy she made a video for it. It’s such a good video.

Some more things that came out this week are:

That’s it for this week! Let me know anything i might have missed and what your favorites were.

Thursday || 06-29-17 || Day 75/100

My birthday was this past Saturday but will be celebrating tomorrow. Everybody planned for getting tomorrow off and I did. Can’t wait to finally celebrate. Was trying out yearly spread spreads in a regular notebook since I’ve decided to bullet journal again. Hopefully this time I keep it up and show you guys some of my completed spreads. 

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4-22-17 | 60/100 Days of Productivity

22. How much noise do you like when you’re studying? Do you like to listen to music/white noise, or does it need to be silent?

The maximum volume I can handle when studying is probably the volume you hear at a Starbucks coffee shop, any louder than -> buh bye study session, hello (it’s me) social media :‘DD I love listening to music when I’m studying!! White noise, too! I usually put it on low volume so I can stay focused, kinda like blocking everything out and just being in your own lil world ^^“

Starting notes for the LAST chapter of apes!! And studying for the ap exam at the same time ;v;”“ This class, other than aphug, has taken over my life. Just gotta keep that chin up! Things will be alright :'DD

The pic on the right are my 2 dogs; was walking them and I just wanted to take a pic of my two lovelies~ the one on the left is Bean and the one on the right is Soy! Next time, maybe I’ll get a better pic and show you guys their faces :’))))))

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Set In Stone

Song: Set In Stone - Guy Sebastian 

Pairing: Misha x Reader 

Summary: It’s been five months since Misha and Reader last seen each other. With Misha being busy filming the new season for Supernatural and going to conventions and Reader being busy with writing her new book, timing was tough. After a stressful day of paperwork, reading and writing, Y/N wants nothing more than her boyfriend to come home. 

Warning: angst, little fluff 

Words: 1,717

A/N: I felt bad for not posting much, I’m going through a rough patch in life at the moment. So here’s a little something I wrote within thirty minutes, so I apologise if it’s crappy. I’m currently obsessed with this song and suggest you all listen to it. Guy is fucking amazing. 

Originally posted by timetraveldean

Misha’s POV

A sigh emitted from my mouth as I looked at the last text message Y/N had sent me. I wanted nothing more than to catch a flight home to where my girlfriend had waited for me for the past five months. I only needed to wait another three weeks before I could return home to her. 

Honeybee: Your infamous hug would be perfect right now. 

Me: Is everything okay, baby? 

Honeybee: Just stressed. Missing you. 

Me: Three more weeks. Missing you more. 

Honeybee: Seems too long. Missing you most.  

It was true. Three more weeks would equal to six months since I last seen her. I was growing tired of drinking expensive red wine in a hotel bed that remained half empty. It begun to get lonely with each passing night, wanting nothing more than to give into the temptation to head back home. 

Before I could respond to Y/N, Jensen popped his head into the room with a smile on his face. His excitement was showing. 

“It’s your time, Dmitri,” he called before disappearing back into the hall. 

We were at a convention in Washington DC and Jensen and Jared had just finished their panel. It was now time for my solo and I wasn’t the slightest bit ready. Sighing again, I stood from my position on the couch and put my phone in my pocket. 

The walk to the side of the stage was quiet, ignoring passing people who gave concerning looks. I wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone but Y/N. But these were my fans, and they paid a lot of money to be here, so I wasn’t going to waste their time. 

Before I knew it, it was my cue to go on stage. With a big smile plastered on my face, I walked out and waved to the crowd, holding the mic tightly in my hand. Screams came back in return as I took my seat and looked out to the crowd. 

“Hello Washington,” I called out, earning a shout from the crowd of mixed hey’s, hello’s and hi’s. 

The panel went by slow with people asking interesting questions and random shouts when it went quiet. There had been a question that sparked a riot from the fans; “if Castiel were to have a love interest, who would play that person?” Many people shouted Dean in reply, causing me to laugh. 

“My girlfriend,” I replied, earning an awe from the crowd. 

“But she isn’t an actress,” the fan who asked replied. 

“She’s already in love with me, there’s not much acting to do,” I raised an eyebrow and smirked. 

She sat down after that and I sat down as another fan came to the front to ask a question. My gaze stayed glued to the fan who stood in front of the mic, as she shyly moved her hair out of her face. My breath was nearly caught in my throat when I took in her appearance. She was wearing boots and a cowboy hat. 

“Hi, I’m Sharnni,” she spoke softly. 

“Aloha cowgirl,” I winked in her direction causing her to laugh. 

Sharnni looked exactly like the woman who awaited for my presence back at home. She had the same coloured hair at the same length as my lover, almost like my lover. Sharnni’s Y/E/C eyes sparkled in the same way Y/N’s would, almost like hers would. Her laugh, man, it was almost like my lovers.

“I have two small questions, if that’s okay,” she asked quietly, earning a nod from me, “first one, how come we haven’t seen any new photos of you and Y/N? You’re my OTP and I’ve been missing seeing you both together.” 

She rambled almost like Y/N, too. The one thing that stood out the most is ‘almost’ isn’t even close to her. There’s nothing like Y/N. 

“I haven’t been able to see her in almost six months due to filming and conventions and attending rally’s in a failed attempt to save America,” I replied with a sad smile, “But I’ll be home in three weeks and I can’t wait.” 

All I wanted to do was call Y/N and tell her how much I loved her. I wanted to remind her that her love was engraved on my heart, and it’ll only ever be hers. I wanted to make sure that she knew that distance was just numbers and nothing was going to break us apart.  

“Second question,” she paused, taking in a deep breath, “are you planning to marry her? If not, I’ll gladly swipe her off her feet.”

Her comment earned laughs from the crowd and myself. Would I marry Y/N? There’s no hesitation in saying yes to that. If I had to choose between her and somebody else, it was most definitely always be her. I couldn’t dream of spending my life with anyone else. 

“Am I going to have to fight you to back off?” I stood up, holding my fists up as she busted out laughing, holding her own up, making me chuckle before I sat back down, and the sadness begun to wash over me. “The thought of marrying Y/N makes me happy. We’ve been together for three years now and hopefully many more to come. I would love to marry her. It’s entirely up to her if she wants to marry me back.” 

The thought of Y/N made me sad. I wanted the next three weeks to pass by quickly. Instead, I’m stuck at a convention being asked about the woman I missed dearly and it only made me miss her more. 

A sigh left my lips as I looked down, attempting to hold back the tears. The crowd cheered loudly as I felt two pair of arms wrap around me. Genevieve lent to the side with her arms wrapped around my shoulders, her face in front of mine. 

“Go home, Misha,” she whispered, “I was just on the phone to her and she was crying.” 

My head snapped up as worry flashed over my face. She was crying? Why was she crying? What happened to her?

“She just misses you, Misha,” she smiled softly, “nothing to worry about.” 

Jared removed the microphone from my hand and spoke to the crowd as Gen tried to convince me to go home. She was handed a seat and sat beside me as Jensen, Rob and Rich joined Jared to entertain the fans. Gen had told me that the stress was eating Y/N alive and being away from me for such a long time made her think that she wasn’t enough. 

As much as it made me want to cry, I had to hold it together as we were still on stage. I’m going to finish this convention before doing anything. I thanked her quietly as I gave her a quick hug, kissing her head gently before walking over to Jared and stealing my mic back. 

“You fuckers already had your turn,” I put on a smile, pointing towards the side of the stage, “get off my stage.” 


You let out a shuddering breath as you wiped your tears away after your phone call with Genevieve. Danneel had rocked up not even fifteen minutes later and it was obvious that Gen had called her to tell her what was wrong. But you didn’t mind, you needed the company. 

You didn’t know whether it was your period making you feel like this or it was the simple fact that you were a woman who was so deeply in love and craved her boyfriend’s affection. In three more months, it would reach six months. Six long, exhausting months since you last seen Misha. Six months full of pain. 

Danneel was currently cuddling with you on the couch with large bowls of ice cream whilst watching reruns of Friends. By the second season, you were lying between her legs and rested your head on her chest as she rubbed your back. You were sleepy and allowed sleep to consume with the sound of Matt LeBlanc’s voice in the background. 

It had been 2 hours since you fell asleep and you felt shifting beneath you. 

“Sorry, babe,” Danneel spoke softly, “can you sit up for a second? I need to grab my phone.” 

You nodded sleepily as you sat up, eyes still closed as you waited for her to come back. After a while, she sat back down and you laid back, frowning at the flat surface. 

“What happened to your boobs?” You whined sleepily.  

“Left them back in Washington, sorry,” a male voice replied, making your eyes snap open as you sat up. You looked around and seen Danneel’s bag missing and turned to face the man. Your heart nearly stopped as you took in the sight of the love of your life. 

“What are you doing home?” You leaped forward and wrapped your arms around him, holding him tightly against you. 

“Life got in the way of us, and so I had to walk right off that stage and come home,” he whispered, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling you as close as he could to his body. You turned your head to face his, eyes locking. There were tears welling in his eyes as some ran down your cheeks.

He was home. Misha was home. The love of your life was home. 

Your hand went to the back of his neck as you filled in the gap and placed your lips onto his. Six months worth of missing him went into this one kiss. Six months worth of being lonely without you by Misha’s side went into every touch. Hands wandered one another’s body, taking in the moment that made tears stream down the both of your faces. 

“I missed you,” he mumbled against your lips. 

“I missed you more,” you smiled against his, kissing him more to shut him up. 

The empty feeling that had made a home in your heart soon disappeared as his love took over. You both didn’t sleep that night; too consumed in wanting to know what the other did, how the other was doing, the new stories the other had to tell. 

No matter where he was or where he’s going, you were both set in stone. Unshakeable and unbreakable. 

Companions React To SoSu Attempting Suicide

Another request from @pai-likes-pie

First things first, if you really are thinking about this, talk to someone. Someone you call your friend, your family, anyone that cares truly about you. Believe me someone out there really does and if you just want to talk to someone who doesn’t know you in real life then do that. I’m willing to listen. I love all of you guys, my current followers, future followers, past followers, all of you. This blog isn’t possible without you guys.

Now off to the reacts!



Cait - She walked into the room where she had seen SoSu walked in, not really registering what was happening until she saw the bright gleam of the gun in SoSu’s hand. In a moment of pure adrenaline, Cait lunged towards SoSu, knocking the weapon out of their hands.

“The hell do ya think you’re doing!?” She gripped onto SoSu’s shoulders, digging her nails into their skin. “Are you daft or something? What gave you the idea to do that to everyone who cares about you!” They were both crying, looking straight into the other’s eyes. SoSu pulled Cait into a tight hug, mumbling against her chest that they were sorry. Petting SoSu’s head, Cait allowed them to cry. It was the least she could do.

Curie - SoSu cried into her chest as they sobbed, their body collapsing to the ground, rocking back and forth. The chems laid abandoned on the ground. Curie petted her friend’s head, saying sweet things in their ear.

“It’s going to be okay, I’m here now. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m not going to let anything hurt you anymore.” Though they seemed like words, to the both of them it was a vow, unspoken and pure.

Piper - “Blue, want to go to the Dugout Inn?” She walks into SoSu’s house only to have her stomach twist in a sick not. “Blue!” Piper runs up to their friend, grabbing the knife away from them and holding the wound they had created from their weapon. “What were you thinking?” Her voice was soft, but slightly harsh as she slightly flinched just how deep the wound was.

SoSu was quiet, watching as she treated the cut they had created. “I’m tired, tired of having to solve everything, of holding everything. People expect so much for me and I can’t even cope with how much everything has changed around me.” They bite their lip, looking down at their lap. “I just want everything to go back to the way they were before.” Piper hugged her friend, whispering comforting words as they cried into her shoulder.

Magnolia - Magnolia hushed her lover that cried into her chest, petting their hair as a sign of comfort. She had just walked on SoSu about to put the noose around their neck. Luckily she had been able to talk them down and listened as they confessed that the world was bearing down on them.

“I’m here, love.” She confessed rubbing their back. “I’m not going anywhere.” As the night went on, Magnolia hummed a soft song and the SoSu fell asleep, feeling a little better now that they had said their troubles and cried for a good while.

Haylen - She had barely caught SoSu, wrapping her arms around their waist and pulling them back onto the Prydwen before they could take a step away from the edge. Haylen’s entire body was shaking as she held SoSu tightly, burying her head in their back.

“I’m not going to let you go. You have so much to live for, so many people who care for you.” 

Her hold tightens, only to relax when she feels SoSu’s hands wrapping around her arms, repeatedly saying. “I’m sorry,” and “Thank you.”


MacCready - “Boss, what’s taking so long, we were suppose to head towards that settlement a few minutes ago.” He walked into SoSu’s room and felt his blood turn cold as he saw the noose swaying back and forth from the ceiling. Just then, SoSu comes out, tensing up as they notice MacCready looking at them. “Boss,” His voice sounded betrayed.

SoSu went to open their mouth, but instead found themselves in MacCready’s embrace. His arms held them tightly and before they knew it everything they had bottled in spilled out. MacCready hushed them, rubbing their back, and holding them tightly against his body. “I’m here for you, SoSu. I’m here.”

Danse - Danse approached SoSu who was standing on the railing, looking down towards the ground below the Prydwen. “Soldier, please, come away from the edge. We can talk about this.” He studied their figure, their shoulders slightly slouched forwards, knees shaking. “Please, SoSu, take me hand. You’re not alone in this, so please, step away from the railing and talk to me.”

SoSu looks over their shoulder, gazing upon his outstretch hand with uncertainty. It felt like an enternity, but eventually they stepped down the railing and took Danse’s hands, tears rolling down their cheeks that was quickly wiped away by Danse as he pulled them into a tight hug. “I’m here, soldier, everything is going to be okay.”

Hancock - “Hey, trouble, wanna take a chem-” Hancock immediately cut himself off as he saw SoSu holding a handful of pills. Before they could take the pills though, he jumped them the pills flying in the air. Holding them tightly, they screamed into the air, sobbing as the pills hit the ground.

“Why won’t you let me die?! I want to die!”

He continued holding them, their shouting slowly turning into sobs that wracked their entire body. Hancock couldn’t allow his best friend to die, not when so many people cared about them.

Nick - Nick had just barely caught SoSu with a gun pointed at their head, just before they pulled the tigger, he snatched the gun out of their hands, throwing it to the ground and wrapping them up in his arms. In his embrace, they broke down, they’re body shaking violently.

“I’m so sorry, kid. I should have notice, but you’re not alone.” He slowly starts walking them back and forth. “I’m here, I’ve got ya.”

Codsworth - “Oh, Sir/Mum, your dear spouse wouldn’t want you to do this. You have so much to live for.” SoSu gives a side glance to their robotic butler, the trigger to the bomb in their hands. Their salvation just a push away. “Please, don’t you think your dear Nate/Nora would want you to do this.”

SoSu looked back towards the trigger, their eyes showing all the pain they had been withholding. “No,” Their voice is weak, but they gave it to Codsworth, pulling their knees to their chest as they cried into them.

X6-88 - SoSu knew it was useless to fight against him so they handed him the noose, his eyes burning into them. What they didn’t expect was for him to kneel down to their height and pull them into a hug, rubbing their back gently.

“If you need to talk, I’m always here.” His words brought tears to their eyes as they wrapped their own arms around his body and buried their face in his chest.

Dogmeat - Dogmeat dashed towards SoSu, knocking the knife out of their hand that hovered over their arm. Whimpering a bit, he nudged his head under their arm, kissing their face and he placed his body on top of them. 

They wrapped their arms around their neck and cried into his furry neck for the rest of the night, grateful that he had stopped them from making a permanent decision.

Preston - SoSu handed Preston the gun, a sigh of relief leaving the man’s lips. “I understand, General, but just remember it’s not now, but what happens later that makes us.” He wraps and arm around their shoulder, pulling them into a side hug. “We can do this, General. We’ll get through this together.”

As SoSu quietly sobs into his chest, Preston rubbed their back, hugging them tightly. Looking up at the Commonwealth’s stars he vowed that he would get both of them through it somehow, it was too soon for either of them to leave.

Deacon - Deacon’s eye’s widen as he opened the door and saw SoSu holding a pile of piles, their head tilted back, eyes closed, face almost peaceful. Moving as fast as he could, he knocks the pills out of their hands, gripping their shoulders roughly. “Idiot! What are you doing?” SoSu looks at him with wide eyes, never seeing him this angry before. “If you had something on your chest you could have told me.” His grip loosens and arms slid around SoSu’s body, holding them tightly. “You can talk to me, bud. You don’t have to do this alone.”

Maxson - The moment he walked into SoSu’s quarters, he knew something was up when they were nowhere to be seen. That’s when he saw the note on their bed. Once he read it, he bolted out of the room fast. He barely made it in time as he saw SoSu holding a knife, straight at their neck. Grabbing their wrist, he retrieved the knife and threw it behind him.

SoSu fought against him for awhile until they finally gave up, crying into his chest, clinging to him tightly. “It’s going to be okay. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but we’re going to get through this. I’ll make sure of that.” He places a chaste kiss on the top of their head. “I promise.”

I left Strong out on purpose cause I have no idea how he would react.

Edit: Sorry about leaving Preston out! The precious cinnamon bun is now with us. Thanks Anon for pointing that out to me you’re the bomb! Some to the rest of you guys! You guys are the best.


3-16-17 | 37/100 Days of Productivity

aHHHHHHH! apes test is tomorrow and a new chapter calls me again … for new notes ;;-;; i’m currently writing down the major things from the current chapter on my left pages to help me study

once again, bless mother nature for creating such beauty ^^ hope you guys have a lovely day !

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Yoko Konno

So, I was scrolling through the Zankyou No Terror OST’s on youtube and I realized something. 

Whenever asked what he was listening to, Nine said, “Music from a cold land,” which was later revealed to be Iceland. I glanced at what I was currently listening to off the OST’s, which was this track, which is in Icelandic. 

Guys, this is it. This is what Nine was always listening to and damn is it beautiful

Soooo! I have been tagged by @english-fitz, @ifwehadamonkey and @jemmablossom to list the top 10 songs I’m currently listening to on repeat! Thank you so so much guys! :D

Since I’m my “let’s put on the music channel on my tv while working” mood, I’m gonna write the 10 songs I’m hearing the most… since I don’t have a choice :P 

  1. Jennifer Lopez ft. Gente De Zona - “Ni Tú Ni Yo”
  2. Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean - “Feels“
  3. Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - “Symphony“
  4. Morat ft. Alvaro Soler - “Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo”
  5. Takagi & Kedra ft. Arisa & Lorenzo Fragola - “L’esercito del selfie”
  6. Imagine Dragons - “Thunder”
  7. J-AZ & Fedez - “Senza pagare”
  8. Baby K ft. Andrés Dvicio  - “Voglio ballare con te”
  9. The Chainsmokers ft. Coldplay - “Something Just Like This”

And the new entry of today!

10. Ed Sheeran - “Bibia Be Ye Ye”

((a sequel to the android!eren drabble))

Levi wakes up with the scent of freshly brewed coffee tickling his nose.

For a few moments he thinks he might’ve died overnight and gone to heaven. The sheets are soft and warm against his skin as he burrows deeper into their embrace, his gaze drawn to the glowing red numbers on his alarm. It’s ten minutes to six, ten minutes before the damn thing will start ringing  He can’t remember the last time he’d woken up before his alarm, but that’s not the only strange thing here.

He can hear someone in his kitchen, opening cupboards and clinking utensils together, and when he sees the faint light shining from the doorway, he’s awake in an instant. It only takes a second or two to grab his phone from the nightstand, and just as he’s about to dial 911, he remembers Eren.

It’s just Eren, he realizes, tossing the phone aside with a yawn. Still, he could’ve sworn he hadn’t specifically assigned Eren to make breakfast. Unless their discussion in the car had counted as assigning Eren to it, though Levi has his doubts.

All these questions escape his head as he steps into the kitchen, because somehow, inexplicably, Eren’s standing there by the stove wearing a fucking apron.

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