It’s Hemingway’s birthday (b. 21 July 1899), and I happen to be reading a 1932 copy of A Farewell to Arms. This book is quickly becoming a favorite… not so much for the writing itself (it’s pretty good but not great) but for the history of this particular edition. I posted earlier about the old wedding announcement I found between the pages, but I didn’t mention that this book evidently became part of the library of St. Ignatius Residence in Portland, Maine. (No one checked this book out?) And somehow it made it from Maine to California, where I bought it several years ago. So even though it has been owned and given away multiple times, I may be the first person to actually read it. :)

the pros of changing my icon: finally more people no longer assume im a girl or emma roberts runs this blog

the cons: receiving messages from anonymous twinks saying dumb shit like my icon is ugly and i should change my icon back (fyi idc what you think)

so i rewatched “past tense” tonight and for some reason it really chilled me this time around, it’s just way too timely

- the unsympathetic bureaucracy that both dictates the lives of the poor and judges them for their poverty

- the employees of that bureaucracy who may not wholeheartedly agree with its approach but have no choice but to be complicit (a job’s a job)

- the repeated references to the significance of having identification, and the ramifications of not being able to provide identification when prompted by police

- the normalization of extremely subpar living conditions for the poor, and the liberal-minded rich half-heartedly objecting without actually working to change those conditions

- rich characters talking about protests as abstract philosophical concepts at best, inconveniences at worst

- technological advancement as a barrier between the classes rather than a bridge, with tech allowing wealthy people to live in comfort but being wielded as a weapon of the above-mentioned unsympathetic bureaucracy against the poor

- the many scenes, some moderately graphic, of healthcare being denied to the poor

i mean…”causing people to suffer because you’ve forgotten how to care” pretty much sums it up

I haven’t actually played the game anymore after getting Robert’s bad end. I’ve tried, but I’ve been too busy talking to friends to really play, haha. I’ll get his route eventually.

And also, we got confirmation from the writer of Joseph that the ending everyone’s experiencing is indeed, NOT his good end. The good end involves another dad, at this point unknown but people are placing money on it being Robert due to his friendship with Mary.

So yeah!! Keep playing guys! We can save Joseph yet!!