I told my dad that I needed money because I spent all of my summer money and I need to pay for gas to go to work for the next month and he jokingly said “go ask your mother” because she’s known for not giving people money and then she was like “don’t worry dear, I’ll buy your love” and gave me $30 lol that was great

“Philippines charges owners of sunken ferry with murder”

Based on the original article published by Al Jazeera on 4 July 2015 

Kim Nirvana
     I invited to you to sea
     You set off from your village port
     only to show me your wooden hull
     capsized moments after stepping through my door

Kim Nirvana
     I invited you to sea
     We’re old friends, no need for house-warming gifts
     but I reluctantly accept
     Twenty-five hundred kilos of fertilizer
     Twenty-five hundred kilos of rice
     Twenty-five hundred kilos of cement

Kim Nirvana
     I invited you to sea
     You gave me bloated bodies
     fifty-nine of them at least
     The winds were calm and waves were tame today
     Yet I never got to show you my hospitality 

Kim Nirvana
     I invited you to sea
     only to see you sink 
     under the weight of cargo and murder
     It’s like you spilled cranberry juice over my living room carpet
     I must ask you to kindly leave 

(Come back another day
     with your hands clean)
TEACHING MY MOM SLANG TERMS OF 2015!?New Video Posted at TwoCentsWorth

In this video I teach my lovely mom slang terms of 2015:/ !!!! I hope you guys enjoyed!! Make sure to give her a thumbs up if you want her to be in another video!

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26 Quotes To Energize Your Thoughts

26 Quotes To Energize Your Thoughts

Let’s be frank (or whatever your name is lol), whatever you think about you bring about. What do you have on your mind? It is you who have to reinforce the right things in your life. As we are approaching the second half of the year I hope to Energize Your Thoughts with these 26 inspirational quotes. I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse. –Florence Nightingale…

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Gay Student Outed By Principal To Parents Before Being Banned From Delivering Speech

Gay Student Outed By Principal To Parents Before Being Banned From Delivering Speech


Yours truly is absolutely DISGUSTED.

In a completely despicable move,  Colorado Twin Peaks Charter Academy high school principal BJ Buchmann has come under fire for outting gay student, 18 year old Evan Young, to his parents during his graduation. 

Evan was scheduled to deliver his classes’ valedictorian speech during the ceremony, but Buchmann had learned that Evan had planned to come…

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Lori LoughlinNew Video Posted at TwoCentsWorth

Trending Summary – Lori Loughlin The Tanner family sure knows how to make a woman feel special! The fictional “Full House” family, including John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), gave Lori Louglin (Aunt Becky) 51 roses for her 51st birthday while on set of the upcoming “Fuller House” reboot. And just a side note: How is she […]

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“Pope Francis’ Visit to Latin America Will Test His Ability to Keep Catholics in the Fold”

Based on the original article by William Neuman, published by the New York Times on 4 July 2015 

Just when faith is beginning to erode
as secular minds outgrow the Church
     marred by its own confessions
     hurt by revelations of abuse
          that shame even nail-stricken palms 
Comes his popehood
expecting pews of marginalized
     godless and god-searching souls
reaching for the Pope within reach
     for the first time (even if hands still
          cannot inch toward the next day’s meat) 
Hoping to grasp again
faith in the words spoken
     through tainted glass sunlight 
          on hungry Sundays
held in fascination at the new Pope’s promise 
pumping young blood with action
     to reclaim their Holy