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Batkid Saves San Francisco

A boy’s wish to be Batman inspired thousands of volunteers to help turn the streets of San Francisco into Gotham City today.

Five-year-old Miles, aka Batkid, has been fighting Leukemia since he was a baby. The Make-a-Wish Foundation helped organize an entire day catered to the caped crusader. Miles, whose cancer is in remission, rode in a Batmobile, rescued a damsel in distress and helped police capture the Riddler and the Penguin. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee even gave Miles a key to the city.

To see more of Miles’s day of crime-fighting adventure, follow @abc7newsbayarea on Instagram or check out the #sfbatkid hashtag

“I’ve been abducted” whispered an Ohio woman to a 911 operator on 13 September, 2016. The woman, who has not been identified, explained to the operator that she had been abducted by a man who was armed with a stun gun. She said that she had been tied up and managed to free herself as her abductor slept beside her. The police were led to an abandoned home in Ashland, Ohio, where they rescued the woman and arrested 40-year-old Shawn M. Grate. After searching the home, authorities discovered the remains of two deceased women. One body was identified as 43-year-old Stacey Stanly, who had disappeared from a local gas station weeks prior. Grate then led authorities to a burnt out house in Richland County, where they discovered the remains of a third woman. Clearly dealing with a serial killer, it seems evident what fate the abducted woman would have met had she not manged to free herself and alert authorities. You can listen to that 911 call here.
Columbine Shooter's Mother: I Carry Him 'Everywhere I Go, Always'
Sue Klebold says she wishes she'd asked her son Dylan "the kinds of questions that would've encouraged him to open up." Published 17 years after the massacre, her new memoir is A Mother's Reckoning.

From NPR: 

In her new memoir, A Mother’s Reckoning, Sue describes the guilt, despair, shame and confusion that have plagued her in the 17 years since the Columbine massacre. She hopes that her book will honor the memories of the people her son killed, and perhaps help other parents whose children may be struggling with mental health issues. (All of the author revenues from the book, minus expenses, will be donated to research and charitable foundations focusing on mental health issues).

Anyone interested in reading this memoir for Term 2? You can also read or listen to this news report and use as a current event for extra credit. 


Cherry Blossoms Bloom Around the World

To see more cherry blossoms in bloom visit San Francisco’s Japantown, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Kyoto’s Maruyama Park (円山公園) and Tokyo’s Chidorigafuchi (千鳥ヶ淵).

Cherry blossoms are tiny pink and white flowers that bloom en masse and grow from the branches of the Japanese Cherry tree. As many cities around the world celebrate with festivals, picnics under the sakura and flower-viewing parties, Instagrammers around the world are capturing beautiful photographs of the short-lived blossoms.

Getting There! - Sewol Disaster

We're almost there to the victims who are currently in darkness right now. KBS has tweeted that: at 10:05AM (Korea time) they have successfully entered the ship and 10:50AM (Korea time) they have successfully injected the air to the air pockets. 

They are currently checking for survivors. 

Read the tweet here

It has been released that this information was false and divers did not enter the ship and were looking for survivors. They were only briefly in the ship to follow through their air injection to the air pockets plan. 

Read the article here

Keep your fingers crossed and please don’t forget your prayers! 


If you would like more translated articles with regards to the Sewol Disaster, please click here
Current stats on death, missing, and rescued are here
Have an article you’d like to be translated? Submit it here

Please excuse my terrible English, it is not my first language. 

❝Many feel as if it’s impossible for Kanye to operate in the One Percent while speaking for the 99%. Those people are basic, and missing the point. It’s spectacularly natural to participate and relish in a process, especially a capitalistic one, while also realizing that it’s terrible. And who better to realize the machine is inherently flawed and should be destroyed than somebody who’s a prominent cog in it? Subsequently, it’s much easier for that cog to destroy the machine from the inside.

Kanye West might legitimately be the voice of our generation, and I think in the past couple of years he’s started to understand what that’s supposed to mean. America is at a weird point socially, where a lot of dominoes are being set into place, and what happens the next couple of years may very well determine the course of the next ten. Occupy was a push in the right direction, but we can’t let its momentum wear out and become complacent with a society characterized by so much inequality. Kanye understands this. We got a black president, but that didn’t cure racism, and it didn’t stop Kanye from getting unfairly shamed when he spoke out against Taylor Swift, a white woman, unjustly receiving an award over Beyoncé, a black woman. It was a trivial act on the part of Yeezy, yes, but the racist attitudes and words that his actions evoked damn sure weren’t. Kanye West is having a child, and he wants to make that world better before he brings his child into it. Is that egotistical? Of course. Does it make him an asshole? Maybe. But this isn’t about whether or not you’d get a beer with Kanye. It’s about him being an icon with a message that’s greater than himself and a platform from which to spread it. He’s the flawed, egomaniacal revolutionary that our culture deserves, and he’s here to save us from ourselves.

Drew Millard, The Revolutionary Politics of Kanye West


Long Island City Says Goodbye to 5 Pointz

To view more photos and videos of 5 Pointz both before and after the whitewashing, be sure to visit the 5 Pointz location page.

For over 20 years, the 5 Pointz building in Long Island City, Queens, has been a hub for street artists from around the world to showcase their work. Many Instagrammers in New York have visited 5 Pointz to document the dynamic, vibrant graffiti on its exterior.

The building is privately owned by Long Island developer Jerry Wolkoff who has plans to raze 5 Pointz at the end of this year. Early Tuesday morning, the structure’s artwork was quietly painted over with white paint. In the wake of this news, locals and visitors alike are documenting the changes that herald the building’s final days.

[UPDATE] Sewol Disaster - Full Day Summary

This is the full summary on all updates that has been happening with regards to the Sewol Accident. 

1. Withdrawal of Divers after Mere 14 Minutes… 3rd Floor Entry Try

There has been a hull (I’m sorry I don’t know English) placed near the 3rd floor to allow access to the ship, this has been a success. The divers, who went in to attempt to save the 87 who reportedly were on 3rd floor - did not succeed. 

2. Air Injection 

After 3 days of no success, the air injection has finally gone through. The divers have added a diameter of 19mm hose through the 5th floor and even til now, air is being injected. 

3. Air Pockets… How Much can we Rely on Them? 

Air that is trapped inside the hull are called “air pockets”. Thise allows the victims to live for a considerable amount of time. However, as time progresses, these air pockets can slip, slowly losing air. Now, it’s a mere fight with time. 

4. Dangerous Situation for Divers

Almost 600 divers has been put into this accident, however, only 40 divers are actually attempting to search. The air supply line, however, is at a dangerous state as it may get tangled, ultimately killing the divers, so discussion to move are under plan.

5. Floating Cranes - Four Arrived 

4 cranes have arrived on the accident scene. If these cranes can somehow pull the ferry up even just a little bit, it could be of tremendous help to the divers. 

6. Emergency Escape Equipment… if even one had worked

On the two sides of the boat, there were enough emergency escape equipment to save 1000+ people, more than the number of those who were on the ship. However, it has been reported that none of these top-notch equipment were properly working, so none could play its role properly. 

7. Reason for having such a hard time rescuing?

The middle of the ferry did not have any windows, therefore the crisis near the area for the students has been larger. 

Read the article here

Please continue to pray for the victims, families, friends, and all of South Korea as we go through this difficult time. 


If you would like more translated articles with regards to the Sewol Disaster, please click here
Current stats on death, missing, and rescued are here
Have an article you’d like to be translated? Submit it here

Please excuse my terrible English, it is not my first language. 

The Giant Panda, also called the Panda Bear, was thought for a long time not to be a bear at all. Rather, it was thought by scientists that the panda was more closely-related to the raccoon family than bears. It has since been discovered that the panda is a true bear, part of the family Ursidae.

As of Monday, September 5th, the Giant Panda is no longer on the Endangered Species List, and is now considered “Vulnerable.”

Congratulations, Giant Pandas, on the rebounding population! Hopefully many other species can follow in their paw prints.

Can I start a petition on tumblr that demands that whoever posts a “fact” or “update” or piece of “news” has to add a link at the end of the post to a reliable news source/video/photo that backs up whatever is being stated in the post? Obviously you can’t find a link to some hilarious thing your dad said, but at least try to prove you have reliable sources for news, events, and people.

confession: I’ve recently found out two bits of information that has left me feeling… well, I honestly don’t know how I feel. The first bit was from cousin of ours. She decided to pay the money to find out our ancestry and it turns out that our family, on my maternal grandparent’s side, is from Ghana and the Cote d’Ivoire. While I’m excited to know this, I don’t know what to do with this information. The second bit I just found out today. My mom was talking to some family of mine from Cleveland (I don’t know them very well) and apparently I’m related to Tamir Rice. This information hit me harder than I expected. When I first found out about Tamir’s murder, I was angry. Now that I know he was a cousin of mine, I just want to cry. I’m so full of emotions now that I don’t know what to do.


80th Anniversary of the Drive-in Movie Theater

On this day in 1933, the very first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey, USA. The phenomenon quickly caught on with drive-ins numbering nearly 5,000 at its peak popularity peak popularity. Now, eighty years later, only a few hundred of these relics currently operate in the United States.

Many of these remaining theaters are celebrating the 80th anniversary with special showings. Will you be going to a drive-in tonight? Share your experience with the #drivein and #driveinmovie hashtags!