I mean. I am against ABSOLUTELY everything Trumpkin is and represents. But I have sympathy for Melania. If I completely separate her from the entire situation, I would probably like her. She really is beautiful, and honestly she was just a person who wanted to come to a better country to get a sugar daddy, she didn’t ask for any of this. She just wanted to sleep with a gross old man, have a baby and get his money. And now she and her son (whom I’m REALLY going to assume the best of since he’s so young, seems to spend a lot of time with her, and hasn’t done anything… yet. I hope.) are stuck in the clutches of a megalomaniac with all this shit, who we know only married her because he objectified her amongst other ways he surely disrespects her. You can’t even blame her with, “She stayed after he said awful things, she’s racist and against women like he is.” Like her spouse is crazy and has obvious ties to Russia. She is being smart. Stay in line. Do what he says. She is Sansa to Trump’s Joffrey. She just wanted a comfortable lifestyle. She just wanted a sugar daddy. Free her.

reasons why people protested obama’s inauguration:

  • they were upset their candidate didn’t win + racism

reasons why people WORLDWIDE are protesting drumpf’s inauguration:

  • they are people of color living in a nation of a trigger-happy police force
  • they are lgbt+ now officially living under an administration who thinks they should be tortured 
  • they are chronically ill or have disabilities and are going to lose their health insurance
  • they are going to lose access to safe abortions and other women’s health resources
  • they are working to help heal this planet from the centuries of ecological damage we have done
  • they are not okay with a candidate who was supported by the KKK
  • they are citizens of a foreign nation with relations with the US who are appalled by what has happened
  • because a candidate who was the most qualified in history won the vote by more than 3 millions votes but still lost the election

these marches are a WORLDWIDE occurrence, this is not a single political party throwing a tantrum because they didn’t win. this is the entire world standing together in one voice saying that we are not going to condone any infringement on our rights and that the world deserves better leaders.  

I will never, ever condone real-life violence.

Neither should anybody else.

And even if you’re so empathetically challenged as to not care about people being attacked because they disagree with you, it still should come as a bad idea to you because other people on both sides of any issue aren’t so empathetically retarded, and they’re going to look down on you, and the ones that were previously on your side are going to hop the fence just to avoid association with you. In a democratic society, you’re hurting yourselves when you hurt other people.

The women’s march, the world over, has already made a difference, and I will tell you why.

I was at Obama’s inauguration in 2008. It was freezing cold out, and I couldn’t see for shit; just packed into a crowd with half a million of my closest friends, unable to even lift my arms. And everyone was so happy. So hopeful. So ready.

I saw some of that today. Instead of gleeful cheers we had righteous yells, and sassy signs, and angry hearts. But there was hope in peoples’ eyes. And I haven’t felt hopeful for even a second since cheeto voldemort won the election, but today I got my hope back. Today we lifted each other’s spirits and reminded the world that we are strong and we can still fight. And I don’t know about y'all but that is something I desperately needed to see. A rebellion built on hope.

i feel kinda bad bc i’m not at any protest today, even though there is one going on in my city?  i just, idk, i had to meet with colleagues to work all morning and so i had to miss most of it, and it’s probably still going on later than scheduled but idk.  and it didn’t seem like it would like do anything, this small local protest, like who are they talking to?  and it’s all super disorganized, like just “wear colors and carry signs to protest whatever your issues are.”  so i decided not to go.  (This is not to disparage the movement or any of the people who are participating in it at all–i’m just talking about my local one, and even that I don’t want to say i think it’s bad or ineffective.  just i personally don’t like how unfocused it is.)  but seeing everybody else’s posts and pictures, i feel kind of guilty, like this is a big historic event that I could be a part of but i was too lazy or whatever.  oh well the decision is made and i need to own it and recognize that i can’t do everything in life.  and also that resistance to Trump’s vision of America is not a one-day event.  I am involved in it and I will continue to be, and whether or not I protest today doesn’t determine that. 

Also, since I’ve seen a “funny” gif going around of dick trumpet’s youngest son, Barron displaying some definite lack of understanding of social cues, I just wanna remind everyone that while I will never defend the racist orange, his son’s actions in that gif are showing some very clear signs of being neurodivergent and mocking a 10 year old neurodivergent kid for being neurodivergent is shitty, no matter who they’re related to by birth. 

So yeah, by all means please keep calling out the oompa loompa’s shit and making a mockery of everything he stands for, but don’t lower yourself by being a dick to an innocent (afaik) probably disabled 10 year old as proxy rage.

So fucking terrified over the future

I know. I’m sorry making a political post, but I honestly have to let this out to ease my heart.
Some people may call me overreacting, but whatever.

The 4 years of Trump has started over in the US and like most people in the world, I am terrified for the future, even though I’m living all the way in the Netherlands. “But why are you terrified, if you don’t even live in the US, Chrompy?” Well, besides America being one of the most powerful countries, now being run by a complete selfish idiot, the truth is that, sadly, there is more “Trumps” in the world.

But over here in the tiny flat country of freedom, we have a different name for our “Trump”. We have Wilders.

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