Hey love your blog!! Could you please do a Kai imagine with him being all sweet and cute while trying to apologise to you (like he did to bonbon) you can choose why. And he gets all nervous and starts stuttering and tripping on his words. Thank you so much xxxx

The heat of the oven engulfed you as you bent over to retrieve the brownies. You nodded to the music that was currently playing in the background as you stuck a toothpick into the chocolaty goodness, checking it. They were perfect.

“Stress baking?” 

“Jesus!” You cursed, jumping in the air to see the one and only Kai Parker standing in your kitchen. His shoulders were somewhat tense, hands shoved into his pockets lazily. “What do you want Parker?” 

“I wanna say sorry.” You remained silent, stirring the mixture for the next batch of brownies. “I was an ass, okay?” Kai couldn’t take you not even looking at him. He had messed up and he knew it, he felt horrible. 

“You pushed me away.” You said, turning to face him. 

“I…I was scared. Okay, Y/N, I was scared? You… I don’t know. Dammit.” He fumbled, nervously rocking on the heels of his feet. “You mean so much to me and I was scared because I thought you would hurt me, so I hurt you before you could do that.”

“That makes no sense Kai, I love you. And I’m always there for you. I would never intentionally hurt you.”

Kai took two long strides towards you. “…I’m s-sorry, okay? I’m so sorry.” You grinned up at him, taking his hand. Kai gripped onto your hand, he wasn’t going to let you slip through his fingers again. “Will you forgive me? Please forgive me…” He rested his head on top of yours. 

“I forgive you.” You whispered as he began rocking the two of you side to side. 

Kai exhaled softly. “Feelings are hard.” You nodded in agreement. “Hey Y/N?”


“Can I have a brownie now?”


Zen on his motorcycle with MC#3

Although i am not a fan with painting backgrounds, the first drawing fits the whole picture than the second one, mainly because of the lighting? The second drawing doesn’t have any so maybe thats why? Idk xD but these was just a practice for me as i am still currently working on the background as well as the lighting because all of my drawings are super FLAT, i really need to practice my skills ; ;. 

I used Blackpink’s referenced “Playing with fire” xD It really reminds me of Zen so…here it is with MC#3

A Critique for myself

I just deleted some drawings of my blog (yeah, like 12 or 13 posts,, im sorry abt that,) But I know what to do abt it, to try to not do it again (but I know I will eventually delete more drawings from my blog as long as i keep noticing things I dont like abt my art)

Even tho I left some of the recent drawings, I notice that theyre not as good as Id like them to be,, but as an artist, I have now th ability of knowing What I dont like about my art, so Here I am with a little list of what to change to keep growing as an artist, but keeping the things I love about my current style:

  1. Draw Backgrounds, dont just stay with the simple grey background youre currently using,, CREATE A SCENE for the character to be in, and remember that the background has to match the style of the character, bc if it doesnt match, it looks UGLY, or WRONG, and that is not ok. You can look at refs for that, it might be difficult to learn, but it will be SO WORTH IT, 
  2. Draw DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS for the lov e of goku,, EXAGERATE!! DRAW UGLY EXPRESSIONS!! MAKE THE DRAWING LOOK AS EXPRESSIVE AS YOU CAN!! you can Always look for tips and tutorials, and references, theres no way you can learn this by yourself, look at your current art, If you havent learnt that by yourself already, it means that you ACTUALLY NEED references,, and thats not bad in any way, theyre necessary and Good.
  3. DRAW DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES,, this one sounds TOO complicated, but it is not impossibleto learn abt it,, Stop drawing just the front view of the character, theres so many other perspectives to draw a character!! theres a lot of possibilities,, dont just stay inside of your comfort zone, thats lazy,,
  4. CHOSE ONE COLOR SCHEME AND STICK WITH IT. dont use ALL of the colors of the fucking rainbow to make one art piece, you should just choose TWO OR THREE base colors and then make all the other colors match with those base colors… Basically, read those color guides Gato showed you 2 years ago, that you actually didnt read. They will help you a LOT.
  5. use R E F E R E N C E S,, and tutorials and tips from artists who know better abt these topics,, and KEEP RECIEVING CRITIQUE from other ppl (i AM recieving critique gracefully, but not really as much as Id like to, but anyways, yeah)

im gonna do research to find tutorials and refs that help ME with these, and im gonna link them in this post, but these are the 5 things I gotta do to feel better abt my art


Calling all Zig lovers/experts on Choices character analysis! This girl is in desperate need of your advice. 💖

Some background: I’ve had some crazy art block/art insecurities/general school life struggles this year, and this is the first Prismacolor pencil portrait I’ve done in very a long time. Overall, I’m quite happy with how it’s coming along so far, and pleased that it’s been such a pleasant process. Must be the good vibes of @playchoices + the lovely Choices fandom rubbing off on me! 😘

After I finish up the portrait, I want to add something to the blank page on the left. Something to pair with the portrait and to make one cohesive art piece that really captures Zig. Something that especially pertains to his signature smirk/green-background mood.

Currently I’m considering writing one of his quotes. Maybe some flirty dialogue: “That’s good to know. Loyalty’s a sexy quality.” Or a description of one of his scenes: “Zig leans down and gives you a kiss on the cheek. You can smell the heady scent of his aftershave even after he pulls away.” 

I also thought about including screen captures of the MC’s choices. For instance, drawing three bubbles: “I really wanted to hangout again,” “My friends have all blah blah,” etc, and then including Zig’s reply. I could also draw some plain imagery on the blank page. Or include imagery with a few snippets of text. Or even draw my MC? Gah. Too many options!

Obviously, I’m indecisive as hell, which is why most of my artwork lies around unfinished. 😞  I refuse to do that to this drawing (and my husband), so that’s why I’m hoping to get your feedback! 

I would love to hear what you think I should put there. It’d be great if you could send me quotes/screenshots of the text you’d like to see there as well. 😁

Also, since summer is finally approaching (and round 2 of exams! sigh), I am tentatively considering making more Choices art. Taking baby steps to face my art fears/stagnancy head on. 😀 Probably more portraits, following whatever style I end up doing with Zig here. I am open to recommendations!

@choicesmyway @hannahschoices @hollyashton @lanapowellblog @karlaschoice @kittenmusicals @zigzaggersfanclub @differentandiknowit @punexpectedly @krystas @endlesszig @visualnovel-lover

Thanks guys. Love this online family so much. 💖  Maggie

Bathwater- Auston Matthews

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Ok so I had a harder time with this song because I could have taken two different meanings from it, but I went this way and I hope you like it anon! Enjoy!

Warning: a curse word or two

Anon Request: can I request a auston matthews one inspired by bathwater by no doubt? thank you and i love your writing!!


              “Love you, babe” Auston said over the Facetime connection.

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week: Day 2 (Favorite Outfit/Look)

2 x 04 : Survivors 

Maybe it’s the soft lighting or that high bun but man that outfit makes me weak af.

2 x 18 : Ace Reporter 

She looks absolutely stunning in blue (casually my current background) and her hair is down again. Rare moments that I love so much. 

2 x 12 : Luthors 

That black leather top is pretty sexy but what does it for me is her high pony tail. I don’t know what it is but I love girls with updo’s. 

Basically, the wardrobe department is killin it with Lena’s outfits! 

plus my super shitty graphics


So, one of the characters I’m currently roleplaying is a doctor and I found while trying to do research for her background that there are almost no guides to playing doctors or medical students. So, this is a guide that focuses on characters that are doctors or are studying to be doctors. It has a lot of information that could be used in a characters background and current situations.

I would like to say that I am not a doctor nor a medical student (I’m actually a film studies major rn), however, I did put a lot of research into writing this guide. I do have the help of google and two parents in the medical field. Also, I’m not American but this is the American system since 80% of characters are American and it was the system with the most information. However, there is a tiny bit of information about the Canadian system at the end.

If you find it helpful it would be nice if you could give a like or reblog! If you would like to request a guide or anything my ask is here

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a Daddy!Stephen fic with Thigh riding, and eating out? Perhaps even bondage? Thank you!

Alright, this contains a combination of many people’s requests, since y'all are horny as shit….I don’t even know how many requests this combined but whatever lol Shameless smut ahead.

Master list


“You know, it would really help if you listened to me just once! I didn’t waste my time bringing you back from the brink of death just to-”

Stephen leaned back in his chair, eyeing you with an amused smirk on his face. He took a long drag of his cigarette, blowing out the smoke and chuckling as you scowled deeply at him. The war was still going on, and the more it dragged the more he found parts of himself disappearing and dying along with his men. All that he had left was you, a vision of the past that kept him going on those long sleepless nights. He had met you at the very beginning of all this, the very first time he lost a soldier you were there. A young nurse that tries to heal the fallen only to watch them die in your arms instead. You two had found comfort in each other, sometimes talking, sometimes laughing, and other times…other times in each other’s arms.

“Stop talking.”

Stephen crunched the end of his cigarette into the ashtray, tired eyes staring at the burnt end blow out slowly. He could hear you sigh in the background, his current state of mind blocking you out from his thoughts. He adored your company, truthfully he enjoyed it. But, sometimes the very noise you made grated on his nerves, making him anxious and angry that all he wanted was for you to stay silent.


Your tone was quieter, yet it still held a semblance of order in it. Stephen was slowly slipping away day by day, and it took everything you had to keep him here, in reality with you.

“Listen to me-”

The soldier scoffed, pouring himself a glass of whiskey as he shuffled his deck of cards. He paid you no mind anymore, instead he kept his eyes straight on the deck, his finger slipping over the slick edge of the card he grabbed and flipped over.

“Ace of hearts…” He spoke aloud, tapping the symbols on the card as he looked up at you. “How fortunate.”

Your brow furrowed, concern for the lieutenant growing as he continued to tell a fortune that made no sense. “Stephen, please…”

The soldier stopped his antics, face stern and eyes bloodshot as he stared up at you. “I thought I said stop talking…”

You slowly inched forward, hand coming to brush against his cheek, the stubble scratching roughly against your palm. You caressed his cheekbone with your thumb, offering him a sad smile, anything to bring him back from that war inside his head.

“You need rest, Stephen.”

His eyes were beautiful to you, a soft green that reminded you of your home back in France. But, now, now they seemed so far gone.

Stephen sniffed quietly, gritting his teeth as the pent up rage and grief began to boil inside him. He screamed out, throwing the cards on the floor and slamming his hands on the table.

“I said stop talking!”


You pushed his shoulder, gently bringing him back to your world as you felt your own frustrations rising. Stephen sighed heavily, holding his head in his hands and trying to remain calm.


Your hand rubbed his back lovingly, lips kissing the corner of his brow as you took a seat in his lap. Stephen looked up, his eyes watering with tears but he wiped them away and pulled you closer to him.

“Forgive me.”

He held you for a while, ear pressed against your chest and listening to the calming sound of your heartbeat. He needed you, always, and nothing would tear you apart, he’d be sure of that. He wasn’t going to lose another person.

Stephen shifted, his head craning to gaze up at you. “I need you…”

His words made your heart flutter, and you blushed softly at his confession. He was always a forward man, never wasting anytime when it came to such intimate subjects, but no matter how many times he told you such things it always managed to make your insides stir in desire.

You hesitantly leaned down, stopping just before your lips touched. The electricity between your bodies was evident, and Stephen brushed his fingers down your dress, gripping the strings of your smock in his hand and pulling. They became undone, your smock slipping off your waist and to the floor, your dress beneath was dirty, riddled with dirt and god knows what else, yet he didn’t care. It just reminded him how much he needed you right now.

“Will you come with me? Back to England…when this is all over?”

Stephen spoke as he trailed his fingertips down your jawline, tickling across your throat and down to your collarbone. He leaned forward, kissing the tip of it, enjoying the way you sighed at his touch. He awaited your answer, not very invested in it, but still just wanting to hear the soothing sound of your voice. His lips slid across your shoulder, shoving the sleeves of your dress roughly down. He gave you an experimental nip, his cock twitching under his uniform when you cried out in pleasure.

“Y-Yes…yes, I will.”

One of your hands gripped his shoulder, the other tangling in his blond locks and pushing his hat off. He growled deep in his throat, his hands shoving your legs apart and pushing his thigh up hard. He delighted in the way you arched up, hips rolling down and begging him to continue. He began a soft rhythm with his leg, letting you ride his thigh until you were soaking beneath your panties. The lieutenant could feel the heat of your cunt, his length aching behind the confines of his pants as it desired to be inside of you. But, he could wait for that moment, for he had all night. He couldn’t sleep anyway, he might as well spend it pleasuring the only woman he grew to love.

He grasped your hips, shoving you down harder on his leg and whispering in your ear.

“You need to say it…say it for me…”

Deep in your mind you processed his words, and somewhere between all the foggy mess of pleasure and need you found your words.

“Daddy…S-Stephen…” You panted out his name, thighs quivering in bliss as you felt your orgasm approaching. The soldier let you cum, his tongue flicking across his lips as he watched your face contort in pleasure. You moaned out his name, head thrown back as waves of ecstasy ran down your body.

Stephen kissed your neck, licking across your throat and sucking down on your pulse as he lifted you up. He placed you on the small table in his tent, pulling back for a second to rip apart the buttons of your dress and expose your bare chest to him. He stared down at you, his eyes darkening when he watched your chest heave up and down.


He grabbed his glass of whiskey, taking a huge swig of it. He never once took his eyes off you, his mind already conjuring up the many ways he was going to fuck you senseless tonight. But, for now, he could have fun. He wiped his arm across his mouth, breathing heavily as he tilted the glass over, watching intently as the drops of whiskey streamed down your neck and chest. He threw the glass off to the side, dipping his head down to eagerly lap and suck at your breasts where the alcohol had collected. You squirmed beneath him, moaning and whining for him to simultaneously stop and continue this torture. But, he didn’t listen, he kept licking a trail down your taut stomach, licking up the whiskey that pooled around your belly button.

He rested his forehead against your abdomen, trying to control the animalistic desires he felt. But, with you moaning his name like that it was growing harder and harder to stop himself.

“Tell me what you want.”

You glanced down at him, combing your fingers through his hair in a comforting manner.

“You know what I want, Daddy…what you want.”

He closed his eyes, collecting his mangled thoughts before he shook his head and kneeled down. He pushed your legs apart, not wasting anytime as he shoved his face between your wet folds. He immediately grunted into you, the very taste of your juices making him want to shove himself inside you. Stephen drew his tongue up your sex, eyes set on your face as he sucked your clit into his mouth. He shook his head, stimulating your swollen need with the vibrations.


You reached for his shoulders, wanting something to hold onto but he just grabbed your wrists, pushing your hands to the side and holding them there. He didn’t need you interfering, even if you were wildly sensitive and almost cried in utter delight at the pleasure he was giving you.

He only ever pulled away when he needed to breath, but he continued to hungrily eat you out. The lieutenant lapped up and down, kissing and nipping around your inner thighs every chance he got. He left love bites behind, marking his woman, so if he wasn’t to survive this war, something of him would be left behind. Even if it was just evidence of a passionate affair.

For what felt like the fifth time that night, you whimpered out a strangled version of his name. Your eyes were screwed shut, hair a mess on your head as you clawed into the wood of the table. He pulled away from your clit with a soft pop of his lips, watching as your sex twitched form your blissful high. He rose to his feet, boots thumping loudly into the ground as he shuffled around. He pulled his belt off, wrapping it around your wrists and flipping you over on the table so your backside was rising and exposed to him. He sucked two of his fingers into his mouth, lubricating them with his spit before bringing them down and pushing them inside your slick entrance. You were already so wet it was almost unnecessary, but the feeling of his fingers scissoring inside you was a welcomed pleasure.

“Daddy…daddy, please. I need you.”

Stephen took a breath, bringing his hand quickly down, smacking your ass and watching as a red, angry looking mark formed. He removed his fingers from inside you, settling himself at your entrance. He stroked himself a few times, closing his eyes as the endorphins began to build inside him. He nestled himself between your spread legs, pushing into you at a leisurely pace.

“Bloody-” He groaned out, one hand grabbing your bound wrists and the other resting against the smooth surface of the table. He tugged you back by the belt, shoving himself deep inside you and making you cry out in pleasure.


“Lieutenant…” Stephen growled out, wanting you to refer to him by his proper title. Which you so willingly did. His pace quickened with every word that left your pretty lips, hips working overtime as he tried to reach that point of high that made everything seem to fade.

Your body shivered under him, your mind a complete mess of heaven and hell as he fucked you. The sound of other soldiers walking passed his tent caught your ears, and something about that only ignited the fuel inside you. His cock rubbed against your sweet spot, making your head snap back as he continued to hit that perfect part of you.

“Lieutenant Wraysford!”

Stephen grunted loudly, hips now snapping forward, the sound of skin hitting skin filling the tent. He was close, and he waited until you were screaming out his name to finally let go and fill every single part of you.

Warmth spread between your legs, and you moaned out pathetically as his cock slipped from between you. Stephen fell forward, resting himself against your back that was slick with sweat.

“Don’t ever leave me…”

He whispered out, nuzzling into your neck for comfort. You tried catching your breath, angling your head back a bit to kiss his cheek.

“I never will, Stephen.”


I hope you all enjoyed it!!! ❤️ I didn’t proofread because fuck that…

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bythunder  asked:

From the prompt list: INAPPROPRIATELY TIMED PROPOSALS or “can u help me sneak my cat (or dog, because Ghost and/ Lady) into my dorm” au. Please and thank you?

basically, I rewrote this three times because you deserve only the best & I hope you enjoy it love!

SAM: Remember that stunning red head who is watching your dog and you are not so secretly in love with?

JON: Are you talking about Sansa?

JON: Also, I am not secretly in love with her. I’m not in love with her at all.

SAM: Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt my friend. Remind me what your current phone background is?


SAM: He doth protest too much.

Jon tossed his phone onto his bed and pointedly ignored the second chime. He didn’t want to read whatever nonsense Sam had decided to send him. Sam wasn’t the only one who gave him a hard time about being in love with Sansa either.

Sometimes Jon felt like he was talking to a brick wall when various friends would make comments about their love. They hadn’t been close growing up, but their relationship had changed when he took on his RA role at the university. Originally Robb was supposed to watch Ghost, but he had decided to follow a girl and transfer to Riverlands University. He knew from Robb that Sansa had just come out of an awful relationship when she quietly offered to watch Ghost.

Jon had been unsure, but he was left with little to no options. He didn’t regret it now because he got daily updates of Ghost. Sansa made sure to spoil Ghost. He had never had so many photos or videos of his dog before.

Through their connection with Ghost they had tentatively branched out and talked about other things. Their talks had soon morphed into study sessions at the library and getting coffee from the quad. He could admit that he enjoyed spending time with her.

With the shift in their relationship his meddling RA friends had decided that he was in love with Sansa. Each of them made it their mission to remind him every day that he was in love with her. They would remind him about how well she took care of Ghost. At one point Sam told him to propose to her because no one was more perfect for him than Sansa.

Even if he admitted he was in love with Sansa it wouldn’t matter. He could never tell her especially after everything Joffrey had done to her. If he admitted to his friends that they would try and give him some sort of pep talk he didn’t need or want.

His thoughts were broken when his phone chimed again and there was soft knocking at his door.

He threw open his door and was shocked to see Sansa standing there with Ghost.

“What are you doing here San? How’d you get Ghost up here?”  Jon asked because he knew there was no way Sam would let Sansa sneak Ghost up to his dorm despite how much he wanted them to date.

“Didn’t you get my text about my surprise?” Sansa looked a little disappointed in his confusion. Ghost seemed to pick up on how tense Sansa was and nudged into her side. Jon felt his heart leap up to his throat at the smile Sansa was giving his dog.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t really reading my texts” Jon apologized and moved so that both Ghost and Sansa could fully come into his dorm room.

“Oh, that makes sense. I wasn’t interrupting anything, right?” Sansa asked as she sat on his bed. Ghost stuck close to Sansa, but he could see the dogs tail wagging exuberantly.

“Not really, but even if I was I am much more curious how you managed to sneak Ghost into here? Not even Robb could pull that off” Jon asked. Though, if he were being honest he was grateful that she had Ghost there distracting him because he could focus on that instead of the way her blue sundress seemed to accentuate her curves and showcase her long legs.

“Well remember how we discussed that I don’t like leaving Ghost at home” Sansa paused she scratch Ghost’s ears, “I guess after the incident with Joffrey my therapist suggested a service animal to help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I know Ghost is your dog, but the vet said he was the perfect candidate to get certified.”

Jon hated the hesitation on Sansa’s face. He hated even more how she summed up the terror she survived with Joffrey as just some incident. More than ever Jon wished he could see the Lannister and make him pay for what he had done to the sweetest girl ever.

“Now that he is certified anytime you want to see him I can get a visitor pass and bring him up and I know after your RA position is up you will take Ghost back. I didn’t certify him to keep him from you.” She looked terrified as the words came out of her mouth. “Oh, god please don’t think I’m trying to take him from you. That wasn’t my intention, I just fell in love with him. He’s a lot like you.”

Ghost seemed to hone in on Sansa’s anxiety and placed his head fully in her lap and licked her hands. In that moment, Jon, could hear the speeches Gilly and Sam usually gave about the type of person he would fall in love with. They teased whoever could win the affection and loyalty of his dog would surely find their way into his heart. This was so much more than that.

There wasn’t much thought when he surged forward and kissed her. It was sloppy and more than once their teeth clacked against each other. Despite the sloppy nature of the kiss Jon was sure he had never felt more from any kiss. There was just a feeling that something right, that something wonderful, was just beginning.

Looking at Sansa’s dazed face he knew he would have to say something, but her swollen lips were distracting him. For a moment, it looked like Sansa might apologize to him with a hoarse whisper he told her “Don’t. Don’t you dare apologize to me. If you don’t want to kiss or go any further that’s okay, but never apologize to me for that kiss or for taking care of Ghost.”

“And if I want to go further?” Sansa shyly asked.

“Gods just marry me now then” Jon told her before kissing her again. This was slower and less sloppy than their first kiss. He could run his hands through her hair and feel her grabbing his shoulders and pulling him closer. She made a soft moan when his hands softly tugged on her hair.

As much as Jon wanted to make her repeat the noise again and again, but Ghost wasn’t having any of it. He barked at Jon and Sansa couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her in that moment.

“Do you still want to marry me when I have such a fierce protector?” Sansa smiled as she gestured to Ghost who looked content once he knew Sansa was all right and happy.

“You deserve the fiercest protectors. But I suppose I owe Gilly and Same some kind of thank you gift” Jon told her honestly.

“Thank you gifts? Why” Sansa seemed genuinely puzzled at the statement.

“Because they’ve been telling me to tell you I how much I love you. And they were right that the girl I would fall in love would be the girl that won the affection and loyalty of Ghost” Jon told her quietly.

Kissing her was different than admitting he was in love with her, but he felt better once the words were out. He never wanted to take them back either.

“So, you’re telling me all it takes are puppacinos to win your love? Who knew Jon Snow was so easy?” Sansa teased. Jon couldn’t help the snort that came out when Ghost perked up at puppacino.

“You know it was more than that” Jon held her gaze. He wanted, no he needed Sansa to see that she was more than that. That truthfully they had been treading towards this for a while.

“I know and I think I am in love with you too” Sansa confided quietly.

Jon kissed her again and this time Ghost chose not to interrupt. He just hopped onto the bed and wagged his tail endlessly as he watched.

SAM: Gilly said she saw Sansa & you holding hands as you got your beast one of those silly dog drinks from the café.

JON: I’m surprised she missed the kissing.


SAM: Also, Gilly and I found a tie the same shade as Sansa’s eyes. We’ll save that for your wedding.

must love dogs also available on archive of our own ♡