Currently reading Persuasion by Jane Austen for @colourmeread‘s February challenge. I initially thought I’d pick up a poetry book since my experience with poetry has been fairly limited so far but then I looked at Jane Austen and couldn’t say no. Saving poetry for another day.

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Angel Dara, do you mind telling us how you and Cruz met??

so like cruz used to run this iconic fashion blog called denimondenim which was my favorite blog in high school and like when i say favorite i mean i made a moodboard and entered it in cruz’s blog giveaway and won a pair of studded current/elliot jeans but then the blogspot kinda died out and there were like no or sparse posts for a bit and i kinda forgot about it but like a couple years later i found cruz on tumblr and was like wait this is that amazing blogger i was obsessed with in high school so i used to reblog a lot from denimondenim the tumblr onto my and iris’ fashion blog’s tumblr lmfao and then upon realizing we were also based in socal cruz messaged me one day asking if we wanted to hang out so i was like um ok hey iris let’s go hang with this dude she was like wtf who’s this but ok i guess so we took the amtrak up to santa ana and cruz took us to the vintage shops and antique malls in old town orange the rest is herstory

  • Turk: From now on, we'll be using code names. You will address me as "Eagle 1"
  • Turk: Laverne. Code name: "Been There, Done That"
  • Turk: Carla is "Currently Doing That"
  • Turk: Elliot is "It Happened Once In A Dream"
  • Turk: J.D. Code name: "If I Had To Pick A Dude"
  • Turk: Cox is "Eagle 2"
  • Dr. Cox: Oh thank God.

Alice: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Peter, code name – Been There, Done That. Elliot is –
Currently Doing That. Boris is – It Happened Once in a Dream; Vivaldi,
code name – If I Had To Pick a Girl. Julius is – Eagle Two.
Julius: Oh thank God.

We’re Basically Married

Relationship: Elliot Alderson x Reader

Word Count: 1136

Requested by: Anon

AN: Well lookie here, an Elliot fic! I’m so sorry I haven’t done much for Elliot in a while. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

“James, shh.”

You stood in the dark bouncing the baby in your arms as he cried. It pained you to hear him cry like this just as much as when you woke up with maybe an hour of rest. You wished that TV told you it wasn’t easy being a single parent, they made it seem so easy to do. The knocking on your door didn’t help either.

You rushed as much as you could with a crying baby in your arms. James wriggled as you adjusted him to sit on your other arm.

It was late and the fact that somebody knocked was nothing less than a surprise to you. The person on the other side of the door, however, did not surprise you.

“Elliot?” you asked as Flipper ran into the familiar area.

“There’s mold growing all over my apartment,” he started. You noticed that in one of his hands was two plastic bags, one filled to the brim with clothes and the other filled with dog and fish food. In his other arm, the ever faithful Qwerty, swimming around in her tank. “Could I stay with you?”

James, who had quieted down and currently stared at Elliot in wonderment, made a sound resembling a giggle. It was weird seeing Elliot smile so fondly at anything, let alone an actual human being.

“Yeah, come on in.”

There was one thing that had always been a constant in all the years you had known Elliot, his movements were awkward whenever he was over, no matter how many times you told him he was welcome here and all the times he’d spent the night when he needed to detox.

He did know though that you would almost always welcome him but you’d stopped letting him around if he needed to detox. It was understandable. You couldn’t possibly look after him and a baby at the same time.

Elliot watched as you held James in your arms, bouncing them to try and hush the baby, who had started to cry again. He shifted his weight as he looked on, debating whether or not to ask if you needed any help at all.

It pained you that you couldn’t trust Elliot with James because even after all those years of friendship you were still wary of him but right now it was wavering and you were becoming desperate. James cries echoed in your ears as you glanced to the small kitchen.

“Can you please hold him?”

Elliot hesitantly held out his arms after seeing the look on your face of utter exhaustion and pure desperation. You smiled at him and carefully placed the baby who was so much smaller in his arms than your own. With a final glance at Elliot who was slowly approaching the couch.

You couldn’t help looking over your shoulder to your baby and friend who was an honest to god wreck as of late. Those fifteen seconds it took to heat up the water felt like fifteen years instead. With skilled hands, you were able to mix the water and powder together.

He had somehow gotten James to quiet down, something both he and you were surprised at.

“Would you like to feed him?”

“No, it’s your kid.”

“He seems to like you,” you hated that you had suddenly changed your mind about Elliot having James but you really wanted a small break to relax and know that James was okay. “It’s easy. Just prop his head up against your arm and hold the bottle up for him.”

You directed Elliot’s movements and when you were sure that James and Elliot were comfortable you leaned back against the couch and shut your eyes for a second.

You wondered how long it would take for Elliot’s apartment to be rid of the mold as you moved the covers away, crawling in next to a sleeping Elliot. He had been wiped out by the baby and he’d only held him for an hour and a half but then again he was new to this baby thing.

It had taken you another hour and one more bottle to finally have James yawning and full from the formula. The silence brought peace to you. The covers were warm and that warmth and the exhaustion finally lured you to sleep.

But it didn’t last long, maybe half an hour.

His piercing cries woke you up immediately. You blinked at the darkness and could feel Elliot stir next to you, grumbling as he sat up.

“I’ll go.”

In your state, muddled from sleep, you didn’t think much of it.

Elliot smiled down at the baby, quietly hushing him. It was strange to think that in the short hours he had actually spent over James’ five-month life, he’d come to be fond of the pooping machine. James cried as he picked him up and Elliot realized that he had no idea what to do.

He called your name softly and on your end it sounded like a melody.


“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

You groaned at his words. Really, you should have known better than to think that of all people Elliot would know how to handle and take care of a baby. The warmth of the blankets left as you swung your legs over the edge and stood up.

“First lesson in child care, if a baby is crying it’s because of one of three reasons. One, he’s hungry. Two, he needs his diaper changed. Third, he has an upset tummy.” you recited from memory something you had read in a baby book.

You held James up and smelt his diaper.

“Diaper change. You know how to do that?”


“You’re going to learn today.”

He’d gotten into the habit of getting up whenever he heard the baby cry and your thoughts and complaints died down after the second night he stayed. It was nice being able to sleep.

You weren’t sure how he was able to do this with so little sleep but it seemed he never slept in all the years you’d been friends. The more you thought on it, it seemed the two of you were basically married. He’d acted so domestic when the two of you were alone, of course with James, but it was so odd to see him so calm.

He acted more like a father to James than his actual father ever did.

An arm wrapped around your waist as you laid in bed, unable to see anything in the darkness. Elliot’s breathing was calm and he moved closer to you in his sleep. You smiled for a second before James began to cry.

Elliot stirred and tried to sit up. You pushed your hand against his chest, enough so for him to lay back down.

“I’ll go.” you said.

i am currently romancing elliot, the fabio-looking romantic loner writer, who lives in a cabin on the beach with his piano and the chip on his shoulder.

now, as these games typically go, your prospects have different items they love, which you give them as gifts to raise your friendship/affection level.

elliot loves lobsters. and elliot also apparently loves the weird farm girl who barges into his house at 8am to hand him a lobster and then immediately leaves.

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I agree with you on that notebook thing. Even with Elliots current mental condition, theres still a part of him, not mr. robot, that remembers bits of Tyrell. Tyrelliot is really not one sided! They do bond over their daddy issues like Sam said in the interview.

Hello, friend! Yes, totally. I’m glad that you agree with me! That’s one of the key moments of their bonding. Even it was Mr. Robot in that scene, there was still a bit of Elliot in there, or we could say that there was still a bit of Mr. Robot in Elliot as well.

I’m probably over analyzing there, but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that the notebook was the first (and probably the only) thing that Elliot asked for when he arrived in prison. I’d imagine him writing down “red wheelbarrow” on the cover the moment he got the notebook. He probably didn’t really know why he wrote that down, but he just had to. Since then, Elliot had been holding on to that notebook, trying to get better. I would argue that Tyrell isn’t necessary a bad influence on Elliot, but rather, he might actually be the one who gives Elliot the determination and courage to regain control.

Tyrelliot is never one sided to me, and there are proofs from season one. I LOVE the scene where Elliot saw Tyrell calmly (not threatening in any way) sitting in his apartment holding a key when he was having that withdrawal dream. We even had Qwerty saying something like “don’t be shy, you can come closer”. It actually reminds me of the penguin and Marla scene in Fight Club, which was probably the first time that The Narrator realized that Marla wasn’t just somebody he appeared to dislike, but rather someone he couldn’t get out of his head.

Then, after Elliot remembered who Darlene was, he saw a sequence of faces in the mirror, and one of them was Tyrell’s. Since Sam Esmail said that the two first met in the scene in the pilot, there was no further history of them. So why would Elliot kept seeing someone he just met in such situations (when the other faces he saw were his father, his sister, and his best childhood friend/crush), unless there was a strong connection between Elliot and Tyrell.

In season 2, when Leon asked Elliot the very important question of if he dreamed, Elliot painted a picture of the future, where he and his friends/loved ones were living happily. And there they were: Tyrell, Joanna, and their son. Elliot clearly wanted to be friends with Tyrell, and he wanted Tyrell to be happy. He even remembered the details of Tyrell’s family even though he’d only met Joanna and the baby once then, and in a rather unpleasant manner. Elliot here was in control of his thoughts, and some part of him was preventing himself to realize his true feelings towards Tyrell. Besides the fact that he forgot about 80% of the interaction with Tyrell, it could simply because that Tyrell was a married man with a newborn kid, and the Elliot we know would never knowingly take away a man from his wife and child (we all know how much Elliot hates cheating, eg. how he protected women in his life against cheating boyfriends). On the other hand, Mr. Robot was the one who cared less about these rules, and he was able to show his true feeling toward Tyrell…which was why Tyrell was more smitten and playful around Elliot in the season 2 finale.

I guess I’m just really hopeful about Elliot, not just Mr. Robot, realizing his feeling towards Tyrell at some point in the show.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

…that’s what I will call this ensemble (not really) because I just noticed the irony of the blue stripes on my shirt cascading down to the floral print on my pants. A look that’s pretty springy for what otherwise was a very gloomy day, and a good transition outfit from a casual day at work to a relaxing and delicious sushi happy hour.

shirt: vintage.
floral denim: Current/Elliott.
heels: Zara.
clutch: Proenza Schouler.

“Half & Half”- Kurt/Blaine

Written for @hedwigdarrenn, a ficlet winner in my “Yay 1,000 Followers” giveaway! <3

Prompt: puppy!Blaine

So, here is (hybrid) puppy!Blaine AND A BONUS COFFEE SHOP AU because why the hell not!!!!!!!!!1!

1700 words (oops) | read on AO3

Blaine considered himself lucky.

Getting this job was a long shot. Hybrids usually had more difficulty finding jobs in general, thanks to so many long-held but antiquated beliefs about their natures and capabilities. But hiring a hybrid in a coffee shop? That was damn near transgressive.

Blaine would have happily worked in the bookstore area of his local Barnes and Noble, but those jobs always went as quickly as they were posted, especially in a student-friendly area like Greenwich Village. The café had had an opening and the store manager was willing to take a chance. So, here he was, with his short, dark-furred, half-folded ears poking up through his curls and over the sides of his green visor, and his smooth black tail swaying idly behind him beneath the tie of his green apron.

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