current weight: 180

So I usually don’t do these often but I’ve been having a hard time seeing how far I’ve come. The left was three years ago when I was in France and on that trip I realized that I needed to lose weight. I had tried dieting about three other times but I decided to get serious with it because I knew it would save my life. It’s hard to believe that I was almost 200 pounds and at some point I was referred to an overeaters anonymous group. Now I’m working on getting into the best shape of my life so I can grow confident with myself and walk with pride! It’ll be hard but I have faith in myself. 

Starting weight: 180+

Current weight: 135

Age: 21

Height: 5’10

Starting Weight: 180

Current Weight: 150

I lost 30 pounds in 3 months by eating un-processed clean foods, such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats and grains. I didn’t diet, I changed my eating habits to a maintainable lifestyle. I don’t count calories, however I eat roughly 300 calorie meals every few hours. For exercise, I run 5 days/week.

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Im not quite where I want to me but I am getting there! Its been a long, hard road and I am so happy to see the results I am seeing! One year and 4 months ago I look a look in the mirror and decided I had had enough. I wasnt happy, in fact pretty close to depressed. I changed my eating habits and rejoined the gym. One year into my journey I felt like I had obviously made progress but not the kind of progress ai wanted to see. So Oct 2014 I signed up for a local fit camp and had my ass handed to me! After 3 6 week sessions doing that I had hit another plateau..since I was moving to a new state I figured I would just give myself a break until I get myself settled down in my new home. Since moving here a month ago I have lost another 10lbs! From the time I actually cared to look at a scale I have lost 50lbs but it feels like and looks like so much more! I couldnt even tell you how many inches I have lost too! I am 10x happier now and working to lose the next 20 to my goal! My current weight is 180 and my goal is 160 then to tone. Once I get to 160 if I need to I will lose some more but I think a toned 160 would be perfect! :D