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Unknown Parts (Gaston)- Part One

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Pairing: Gaston x OC

Warnings: None

A/N: I know I say this every single time I write someone new, but he was hard to pin down! I definitely went off the live action version, as I felt he had this vulnerable, sweet side to him that appeared once in a while. IDK. Part two isn’t written yet, but I’ll get there. In the meantime, enjoy


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Part Two

There was a place near the western end of the village where you could see the sunset perfectly. A place where the houses and shops petered off and there was nothing but a deep, green valley with purple, snow capped mountains in the distance. From there, I could watch as the sky turned a miraculous shade of dusty pink and the sun sank lower and lower beneath the horizon. Stars would then slowly emerge to replace its light. I never got tired of watching. Some people would scoff and say, ‘once you’ve seen one sunset, you’ve seen them all’. But that wasn’t true at all. Each one was different. Maybe only subtly so, but still. The colors were never quite the same. Which maybe explained why I was having such a hard time capturing it in paint or chalk.

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Damn (Kwon Ji-Yong)

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milaalpa said:Hello.. Can I request a soul mate AU with ji yong bigbang please.. I never heard of this before, I mean the soul mate au.. And thank you 😊

Sorry for the wait. Hope you’ll like it!

G-Dragon (BigBang) x Reader

Genre: soulmate AU, fluff

Words: 550

Summary: It’s exhausting being a famous idol, but you get some benefits. Like meeting your soulmate in the most interesting way.

‘Your soulmate’s first words to you are tattooed on your wrist.’

“Stop laughing!”

Jiyong yelled out in annoyance. They have been laughing at him the whole morning and it’s only 10 am.

“C’mon, Ji, how can’t you find it funny?”, Taeyang laughed, no matter how hard he tried not to.

The others laughed in agreement. Except for Jiyong.

You see, something out of the ordinary happened yesterday. Let’s see what.


While he was resting in his dorm, his wrist suddenly started to glow. Of course, Jiyong reacted calmly.

“WHAT IS THIS?!”, he screamed, oh so manly, and fell off the couch, oh so gracefully.

After a few more minutes of panicked screaming (and running around), Jiyong finally somewhat calmed down. He took a big breath, exhaled and looked at his wrist, finding something new.


‘That’s a stupid thing to ask.’

Written across his left wrist was neatly imprinted this one sentence. What it was, Jiyong didn’t know.

It wasn’t a tattoo because he would remember it. And also, it appeared few moments ago (duh).

“….Imma sleep this off.”


“So, what you’re telling me, I have a soulmate and these are their first words to me?”, Jiyong questioned, not really buying it.

“Have you never heard of soulmates?”, Seungri said, smiling cockily to Jiyong, “Although these kind of things are mostly written about in fanfiction, it happens here too. Where do you think they got the idea?”

Jiyong sighed: “Okay, let’s say I believe you. Why do I have it and you guys don’t?”

This is where Taeyang cut in again: “Because, we either already met them or we don’t really need them at the moment. Getting that ‘tattoo’ basically means you’ll meet your soulmate soon.”

Daesung pouted: “But I want to meet my soulmate. Why is the universe like that?”

“Yeah, I thought you have those wor–”

“Guys, stop it.”, Jiyong ran his hand through his hair in frustration, “I think I’m gonna take a walk.”

He stood up and walked over to the door, pulling it open.

Seungri laughed: “Okay. Just have your eyes open!”

Unlike the doors that Jiyong closed.

Why would my soulmate say that to me?!

How am I supposed to like, no, love them if they’re practically saying I’m stupid?

Those were the current thoughts going through his head. He was slowly walking down the street, wearing his mask and sunglasses, aiming for the ice-cream shop down the road. He really needed something sweet right now.

The sun was blazing, even though it was winter, and the people seemed as lively as ever. Kids were running around, couples were walking hand in hand and this sentimental scenery wasn’t helping his mood.

Entering the ice-cream shop, he quietly greeted the workers and went straight to the counter. In front of him was only a mother with her child and child was really hyperactive for ice-cream it seemed, while the mother tried to calm them down.

What if they don’t like me?

“NEXT!”, a rather annoyed girl yelled, standing in front of the ice-cream maker, shaking Jiyong out of his thoughts.

He moved forward, still in a daze, not even noticing the barista looking at him curiously.

Should I ask my soulmate when I meet them? Something like…

“Is it okay to love you?”

“That’s a stupid thing to ask.”

Jiyong froze, his mind turning blank. He slowly raised his head and saw the warmest eyes he ever saw, almost melting into a puddle right there and then.

They smiled, laughing softly, their eyes becoming crescents: “What flavour would you like, soulmate?”

CS FF: Never Say Neverland

Summary: Emma learns Killian is in Neverland and travels there to find a way to bring him home.

Rating: G

Note: So I was super confused by the promo for next episode.  I really just need CS to be reunited already.  I would love for it to happen like this.  Also, I have no clue how all of the portals work between realms so please forgive anything that doesn’t make sense.  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…Never Say Neverland: Part 1/1….

Never again.  Killian had sworn that he would never again set foot on this infernal island.  But he was starting to learn to never say never.

It had taken nearly an hour, but Killian had finally managed to evade the Lost Boys.  He had encountered Tiger Lily along the way and she had distracted the boys long enough for Killian to get away.  He had taken shelter in the Echo Cave.  

Killian smiled, as he stood in the exact spot where he had first revealed his true feelings for Emma.  That meeting her made him believe he could love again.  Their first kiss had opened up his heart in ways he didn’t think were possible anymore.  

And now look how far they had come. They were going to get married until everything came crashing down.  He needed to get back to Emma. He needed to make things right between them and help save her from Gideon.  

Killian sat down on a rock, his legs aching from all of the running.  He pulled the shell Ariel had given him out of his pocket.  He wasn’t sure Emma had heard him the first time, nevermind all of the times since that he had reached out to her.  He needed her to know he hadn’t abandoned her and that he was fighting like hell to get home to her.  

He held the shell up to his mouth.  “Emma, I hope you can hear me.  I am trying to get home to you, love.  I procured a magic bean and created a portal, but it brought me to Neverland instead of home to you.  I think my banishment is blocking my portal home.  But I won’t give up, Emma.  I won’t stop until we are back together.  I hope you are safe, Swan.  I love you.”

Killian bowed his head, as he felt tears fill his eyes.  What if he never got home to her?  Or what if it turned out to be too late by the time he did?

Emma cradled the necklace with Liam’s ring on it that Killian had given her.  Less than an hour ago, she had learned that the Black Fairy was in Storybrooke.  She made it clear that she was controlling Gideon.  Emma felt sorry for him now.  She knew what it felt like not being in full control of your actions.  

The Black Fairy had ordered Gideon to take away the shell necklace, so Emma couldn’t even hear Killian’s voice anymore.  Hearing his voice had brought her comfort.  She was relieved when she would hear it because that meant he was okay.  It made her feel connected to him.  But the Black Fairy denied her even that small comfort.  

Emma didn’t know how she was going to be able to defeat the Black Fairy, but she knew one thing.  She was always stronger with Killian by her side.  She needed to bring him back.  If only she knew where he was.  He couldn’t come through a portal to Storybrooke, but she knew she could go through one to him in whatever realm he was currently in.  Then, maybe, together they could figure out a way to break the spell and allow him to travel back to Storybrooke.

Her eyes widened as a sudden thought hit her.   Gold could help her find where he is.  Emma stood up and quickly made her way to the front door.  She arrived at Gold’s shop a few minutes later.

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Please Don't Bite

A/N: so a majority of you guys picked ‘bite’ by troye sivan! and i’m gonna try my best to make this good for everyone. this is probs gonna be short because I fail as a writer lmao. Also for anyone who lives in LA as well as Hershey, Pennsylvania, imma be visiting in September so it would be cool if you could recommend some nice (cheap) things for me and the fam to do lmao thank (or like, even some good places to eat, if you haven’t already ☺)

Pairing: Dan x Reader (might make a phan version who knows, it’ll be the exact same, just different people lmao)

Song(s) Used: Bite - Troye Sivan (💛💛)

Word Count: 773 words (Soz it’s pretty shit and I also say the word vulnerable about 500 times lmao)

Genre: fluff + mentions of smut 😏

Dans P.O.V

“Why don’t you come back to my place?” she whispered in my ear sensually as her fingers daintily run down my arm, sending shivers down my spine. I can feel her warm breath hitting my ear giving me chills in a good way.

There’s something about going home with a girl that makes me feel vulnerable. It’s not something that I would usually do, but I really wanna do it now. I guess maybe I’m scared, I’m scared I can get hurt by this, I don’t know how, but I’m scared; once I’m involved, I can get hurt, and I don’t want to get hurt.

I nod my head, with slight hesitance but also with excitement. With that, she takes my hand, and we walk out of the club into a taxi that waits outside the club. And then the nerves hit me even more, I don’t know what I should do, should I just sit in silence? Or talk to her, get to know her, considering we’re about to have drunk sex, I should probably get to know her, right?

God I’m really nervous. Why am I so nervous? We probably won’t even remember anything in the morning, so why should I worry about it? ‘because this is something you never do, Dan…’ That thought just echoed in my mind, this is something I never do.

"Are you okay, Dan?” She questions casually, as if nothing worries her, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. God I wish I could feel the way she does right now.

"Yeah, I’m okay, why wouldn’t I be okay?” I nervously laughed. She kinda just nodded as if to see 'lolk’.

The only thing thats currently going through my head is 'why are you doing this?’ 'dan, this is something you never do’ the anxiety of all of it eventually got to me, and i contemplated jumping ot of the moving taxi right then and there, but I didn’t. I started thinking about this differently. 'yeah, its a one night stand, but this is an oppurtunity to finally get out of this dry spell.’

As I was just sitting there, thinking about how everything was gonna play out, we had finally showed up to her flat. I offered to pay for the taxi, like the gentleman I am, but she refused to let me pay. We quickly negotiated by splitting the cab fee in half.

Once we exited the cab (y/n) took my hand and led me inside, and the nerves started kicking in more. But, it almost looked like she was awkward and nervous, and didn’t know what to do. 'Come on Dan, do something exhilarating for once in your boring life.’ So I did. I made the first move and started kissing her.

And after that everything started to escalate, and we were in her bedroom, stripping down to our bare bodies, lost in lust and one thing on our minds, sex. Lost in lust but yet still so damn vulnerable. And now it feels like everything is happening in slow motion. I loved that feeling of everything happening in slow motion, but I can’t explain why, it’s just one of those things.

Her words and moans are echoing in my mind, her, moaning my name as if it’s the last time she’ll ever say it, singing my name, she sounds vulnerable, but I guess that’s what sex is about.

And at the end, I feel like I’m in ecstasy. I look over at her as we finish and flash her a smile. She comes closer to me and kisses me, but this time it feels different. There’s no feeling of lust behind it, but a feeling of happiness.

'Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don’t bite…’

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Could you write about Lotor having a love interest in Pidge (and she being completely oblivious to his feelings) and jealous Keith about that? (I always liked the idea that Lotor ended up falling in love with some of the paladins!)

In which Keith is GalrAngst ©, Lotor is a flirty asshole, and Pidge is oblivious.

(Oh and Lance is there, too)

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Nightwing x Reader~ Chinese Food

(Y/n) – Nickname Grayson calls you

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(not my gif)

           You quickly dodged the combat boot currently flying towards your face by ducking down with ease. After doing so you spun and used the gained momentum to slash the side of the assailants head, causing them to stumble backwards. Your partner then delivered the final blow causing them to fall to the hard concrete sidewalk unconscious. “I thought you were going after the funny masked guy?” The masked man aiding you remarked. His bow staff was now folded away and he looked at you through his black mask with a piercing gaze.

           “I was.” You stated with a motion to a man at the corner of an alley way further down the street. He was slumped against the graffiti covered brick walls with his hands cuffed behind his back. “This one showed up after.” You added pointing the fallen robber between the both of you. Your partner nodded in understanding and the both of you looked around the block taking in and assessing damages.

           “So much for covert…” Nightwing said looking at the smoke rising from the partially collapsed building. “Bats is gonna be pissed.” He wiped his dark locks to the side while he huffed a sad sigh. You put a hand on his shoulder reassuringly before heading to your motorbike.

You sat down and grabbed your helmet, “So what? It’s not our fault Slade backed this.” As you pulled down the visor Nightwing walked over to his vehicle beside yours.

“Yeah, what does Wilson want anyway? We need to find out how he’s outsourcing and track down his main location.” Grayson stated as he placed his helmet over his head. You nodded knowing that was the only lead you both could follow at the moment. He got rid of the kickstand and took off down the now less busy street at a high speed. You followed after him in a flurry of engine noise. Both of you later arrived at the apartment complex, ditching your bikes a couple of blocks down and changing out of your ‘business’ attire. You entered the familiar hallway with the taller young man walking beside you. Nightwing was now wearing a pair of dark shades and a grey hoodie, now he was Richard Grayson once again. You wore a simple outfit of jeans and a band t-shirt, going by your actual name once more as well. The building security officer greeted you with a wide smile and wave like he normal did, you waved back but Richard didn’t. He must be too focused on everything that has been happening in the city, you couldn’t blame him. You both strode into the elevator and you looked over at Richard, he had his hands in his pockets with a distressed slouch. You frowned not knowing what to do for him, there wasn’t anything that could cheer him up at the moment, well except maybe for Deathstroke’s head.

“Grayson.” You finally broke the silence softly, he finally looked over towards you and you shot him a small grin.

“Yeah (y/n)?” The blue eyed boy replied coolly.

“We’ll fix this, please stop fretting about it.” The elevator made a sound as it opened at your floor and he walked in front of you. Following him to the door you watched him unlock it and once inside you closed the door behind you both. “Seriously Richard, please, you’re going to lose yourself in this case if you continue like this.” You shoved the mopping man onto the couch with a quick push and he let out a yelp of surprise. Ignoring his surprised gaze you walked over to the kitchen area and pulled out two root beers, no need for him to be depressed and drunk, and tossed him the second one.

“Thanks.” He stated still shocked at your unusual actions as he opened up the bottle. You smiled for a moment and then went to your small bedroom to assess your wounds. Richard was fine, he luckily only dealt with the detonator wielding perp but you got into a few tussles.  Pulling your shirt over your head with a small wince you looked over your physique with a large frown. A nasty gash carried from your side all the way to your stomach from where a knife caught you. You grabbed the first aid kit and found the antiseptic, dousing it onto a small bandaging cloth before putting it on your cut. The sting was sharp and fiery as you cleaned the deep cut and you couldn’t help but wince a little. “(Y/n)?” You heard Grayson call you from the other side of the door.

“I’m getting changed!” You replied with a quick lie and you found a different shirt lying on a piece of furniture. Quickly you pulled the shirt over your head, it hurt like hell when you stretched the skin around the wounds area like that. You grimaced but called to him, “All good.” He opened the door and held a half grin.

“We should look up Deathstroke’s movements on Oracle…” His blue eyes fell to your new top, and you realized the drastic mistake you just made. The shirt was bright white. Mentally you were hitting your head against the wall as you knew there was no way to hide your injury. “You know you’re a bad liar, but that fashion choice really didn’t help your case.” You chuckled lightly and he gave you a look. You sighed and pulled off the now red tainted shirt and he walked over grabbing some more bandaging. “You shouldn’t have hid this, it’s pretty bad…” Grayson began carefully wrapping the wound tightly. You held a strong poker face and barely flinched at the aches from the injury.

“Sounds like I’ve heard this conversation before, though not from you.” You stated looking at him with a knowing glance.

“Looks like we swapped roles.” Richard replied with a chuckle, though he soon frowned a little when he reached the deepest part of the cut. “I think you’re gonna need to be stitched up.” You reached for the small and overused kit inside the case but he grabbed it from you. “I’ll do it.” As you stuck your tongue out childishly he began prepping the needle. Grayson put some of the cream for numbing around the injury before beginning with an apologetic look. You clenched your teeth and looked away as he carefully and precisely sewed up the spot. “There.” He smiled reassuringly and you mustered up a grin as you put on a shirt.

“I think we can wait on the Oracle search, though tomorrow we’ll begin a full swing operation.” You told him walking back out to the main living area.

“Alright, though the Chinese is on you.” Richard remarked with a grin grabbing a cell.

“Fine, I deserve Chinese after being stabbed.” You said putting your nose in the air jokingly causing you both to burst into a fit of laughter. He placed an order for Chinese to be dropped downstairs and then sat beside you on the couch. You kissed his cheek lightly and he blushed in surprise.

“What was that for?” His blue eyes looked into yours, you smiled blushing a little.

“For stitching me up.”

Bring me Back part 3

Summary: Part 3, Reader, Dean, and Sam go on a hunt and Dean finally admits his feelings for the Reader.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Angry Dean, sarcasm, cursing, fluffy stuff, slight smut

I currently open to requests and also feedback is always welcome as long as it is constructive!

Also here is Part ONE and TWO

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Sweaty, hot, and unbelievable. Those are the words to describe the situation I’m in, my head leaning back onto Baby’s leather seats with my hair held up in a messy bun and my legs barely covered by my shorts. I never thought driving through Arizona could be so miserable, but here we are making our way down to Tombstone, Arizona. I grabbed a water out of the ice chest and took a sip from the bottle, screwed the cap back on, and then placed the cold bottle on my forehead. Since there was nothing to do out in the middle of nowhere I kept my attention on the boys, trying to keep myself from falling asleep. Dean was wearing a black t-shirt and as always a pair of jeans and boots, Sam was wearing a white t-shirt and just like his older brother, a pair of jeans and boots.

“Hey, how long until we get there?” I leaned over the front seat, “About 30 minutes or so.” I groaned, “It’s so hot back here.” Dean turned his head towards me for a second before saying, “if you stick your head out the window, you might feel a little better.” “I’m not a dog asshole,” I muttered to where only Sam could hear me and he started laughing. “What are you laughing at bitch?” “Keep your eyes on the road jerk.” Dean looked at me in the rear view mirror, “yeah keep your eyes on the road assface.” Dean was in a good mood since we were going to an old western town that back in the day was inhabited by real outlaws, like the legendary Wyatt Earp. And From what we read in the newspapers it was definitely a vengeful spirit who was killing men inside of an old brothel that was now a hotel. 

 When we finally got to Tombstone we booked a motel for two nights, hoping this was going to be a simple salt and burn. When we finally got into the room I threw myself onto the bed and embraced the cold air from the air conditioning. “Oh my god I never thought I would feel cold air again.” I said almost moaning and the boys laughed. “Well sweetheart, get dressed cause we have some interrogating to do.” I frowned and grabbed my fed clothes out of my duffle. As I got myself into a white button up shirt and black pencil skirt, I looked at myself and fixed my hair before walking back out into the room. As I walked out I noticed Dean’s eyes were roaming my body up and down, “what are you looking at?” I said, “Nothing, you just clean up nice kid.” I looked down and blushed.  Then Dean and I left while Sam did some research. 

When Dean and I came back to the room, we told Sam about what we found out, “So apparently the staff of the hotel has seen the apparition of a female ghost of who used to run the brothel,” I told Sam, and then Dean jumped in, “Luckily they knew the old bags name, Eudora Jameson.” I took a swig of my beer, put it down, and went into the bathroom to change into my hunting clothes. When I came out the boys were ready to go and I grabbed my gun putting it in my waistband, “let’s go gank this bitch.” 


 “(Y/N), you shouldn’t have gone off alone, you could have gotten yourself killed,” Dean half yelled. I looked back at Dean, “Oh I am so sorry that the fucking ghost was cremated and I went to find something that might have some sort of connection to the damned thing.” Dean rolled his eyes, “Yeah and how’d that work out for you? Cause I’m pretty sure you almost got your neck broken when it threw you down three flights of stairs.” I glared at Dean, “Actually it worked out pretty fucking well, because who was the one that found that revolver with the ghosts initials on it? Oh that’s right I did. So you know what Dean? Go fuck yourself.” I slammed the hotel door shut and decided to walk around the hotel.

 As I was walking I heard footsteps behind me, so naturally I grabbed my gun that was in the waistband of my jeans and turned around. To only find a pair of green eyes looking at me, “For fucks sake Dean, don’t sneak up on me like that.” I put away my gun, “I’m sorry (Y/N). I didn’t mean to piss you off.” I scoffed, “Oh yeah cause nothing says ‘please don’t get pissed’ like yelling at someone.” Dean stopped walking, “I know I’m an ass but I care about you (Y/N) and I don’t want to see you get hurt.” I stopped and turned towards him, “Well besides a small headache and possibly a broken rib, I’m fine Dean.” Dean smirked and shook his head, “(Y/N), I don’t want you to get hurt because, I love you. When I saw you get thrown down those stairs I nearly had a heart attack.”

 My mouth nearly dropped to the floor when I finally came to the realization that Dean Winchester just confessed his love to me. He just stared at me waiting for something, but I couldn’t get anything out. So instead of saying anything I reached out and kissed him. It was long and passionate, when we finally pulled apart we were both smiling like idiots. “So I am guessing you feel the same?” I nodded, “Well I kind of tolerate you, but I guess you’re alright.” Dean laughed and pulled me back into him, “Yeah whatever.”

 As we walked back to the motel room, Dean and I were laughing over cheesey pickup lines, “What is your favorite pickup line?” Dean asked, I stopped walking letting him take a few steps in front of me before he looked back confused. “Is there a shovel in your back pocket? Cause I’m really diggin that ass.” Dean looked shocked before he almost doubled over laughing so hard. “What can I say, I’m a natural.” I smiled and he picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist. I leaned in to kiss Dean and this time the kiss was different, Dean wrapped a hand in my hair and deepened the kiss and I let out a soft moan. Before I knew it Dean put me down and I pushed Dean into the wall outside of our motel room.

 In the middle of our heated makeout session, Sam must have heard us because we heard the door open. Dean and I broke our lips apart but I stayed in his arms. Sam smiled at us, “I was wondering when you two were going to finally jump each other’s bones.” All of us laughed and then I walked back into the motel room to get ready for bed. When I walked out of the bathroom, I slid under the covers and into Dean and I’s bed for the night. Dean was already in bed, so as soon as I got comfy Dean had his arm tight around my waist. “Goodnight baby,” he whispered in my ear. I turned and kissed his lips, “Goodnight love.”

Hartwin Ficlet: The Sunburn

So @elletromil suggested I try my hand at one of these fluffy OTP ideas.  I wrote the third from the top :)


Harry had to admit that he found Eggsy’s reproachful tone and expression rather charming, but that was nothing new.  It certainly didn’t stop him from repeating his initial assessment, “I said you did rather make your own bed.”

Eggsy’s pout only intensified.

He was on the couch in the sitting room, and Harry took him in for a moment longer before he ducked into the bathroom and started going through cabinets.  “You are the one who mocked me for putting sunscreen on so energetically.”

“Well, I thought you was doing it to impress my mum with how sensible you could be,” Eggsy replied from the next room. “Or that maybe it was for- uh.  My benefit.”

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About Time // Part 5

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 |

Type/Genre: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au)

Character: BTS x reader

Word count: 7,587 words

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: Mentions of cancer

a/n: Starting from this chapter ahead timeline will flip back and forth between the current life and some flashbacks of the past life experiences that the oc had gone through. So to make things less confusing, I will add the timeline info aside from location and year, so you can differentiate them in case the chapter has two different timelines at the same time. Thank you for reading. I hope the slow plot on this chapter won’t bore or confuse you^^

Originally posted by won-der-land89

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Your Monthly Subscription to Satan’s Waterfall Pt. 2 (Lafayette x Reader)

Word count: 975 (noticeably shorter that pt. 1)

Request/Summary: Part 1

AU: Modern

Warnings: Cussing, Laf being adorable, Philip being adorable, the story kind of got away from me on this one (sorry)

A/N- He uses some hella fluffy french at the beginning and I’m still trying to decide if I want to make you put it in google translate yourself or not. Also (I love that word, don’t I) if celebratorily is not a word, it should be.

Je t'aime, je t'aime vraiment. Je t'aime (Y/N). Je t'ai aimée depuis longtemps, chaton. J'aime vos yeux et votre rire et votre éternuement et votre sourire et votre voix et je t'aime. J'aurais voulu avoir le courage de vous le dire en anglais, mais je ne le fais pas.” Lafayette mumbled against your ear, the french words getting a smile to tug at your lips. You didn’t understand what he was saying but you loved the way it sounded. His arm was around you, pulling you close to him as the cold wind nipped at both your noses. Your head was resting on his shoulder and your eyes were closed as you listened to his words.

“What does that mean?” You giggled.

“Hello love birds.” Laurens interrupted before he could answer. You sat up and opened your eyes, still leaning against the Marquis.

“We are not in love, John.” Lafayette said, rolling his eyes.

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Just a little change

I wrote this for the amazing @inconspicuous-esparza because obviously she is amazing and deserves this. 

The apartment was a mess. An organised mess arranged according to your new very detailed system, but still a mess. The entire contents of the kitchen cupboards were now sitting out on the benches waiting to be placed back according to colour, size and shape. You knew it was crazy. Everything in this apartment was already in order. Rafael always kept it neat and tidy and that hadn’t changed since you moved in. Yet here you were giving every coffee cup a new home on the shelf cherishing the wave of control that washed over you as you placed each one down. Just as you put your favourite blue mug back on the shelf next to those of similar colours, the front door opened. Rafael entered your now shared apartment, immediately ridding himself of his coat and jacket as he walked into the kitchen with a confused look on his face.

“What have you been up to?” he asked as his eyes scanned over the bench tops covered in kitchen home-wares.

“Oh, I’m just moving a few things around,” you turned around to see that he was a little more baffled than you had expected.

“Was there a problem with the way I had it?” He looked more than baffled now. He almost looked irritated by your effort to clean up the kitchen. You were only trying to make it nice for the both of you.

“No, no, not at all. I just thought that it would be better if we put the cups in this cupboard,” you said pointing to the one directly behind you, “and we can put everything else-“ you stopped looking around at the bare cupboards unsure of how to continue. “Well, I haven’t quite figured out the rest yet.”

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Royalties Part 1/

Genre - Fluff/Angst 

Word count - 1733 words 

Pairing - Jungkook x Reader

Summary - Jungkook was a prince, you were not, he was royalty, you weren’t even close. But somehow you two were in a relationship. But will it be able to withstand all the rules and boundaries with his Position as a royalty, soon to be king?

Authors note - I didn’t proof read anything yet, so there may be mistakes. You may send in requests for anything you want, inbox is always open x 

Part 1/ 

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’Father! You can’t do this! I thought you supported whatever and who ever I choose to love!’’ Jungkook screamed mad.

‘’I do son, but there are standards, and she, she is not in those standards.’’ The king said. I stopped struggling a while ago, seeing that it made no sense.

‘’Please father, I will marry whoever you want me to, but please, I can’t go on with my life If I can’t see her’’ Jungkook said. He was on his knees in front of the king. Jungkook has never bowed to his father on his knees, but now he did.

The king was shocked to say at last, he didn’t expect his son to bow down for a girl like her.

‘’You really love her don’t you son’’ the king asked his son. Jungkook didn’t dare to look up and stayed on his knees and nodded his head. ‘’Well-


1 Year prior

It all started from secret meetings in the castle library to you sneaking into his room and vice versa. You didn’t know that a small friendship started in the library could turn into something more, nonetheless with the heir of the country.

‘’Psshhh Y/N! Y/N!’’ Jungkook whispered next to me. I was trying to stay concentrated on my book that I was reading, but with Jungkook whispering in my ear.

‘’I would appreciate it if you didn’t distract me your highness’’ I whispered back. We were currently seated in the castle library.

‘Ya! Y/N I told you not to call me that, just say Jungkook’’ he said.

 ‘I’m sorry your high, I mean Jungkook’’ I said bowing slightly with my head.

‘’Aishh stop being so formal, we’ve spent how many months here together, I would’ve thought the formalities are gone now’’ he said.

‘’I’m sorry Jungkook, I’m just scared that someone finds out about these secrets meetings, and that I’ll have a punishment to go through’’ I said.

‘’Fine, then let’s not meet anymore’’ Jungkook said. My eyes widened hearing that because that was not how it was supposed to go, I loved hanging out with Jungkook, I was just scared of the consequences, seeing my status and his.

Truth is, Jungkook is the prince of the country and I was just a daughter of a maiden of the castle and knight. There was a big difference in status, and Jungkook and I meeting wasn’t the smartest thing to do. If someone ever found out, I could be whipped or be removed from the castles and forbidden from ever meeting with Jungkook again.

The first time I met Jungkook was when I was 6 years old. I was roaming the halls of the castle when I wasn’t supposed to leave the room. I got lost when the queen found me crying in the halls. She asked me who I was and introduced me to a young Jungkook. She returned me to my mom’s room who was crying when she saw me, she thought I had run away. After that I hadn’t seen him until I was 17 years old, reading a book in the library.

He asked me if I could help him find a book for his studies and that I had to help him with his homework. So the secret meetings started from there on out. If I have to be honest, Jungkook was a very handsome, kind and has the sweetest most down to earth personality a prince can haven. You could say I’ve developed a tiny crush on him, but I knew it couldn’t be returned, because he’s a prince and I’m nowhere near the royal status.

‘’Jungkook, you know that’s not what I meant’’ I said now turning to him and pouting. But Jungkook wasn’t giving in and was just looking straight forward with a stern look, not once breaking his demeanour. He was ignoring me.

‘’Jungkook! Kookie, please forgive me, you know I didn’t mean it like that’’ I said clinging to his arm. I could see the right side of his lips curling up a little and knew I was breaking his stern demeanour. ‘’Please, please, please for me’’ I said pouting. His eyes shifted to mine.

‘’Fine’’ He said and I started to grin widely. ‘’But! I want a kiss in return’’ he said smirking. His comment made my mouth fall open and my cheeks heat up.

‘’Wh- What’’ I said shocked. Surely he didn’t mean that, right?

‘’I’ll forgive you, in return of a kiss’’ he said. My cheeks started blushing crimson red. I leaned in and gave him a quick peck on the cheek and returned in my seat quickly, looking down on my lap, playing with my fingers.

‘’What was that?’’ Jungkook asked shocked.

‘’A, a kiss your, Jungkook’’ I said not looking up. I knew my cheeks were flaming red right now. ‘’You didn’t tell me where you wanted that kiss’’

‘’I meant on my lips Y/N’’ Jungkook said. I looked up so quickly, I thought my neck was gonna break.

‘’This might have not been the best timing to announce it but’’ Jungkook said and took a deep breath and turned to face you better. He grabbed your hands in his and made you look at him.

‘’Y/N, I’ve met you once when we were little and I couldn’t get you out of my head since then. I was only 8 years old then, but I couldn’t. I met you again 1 year ago, at exactly this place, and I fell for you right that moment. I didn’t necessarily need help on my study then and I still don’t now, but Y/N I like you, and I’m okay if you can’t replicate these feelings, I just wanted you to know’’ he said and released a big breath.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, that the prince Jeon Jungkook returned my feelings for him. I didn’t know what to say and just sat there with my eyes wide open and mouth wide open.

‘’Y/N please say something, I’m dying here’’ Jungkook said with a nervous chuckle.

‘’Jungkook I like you too’’ I said without even processing the information. I swear Jungkook’s smile went so big and bright, I never want to see anything else in my life again.

‘’You do?!’’ he asked shocked and I nodded with a shy smile.

‘’yeah’’ I said and looked back down on my lap and continued playing with my fingers. When suddenly my head was lifted and Jungkook was much closer than I expected. His nose barely grazing mine and his eyes staring into mine.

‘’Then it must be okay to do this now’’ he said and before I know it I felt his lips on mine. To say this was my first kiss would be a lie, but to say that his lips were the softest I’ve ever felt. His lips tasted like vanilla and they were so soft. Jungkook nibbled on my lower lip to ask for access and I happily granted it. His hand on my waist and my hands in his hair. I never expected something like this to happen to be honest. Once we broke the kiss to catch a breath his head was still leaning on mine.

‘’Wow’’ he said out of breath 

‘’Wow indeed’’ I said equally out of breath.

‘’I never thought you would have returned my feeling Y/N’’ he said leaning back but pulling you with him so you sat on his lap.

‘’and why would you think that?’’ I asked playing with the back of his hair. My book that I was reading long forgotten.

‘’Because you are so beautiful, kind and way out of my standards.’’ He said which made my mouth fall open, again.

‘’Are you kidding me’’ I asked and slapped his chest and he just grinned.

‘’Ya! I’m still the prince you know, and that hurt Y/N’’ he said rubbing the spot on his chest I just hit him. Shit, I forgot for a moment who we are.

‘’Eh, eh, I’m sorry your high-, I mean Jungkook’’ I said quickly scrambling off to sit back on my chair. Jungkook pouted at me when I moved from place, but who knows who could come in any moment. We were still in the castle and Jungkook is still a prince.

‘’Ah I didn’t mean it like that jagi, please come back’’ he said pouting and holding his arms out to me.

‘’No I know, but I don’t want anyone catching us’’ I said.

‘’Then, lets meet elsewhere’’ he said.

‘’Like where’’ I said looking at him.

 ‘’My bedroom’’ he said which made my eyes grow big. ‘’or the garden, or both’’

‘’Your bedroom? but Jungkook, we, I,’’ I was at loss of words. His bedroom was his room, his private place, his safe place. And going there would be breaking the law, even if I’m already doing that, this would make matters worse.

‘’We’d have more privacy there Y/n, and the guards won’t say anything, I’ll even tell them to let you in whenever you come without questioning, I would rather be with you all the time but I know how scared you are of the king and breaking the law, but I’ll find a way for us to be together, but please, for now?’’ he asked. He was holding my hands to his lips and staring at me with his big puppy eyes, which he knows I can’t resist.

‘’Fine’’ I said letting out my breath and his smile grew again. ‘’but when? And what did you say about the garden?’’ I asked.

‘’every evening if possible? And the same time as the library? Or I can send for you, and If I pass you in the halls myself, I could give you a sign like rubbing my ear if I wanted to meet?’’ he said. He had it all planned. I can’t believe we were going to do this.

‘’Fine, but what about the gardens? You said gardens?’’ I said.

‘’No one ever comes in the gardens, only the garden maid, but she’s very nice and is like a grandma, she won’t tell, so we can also meet there if we want to’’ he said.

‘’Fine, but’’ I said.

‘’But what jagi?’’ he asked.

‘’what am I to you now than?’’ I asked.

‘’You’re my girlfriend of course’’ he said grinning and kissed me again.


OK so I’ve vagued about it but I’ve been busy lately and it’s not soo late so here it is! My character analysis on Katsuki Bakugou for those of you who aren’t really sure about….well, WHO he is. I’m starting at the beginning and going up until the current arc so obviously there are are spoilers for you anime-only people and those who haven’t caught up yet. I wanna go step by step through his character development so he makes more sense, basically.

(And yeah, I’m looking at everyone who thought he’d go Sasuke. I had faith in my son.)

TLDR; Bakugou likes Winning more than Losing which is why he’d NEVER join the villains.

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“I cant believe you didn’t know.”

Inspired by this anon

Pls enoy my completely unexperienced 6 am attempt at writing a drabble to go along with this! Its OOC and I dont know how to end things! *throws confetti*

“I don’t think I really fit in up here.”

Kek tilted his head, staring at Ryo.  He sat, gazing down at his lap with a faint smile, silken white locks swaying gently in the light current that ran through Keks cave dwelling. 

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Dream Come True

∟ Happy holidays to @highfaelucien

Summary: Ever since Feyre turned nineteen years old, Rhysand had visited her dreams every night. Frightened of this occurrence, Feyre refused to talk to him thinking that it was simply a delusion she had. She did not understand why it happened and why it was only him that showed up. After weeks of convincing, Feyre managed to befriend Rhys in a way she never thought she would.

A year later, Rhysand still visits her dreams every single night. Slowly, he became her escape from her abusive boyfriend, Tamlin. Rhys became something more to her than she ever thought he would. However, Rhysand has no clue of Feyre’s situation with her boyfriend - let alone that she has a boyfriend.

A modern soulmate AU for Feysand in which Rhysand saves Feyre like she saved him.

Tags: Angst, Love, Hurt/Comfort, Saving, Relationship


“Feyre darling.”

“It’s been a year, Rhys. Drop the nickname.” Feyre muttered, although the smile on her face says otherwise.

Rhysand stood in her living room, looking glorious like always with his playful smirk on his face. Although she would never tell him that. His ego was already big enough to begin with. He chuckled as he pushed himself off the marble kitchen counter and made his way to her. Feyre couldn’t help but stare at his built form dressed in a short sleeved, black collared shirt. It was pressed against his muscles in a more than wonderful way while the sleeves banded around his biceps nicely.

“You’re staring, darling.”

“What makes you think I’m looking at you?”

“It’s sort of obvious, Feyre. Your mouth was open too.”

Feyre resorted to throwing a glare his way, crossing her own arms as Rhys bursted out laughing at her reaction.

He thought she looked adorable.

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Good Luck Charm - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I’m really curious on how the reader and Finn first met, I know they met in NXT, but I would like to read on their first time meeting, and just thought it’ll be cute.

A/N: Indeed, they did meet in NXT! Reader and Finn had that, “Love-At-First-Sight” cheesy thing going on, but she was a fan of his when he had Prince Devitt going on. ;) Finn was the true reason she went chased after the dream in the first place… But I’ll give a bit of flashbacks on how I imagined it playing out inside my head. Enjoy! :)

Also, for anyone wondering about the age gap currently, since he’s 35, reader is 28. So 7 year age difference!

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

–Thursday, November 6th, 2014.

10:30 A.M.

You walked through the doors of NXT where the show would be taped, your heart racing. You were set to debut tonight and your nerves were about to eat you alive. Your stomach churned, your eyes kept twitching, your palms were sweaty. Behind you you pulled a suitcase that was reserved for your makeup and your outfit was already neatly placed inside your locker.

Everyone looked at you as you passed, warm smiles being offered to help soothe your tension. You rolled your neck, heaving a sigh. You had dreamt of this day for years since starting out and you were finally here. NXT was just the beginning. You tried not to think too far ahead, but the possibility of being on the main roster excited you beyond measures.

You were only twenty-six years old and you felt like the five year old entering kindergarten for their first day of school. You were making your debut tonight. All of your training, hard work, dedication, sleepless nights spent at the gym shaping your body… It all led up to this very moment where you would prove yourself worthy enough to be with some of the best. People who had already made a name for themselves and could possible advance to the bigger picture.

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Okay, this is the first time I’m going to talk about this and probably the last. Whoever sees this will probably be the only people who will understand.

About 3 years ago, I was talking to this guy and I thought he was so cool and I literally wanted to do everything for him. He eventually got me to have sex with him and after the second time, I got pregnant. Sadly, not knowing I was pregnant I got on the birth control shot. The birth control shot is absolutely terrible because all it does is weaken your uterus to be unable to hold a baby. So if you do end up pregnant on the shot, you are most likely going to miscarry. Which is exactly what happened. I was 4 months pregnant, alone and scared. I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain and cramps. Ran to the bathroom and there was blood everywhere. I was crying and shivering(not because it was cold but because I was so scared). After 10 minutes of sitting on the toilet my tiny, itty bitty baby came into this world. So tiny and so still. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t even go to the hospital for it. I wrapped the baby in a paper towel and went outside and put it in a bag in the trash can. I couldn’t Burry it because I didn’t want anyone to be suspicious and I didn’t want to flush it because, well, that was my baby. A couple weeks later I finally told my friends about what happened and none of them believed me. I told my only guy bestfriend that I actually trust (coincidently, the guys best friend as well) and he sat with me on the phone that night for hours. Okay, enough with the sad lets fast forward to the present.

March of 2013, I met my current boyfriend and of course right away, we fell head over heels for each other. Which is weird for both of us because he was a player and I was going through a really bad stage in my life. We both thought we were just gonna be a one night stand, but a year and 9 months later and we’re still going strong. But that’s not the only thing, In late October, I conceived my second little blessing. Completely 100% off all types of birth control. I am now 10w3d and everything is going way better then the first time. I’m 17 and even though I’m still young, I feel like I get to make up for everything I did wrong the first time. Andrew and I are really excited to bring our little miracle into this world and love it and show it how amazing life could be if you keep an open mind.

I know a lot of people won’t read this or will like the picture and not read the story but, if you do, thank you so much.

What werewolves and the sea have in common, chapter 1.

“We’re WHAT?!” Stiles shouted, dropping his bag of lacrosse gear onto the floor with a loud thud. “There’s absolutely no way. Did hell freeze over? Is this a fever dream? Scott, you’re not actually thinking of going through with this, right?” The aforementioned teenage werewolf shrugged, tilting his head to the side while averting his gaze. 

“W-well, I thought it wasn’t a completely bad idea. They did help us with the Jackson-being-a-kanima thing, and maybe we could get a chance to know them better. What could it hurt?” He smiled, running a hand through his tousled brown hair. 

“Me, my status as currently living, and my summer plans of doing fuck-all-nothing! That’s just three things off the top of my head, I’m sure I could come up with more. I can’t even believe that sourwolf would even want to go to the beach, much less act as chaperone to a bunch of preschoolers.” 

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anonymous asked:

do you have any jed/abbey headcanons?

First, this is literally my favorite topic of conversation and this is therefore the best anon message ever.

Second, you’re going to have to be WAY more specific because I have pretty much their entire lives mapped out in my head.  

Third, I have an entire Bartlet tag, found here, that you can look at.  It has all my fics and all my thoughts in my tags.  Try going a few pages in because I haven’t done anything too juicy lately.

Fourth, I have an entire series of fics called Bartlet History (there are currently 23 total, spanning from their first meeting through Zoey’s birth, but I have more coming soon).  You can find those and all my other in-between and post-series fics on my author page here.

Fifth, literally always come talk to me about Bartlets.  Seriously.  Always.