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Looking for a room by May 5th!

heya everyone, I’m currently looking for a roommate situation that I can move into! im 27 years old and work in animation, and am a type B (i like video games and sleeping) and am currently in my own studio.  I have a pet with me, she is a very gentle therapy cat (registered and everything) and loves belly rubs (seriously) but she would have to be the only pet, so I know that narrows stuff down a lot, but I’m willing to work with you!

I’m hoping to find a place within a 10-20 minute commute of CN, and any other info we can talk about through email. 

I’ve opened up my asks so if you are able to help, please send me a message there then I’ll give you my email after you give me yours and your first and last name (a safety peocaution… you’ll have mine since its my blog title aha) and we can discuss stuff from there

thank you so much!

Voltron currently: Studio Mir is in a legal dispute with Dreamworks, people at risk of losing their jobs because of these leaks, the show and its creators are in jeopardy

Some people: Taking it as a joke, not deleting leaks, acting stubborn and ignorant af, don’t even care


bouncing off the previous reblog, if you want to create a chromatic aberration effect in clip studio paint, the steps are the same but the layer mode you want is darken as opposed to ‘shade’.

I just made a little auto action which will set up the layers for you:

You can download it here, to use it open the auto actions window (window > auto actions), and right click > import set…

alternatively you can drag the file into the auto actions window.

and while on the subject of auto actions, you can create a shortcut for them by going to file > shortcut settings…, then choosing auto action from the dropdown

Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller at Studio 54, 1978

prof-riversong21  asked:

Have you seen either the Secret of Kells or Song of the Sea? They're beautifully animated movies (definitely recommend if you haven't seen them) and your style kind of reminds me of them, it's so pretty!

I LOVE those movies. Absolutely gorgeous design and animation. 

The same studio is currently in production of their next feature The Breadwinner and I can’t wait to see it.

Decided to redo my meet the artist since a lot has changed since my last one and I have quite a lot of new followers!

So, Hello! My name is June, most folks call me Fairy! Im a bean who likes to make characters, mostly monsters, and also draw stories! I am currently looking for studio work as a Character Designer or Storyboard artist and taking up freelance in the meantime. I tend to be shy at first but I’m also a total goofball once you get to know me. 

Thanks for all your support!

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Otomedia 2017/02 (p21)

Here’s the other interview with producer Manabu Otsuka from February’s Otomedia. This is from February so of course it’s after the end of the series.

As I mentioned in the other post, Otsuka is a producer and also the current representative director of studio MAPPA, so he’s actually a very important guy. In other words, as long as he’s fine with more YOI we will get more YOI…

I know Otsuka from Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis, because he often appeared in the crazy staff live talk they had every week. I always had the impression that he is a nice guy who is open to challenges and lets creators fairly free to do what they wish, which in anime such as YOI is a good thing because it means that creators don’t have to fight against an army of narrow-minded higher-ups to make the story how they want it (though I think they still have to fight against sponsors, distributors etc..). Yamamoto and Kubo would probably have had a much harder time making YOI if they had teamed up with a more old-fashioned anime studio.

As most of the anime staff, Otsuka didn’t really create the story of YOI, he just managed the team that animated it, that’s why often speaks with “it’s my opinion” “I think that” etc.

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MAPPA producer Manabu Otsuka interview
The story of the two continues after the Grand Prix Final

—Let us know how you feel now that the last episode aired.

In the last episode Victor decided to go back to competing and Yuuri decided to continue. I feel that (Mitsurou) Kubo-san and director (Sayo) Yamamoto-san were able to successfully depict the progress and final destination of their relationship of coach and student, as well as the theme of this work, which is “love”, bringing everything to a beautiful conclusion.

—Was it decided from the start that Yuuri would place 2nd in the Grand Prix Final?

Yes. When I received the plan of the story until the last episode, it had Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) as the winner. I think that, from the start, the story of Yuuri and the other figure skaters was portrayed as something that was going to continue even after the Grand Prix Final. If Yuuri had won he might have chosen to retire this season.

—Were there any other alternative plans for the ending?

Kubo-san and director Yamamoto might have discussed other plans between themselves, but the production staff only knew the current ending. The way we portrayed the exhibition changed from the original plan, but I think that this version with Victor barging in on Yuuri’s exhibition and the story ending with the two of them was probably the best option.

—Why do you think Victor decided to go back to competing?

Victor has been winning all this time with his overwhelming strength and has always surprised the audience, but I think that he might have gotten into a slump because he didn’t know what to do next. Just at that time, at the banquet of last year’s Grand Prix Final, Yuuri told him “become my coach”. This is just my imagination, but I think Victor might have seen it as an occasion for he himself to change. After that he becomes Yuuri’s coach and they fight together, and I think that Yuuri kept on surprising Victor. As they spend time together not only in tournaments but in their private life too, Victor is attracted by Yuuri and is influenced by him. Unlike when he was always winning alone, the influence of another person caused something inside him to change, and I think he might have become curious to know what kind of performance this new himself was capable of and how he could fight against the other skaters. Of course it’s just my personal opinion.

—So this change led him to return to competing.

In the Grand Prix Final we are also shown how both his personal best scores in the short program and free skating were surpassed by the two Yuris, and he can’t just stay there twiddling his thumbs as the others surpass him. Also, in episode 11 we see Victor watching the other skaters’ performances, and of course I don’t think his feelings are that simple, but Yuuri takes it as “see, Victor wants to skate again after all” and “I’m the one who is stopping him from doing that”, so at the beginning of episode 12 he tries to set Victor free.

—So you are saying that he didn’t decide to retire just because of his physical limits.

Yes. And I also believe that Victor’s return to competition might have stopped Yuuri from retiring.

—I had the impression that Yurio’s free skating in episode 12 also had a strong role in stopping Yuuri’s retirement.

I do think that Victor himself and his choice were one of the ultimate reasons causing Yuuri to change his mind about retiring, but at the same time, on a different level, Yurio as an athlete showed him how earnestly he wanted to win against him. I think that power affected Yuuri’s feelings as a figure skater and made him decide to continue competing. Love and bonds with people are portrayed through his relationship with Victor, and the spirit of an athlete and the importance of keeping a strong motivation are portrayed through Yurio. I felt that the way the story is structured with Yurio, who is the youngest one, fiercely representing the essence of an athlete and confronting the adults, was very cleverly thought.

—What do you think about Jean-Jacques Leroy (JJ), who placed 3rd in the Grand Prix Final?

He’s a character I really like. He was overwhelmingly strong ever since he appeared, has a crazy personality and many things about him are more definite than other characters. He says he’s “the king” and delivers. I think that JJ’s collapse increased the tension of the Grand Prix Final. I felt that he had the role of making the audience think “What will happen to Yuuri and Yurio?”, “What will be the results?”. As someone on the creators’ side I was also happy that in the end he was able to rank 3rd overall (LOL).

—It’s amazing that he could recover in the free skating.

I was moved watching him, because unlike the previous JJ, this time he was suffering and struggling to achieve good results. In any sport it always leaves a strong impression when someone is able to overcome adversity, and depicting this through JJ’s development was a good thing for this work as a sport anime.

—From episode 10 we have Otabek too.

Otabek is an athlete who pursues strength as a competitor. He stoically endeavors to become stronger to win competitions. This personality also makes him lonely, and I think that’s why he became friends with Yurio. Yurio has Yakov, Lilia and the others, but I was happy to see that he could finally find a fellow athlete who shared the same loneliness.

—Regarding Yuuri and Victor, how do you interpret their relationship over the course of the whole anime?

This is just my opinion, but I think that for the two of them the relationship of coach and student is just the surface. It looks as if Victor showed up and saved Yuuri from a crisis, but at the same time Victor needs Yuuri too. Yuuri has fallen to the very bottom and Victor has lost sight of something. They meet when they are both going through a difficult phase and need to change something, they complement each other and go further ahead. Yuuri said “this feeling doesn’t have a name”, and I really think their relationship is just like that. It’s surely beautiful to call it “love”, but I think that it goes even beyond that; it’s a relationship where they motivate each other to go in a better direction.

—Every episode had a big response, but do you think in episode 10 it was particularly impressive?

I felt that Kubo-san and director Yamamoto, just like Victor, like to always surprise the audience. And they even set a series of surprises in a row. Showing something clearly can be scary because some people might not be impressed by it, but it’s amazing how they still pushed forward without hesitation (LOL). However, I think that the aggressive stance of this work is what helped it reach the hearts of many people. I personally felt that episode 10 was the culmination of that. It was full of thrills.

—Many people are already hoping for a sequel. What are the current plans for the future?

I think that Kubo-san and director Yamamoto want to continue as long as they can, and there are probably lots of things that they want to portray. If they wish so, the company and I will be glad to work on it as we’ve done so far (LOL).

▫︎ Calm ▫︎

have this watercolor doodle speedpaint of edge being super chill but crying huehue~ currently watching some Ghibli studios movies like spirited away, totoro, howl’s moving castle and grave of the fireflies. I’m still loving these movies to bits <3

Anthony Greninger- Thankful


Disclaimer: I did not find all of these easter eggs myself. I watched many Youtube videos and read many articles and gathered the best easter eggs and connections to the Star Wars movies and I compiled them into one organized post. Enjoy!


During Maui’s musical number, “You’re Welcome”, during the 2D/cardboard sequence, Flounder enters from the right and swims upstream. If you blink, you might miss it.

Ralph from “Wreck-It Ralph” in the movie’s credits

During the end credits, Ralph himself appears among the designs on the right side of the screen. Disney likes to give nods to its upcoming movies in current releases, and the animation studio is currently working on a “Wreck-It Ralph” sequel set to be released March 2018.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” homage

Halfway through the film, Moana and Maui encounter a tribe of anthropomorphic coconuts called kakamora. Moana remarks, “They’re kind of cute.” Then the kakamora paint pearly white teeth on their armor and take up arms. Their ship emerges from the fog, revealing a massive fleet of pirate ships. What follows is an epic chase that is very reminiscent of Mad Max: Fury Road. Just as Max, Furiosa, and their crew set out across a desert wasteland to escape the movie’s War Boys, Moana and Maui race across the sea to skirt the kakamora. Their large, ramshackle vessels are reminiscent of Immortan Joe’s brigade, while the creatures’ painted faces mimic those of the War Boys.


One of the Kakamoras has the face of Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” reference

After the end credits, we see a scene of Tamatoa still stuck on his back from his confrontation with Maui and he’s searching for help. He talks about being stuck on his back and then tells the crowd that he knows they would help him if his “name was Sebastian and he has a cool Jamaican accent.”

Marshmallow from “Frozen”

The ice monster from Frozen is seen as a drawing in this scene from when Moana was a baby.

Olaf from “Frozen”

When Moana is loading up her boat with food prior to leaving the island, she dumps a load of fruit and coconuts into the hold, and on top of them all is one, single, carrot (the carrot would be the only thing that wouldn’t melt). I couldn’t find a photo of this, sadly. 

UPDATE: The Olaf easter egg has been found! Credits to mrscarmcolon on Instagram

Maui transforms into Sven from Frozen

Maui’s magical fish hook gives him the ability to shape-shift, and in the scene where Maui tries to become a giant bird, he shuffles through several transformations first, and for a split second, he turns into Sven, the reindeer from “Frozen.”

Flash from “Zootopia”

Flash’s “sort of” cameo is in the realm of monsters sequence in the form of a slow-moving masked creature with multiple limbs. This was so hard to spot, I couldn’t even see it or find any photos of it. Some people think that this is actually the Flash cameo because the director said he will be in disguise, and this creature has four claws on each of his four limbs, just like a sloth.

David Bowie

Lin Manuel Minranda - the sunshine of my life, Hamilton creator, and writer and composer of the Moana soundtrack - has said that he wrote Tamatoa’s song “Shiny” as a tribute to the later singer. He said “… The world had already been mourning Bowie, I’d been listening to Bowie on a loop. I was like, well I’m writing a glam rock tune for this crab, this jewel-encrusted crab.“ (Extra: Jemaine Clement, who voices Tamatoa, has acted as David Bowie in his sketch comedy show, Flight of the Concords.)

The  Maui sculpture - callback to The Little Mermaid and Aladdin

The statue of Maui in the cave on the island he was stuck on is a callback to the statue of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. Later, when the statue falls over, only the tip of Maui’s nose breaks off, which is a reference to a scene from “A Whole New World”

Moana and The Little Mermaid Parallels

Both movies have the same directors,  John Musker and Ron Clements. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel wants to leave the sea to go to land, and wheras Moana wants to leave the land to go to sea. Both princesses also have fathers that want them to remain within their world’s limits.


Maui was a mortal, who was abandoned by his human parents, and taken in by “gods” who made him a demigod. Hercules was the child of “gods” but he was raised by humans after he was abandoned on Earth by Hades’ minions. (Extra easter egg: Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who voices Maui in the movie, also played Hercules in a live action adaptation).

Twitter Reference

When Maui uses HeiHei to sign on Moana’s oar, he says “When you use a bird to write with, it’s called tweeting.”


Both Tamatoa and Smaug covered themselves in their treasures in their lairs deep within a mountain. And in Moana and in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, both Moana and Bilbo Baggins didn’t realize they were walking on top of their villains until the creatures emerge from underneath their treasures.

“THE ABYSS” Reference

The first time we see Moana interact with the ocean, its form is very reminiscent of the alien water tentacle from James Cameron’s 1989 sci-fi movie, The Abyss.

The Ocean and The Magic Carpet

The ocean in Moana and the magic carpet in Aladdin, were both very similar because both were sort of non-speaking characters that helps their main characters and guide them in their quest.

Lilo & Stitch references

In the movie, Moana gets embarrassed about eating a pork sandwich in front of her pet pig Pua, which is reminiscent of when Lilo explaining why she can’t feed a tuna sandwich to her pet fish, Pudge. Also, he scene where Moana uses a leaf to protect a baby turtle is reminiscent of this photo of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.


Maui’s eyebrows were designed to look specifically like Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s eyebrows, and Maui raising his eyebrow is an homage to The Rock always raising his eyebrow (especially during his wrestling days).


Zootopia was released before Moana, and in addition to the MEWOANA Easter egg we all know, Disney hid another Moana easter egg in Zootopia - Maui’s fish hook on the back of Finnick’s van.

About SquigglyDigg

My name’s Hailey, but you can call me Squiggly: animator, illustrator, skeleton enthusiast, grown-ass woman with a kid’s interests.  In my spare time I like to eat, draw, sing, cosplay, and voice act!

(If you’re looking for info on my Toon Henry AU for Bendy and the Ink Machine, please refer to this post on my personal blog.)



“Why the name ‘SquigglyDigg?’”

I’ve told the story before, but basically the username “SquigglyDigg” comes from several years ago, when I went on a flight to visit some family and had a little mameshiba keychain on my backpack carry-on.  The flight attendant was charmed by it, and kept giving it silly little nicknames each time he passed by, batting at it, saying “hello” to it, and stuff like that.  When I got off the flight, he patted it affectionately and went “buh-bye, squigglydigg!”And the nonsense word just stuck out in my memory, so I adopted it. :V

“Where do you work?”

I’m currently working for Copernicus Studios as a 2D FX animator on Season 2 of Pickle & Peanut.

“What program do you use to draw/animate?”

I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both!

“Where did you attend college?”

I attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and graduated with a BFA in Traditional Animation in December 2016.

“Do you have an online store?“

Yes indeedy!  My RedBubble store can be found over here:

“What about commissions?”

I do occasionally offer commissions, but unfortunately they are closed at the moment!  I’ll be making a page listing my prices as soon as I get the chance to re-open them.

“PLEASE DRAW  _____!”

The more you ask me to draw something, the less likely I am to do it.  Please – I don’t take requests.

“I drew/wrote something for you!  How can I show it to you?”

Any number of methods (thank you for thinking of me :D)!  If I’m online, a simple @squigglydigg or @squigglydigglydoo in a post might work, but since I’m not always online, that method of getting my attention is unreliable.  A better way of making sure I can see a post you make is to simply make sure that #squigglydigg or #squigglydigglydoo is in the first five tags of the post!  I track both of those tags, and unfortunately, the way Tumblr works, any given post will only appear in the first five tags applied to it.  If #squigglydigg is the sixth tag or later on your post, it won’t show up in the tag.

Unfortunately, I cannot see my tracked tags until I’m at home.  If you’d like to submit to me a link to the post (or simply the content you made, if you don’t want to make your own post) so that I see it sooner, please feel free to do so!

“Can I use your art for insert-thing-here?”

You must ask me for permission if you would like to use my art for anything at all, period.  No exceptions (this includes you, RP blogs–I do NOT like finding my work cropped and edited for somebody’s icons without my permission).  If I give you permission to use my work, you MUST source it back to me with a link to where it was originally posted, and you DO NOT have permission to edit it beyond cropping it unless I explicitly say so.

Trust me–you don’t want to test me here.  I know how to use the copyright complaint function on most websites.

“Is it okay to tag your art as ‘kin’ or anything related to otherkin or fictionkin?”

Please do not.  I’ve explained my stance before, and am a bit uninclined to get into it again, but long story short, it’s more than a little unsettling for me as an artist to have people I don’t even know claiming my art as, in any way, shape, or form, a representation of them.

Anybody who disrespects my wishes on this matter and decides to associate my work with anything related to “kin” will be blocked on sight.

This is not a bluff.  I am tired of asking every single person individually to respect my wishes.

“What computer do you have?”

I actually have a custom PC, specifically designed to run games and process-heavy software!  The specs can be found in this post right here.

“How tall are you?”

As baffled as I am that this is, in fact, a frequently-asked question, I stand at 5'2”.

“Sweet or savory food??”

I actually don’t like sweet food that much, so savory!


Hey Arch, I’ve been following your blog throughout my undergraduate degree in Env. Design and it’s been a great resource! I really appreciate what you do for the community and the people asking you questions. I was wondering if you might have insight about projects that could help inform my current studio project. I decided to propose a version of the Center for Truth and Reconciliation at the UofM.

It’s a mix of Museum/Research/Archives/Classrooms/Great Hall/Gathering space. Would you happen to know of any  precedent that might help inform my form, circulation, etc? Have a good weekend! Cheers A

Storage Rooms Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Most major museums have a combination of most of these uses. The most obvious ones in my opinion would be the :

  • Smithsonian Institution (all the images in the post)
  • MET,
  • Tate (check out the recently completed extension by Herzog & de Meuron)
  • Louvre (check out the Louvre Lens by SANAA)

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Dancing + Dimples || Jung Jaehyun (NCT) x Reader

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2.2k

Desc: Your group is collaborating with NCT U for a special stage. When you and your partner just aren’t clicking, you find that it’s gonna take a little more than just skills to pull off the dance. 

We were in the middle of practicing the dance for what felt like the 30th time when the music suddenly shut off. “Stop, stop, stop!” Danny, our choreographer, yelled. I came undone from Ten’s arms, breathing heavily.    

“Guys, I know you’re all tired and frustrated, but this looks like a complete mess. Where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the effort?” Danny questioned, throwing his hands in the air. He looked at us expectantly, but no one dared to say a word. “Y/N and Ten, you guys are my main dancers. You’re supposed to be leading this, but I’m not feelin’ it at all,” I practically felt my confidence melt out of my body at his words. Ten and I shared an uncomfortable look. What were we doing wrong?

Danny let out a deep sigh. “Well, since no one has any answers, we’re done for today. Come back tomorrow, when you guys are actually ready to show me something good.” With that, he stormed out of the studio, slamming the door behind him. We all turned to look at each other.

“Well, that sucked,” Mimi, my best friend and group member, muttered.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Doyoung agreed.

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Rainy Days- A BATIM Fic

I have waited literally all day to post this. But yeah, literally for the last week it’s been rainy and dreary and while I normally love the rain, I had to go out in the rain and work, which is not fun. Anyways, another fic in @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, about the first time the toons saw rain and I fudged the timeline a bit so they could all do it together because I like the trio together discovering things and it’s my story so :P. Anyways, enjoy!

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