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[On being on the show and it’s long running legacy]

It means a great deal to me! I mean, I-I-I wasn’t here from the very beginning but at this point I’ve now been here as long as or–longer then some of the people who were here from the beginning. So, it’s a crazy thing.


The US opioid crisis is real and deadly. Trumpcare could make it even worse.

Connie Petroski can’t remember the exact moment her daughter, Jessica, went from being a sunny 17-year-old who loved dressing up for school dances and hanging out with her friends to a sullen, quiet 18-year-old alternating between falling asleep upside down on the toilet and getting into hysterical shouting matches with her mother.

“She just got with the wrong person and started with cocaine, and it just goes from there,” Connie said in a phone interview. “It’s just one drug after another and nothing ever gets strong enough, so that’s when they turn to heroin.”

Jessica is just one of the estimated 2.1 million Americans currently struggling with opioid addiction, and the epidemic is only getting worse. In 2015, the most recent year on record, opioids killed more than 33,000 people — a record. From 2014 to 2015, deaths from synthetic opioids like fentanyl, the painkiller that was found to be responsible for the 2016 death of the singer Prince, rose by 75%.

As the opioid crisis balloons in scale, imminent cuts to Medicaid and the introduction of the American Health Care Act under President Donald Trump threaten to eliminate health coverage for millions of Americans who rely on the Obama-era expansions to access addiction treatments.

Jessica is one of those people. Today she is 35 and, according to Petroski, her recovery is sustained by a bi-weekly supply of Methadone meted out with the help of Medicaid.

“If she didn’t have the Methadone, she could die,” Petroski said bluntly. “You can’t just stop. You can’t just come off the medication. The risks of dying are so high.” Read more (3/10/17 11 AM)

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I’m am currently struggling to breathe after murdering the replay button EDIT:I see people asking where this is from,the show is called Voltron Legendary Defender which is on Netflix and kisscartoon while the voice over,according to the description of the video, is from an Sao abridge ^ _ ^

Overreacting *Stiles Smut*

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Rating: M (Mature

Warning: Smut

 *I hope you guys like it!!! :)*

3 weeks. 3 weeks of stiles completely ignoring his tasks as a boyfriend. 3 weeks of constant bickering. 3 weeks since I’ve had any kind of sexual contact with him and I’m struggling. Currently I’m packing to go to Mexico. A fucking 27-hour drive in a car with Stiles, and the rest of the pack. Normally I wouldn’t be affected by the lack of contact with Stiles but for some reason its eating at me and I’m guessing its bothering him too because he’s been acting like a complete dick.

“(Y/N) can you hurry the fuck up god” I heard him scream from the bottom of the stairs. I fought the urge to make some smart ass comment and continued to show random necessities into my bag. Water, food, gum, condoms (Because you never know), Extra clothes for me and stiles, Hair ties and so on. I ran down stairs once I was done and almost everyone was here except Lydia.

“Fucking Finally, come on we have to go get Lydia.” Stiles grabbed my bag and threw it in the Jeep. Kira gave me a small smile before climbing in the back seat. I sat up front and instantly plugged in my headphones. This was going to be a long ride.

We got to Lydia’s place in less than 10 minutes and stiles practically jumped out of the jeep to open the door for her to get in. Okay Then… After I saw how wide his smile was when he saw her, my brain went into overdrive. Maybe he wasn’t just sexually frustrated, maybe he just genuinely doesn’t have feelings for me anymore, or maybe he’s just bored. So many reasons were running through my mind I actually got a headache. I was so lost in my own world I didn’t even realize we started driving again. My eyes flickered to the rear view mirror and I saw that Malia was already looking at me. She gave me a soft smile, which I kindly returned. I guess she could smell whatever emotion I was feeling. I wonder how Kira does it, it must be so hard to hide what she’s feeling from Scott. My eyes wandered over to Stiles who’s face held a smile. I followed his eyes only to see that he was looking at Lydia. Oh what a surprise.

Deep down I know Lydia wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, and neither would Stiles. I was never one to get jealous. I always understood that Stiles had multiple female friends and it never bothered me. Mostly because I was the one he was sleeping next to at night. But my insecurities were setting in and I was gnawing at my bottom lip as I processed, or tried to process all of these ideas running through my head. Did I push him away? Was he not happy with me? What did I do? I must’ve done something. Did he realize something in the past few weeks? Did his feelings for Lydia never leave? Stiles reassured me multiple times that he still loved Lydia but not the way he loved me. He cared for her but that was it. It was different now. My chest started feeling heavy and there was a familiar ache in my heart. An ache I never wanted to feel again. The worst part is I know I’m probably overreacting but I can’t help it. I’m a “Spaz” and I read too much into every situation. Once I start I can’t stop. A hand on my shoulder Is what brought me out of my thoughts. I glanced at it hoping it was Stiles but I was wrong.

“Yeah Liam?” My voice came out softer than I expected, I sounded so fragile it made me cringe. Scotts eyes snapped over to me. “You okay (Y/N)?” his face held genuine concern. But he was always concerned about everything. Scott honestly had a heart of gold and we needed more people like him in the world.  I coughed and nodded. “Yeah I’m good, what did you need Liam?” He looked at me nervously and if I’m honest it made me nervous. What the hell did this kid want? “Don’t kill me, but I’m thirsty” I looked at him for a couple of seconds before I started laughing. Like full on laughing, “You looked so scared because you wanted some of my water? Really?” He smiled shyly and I reached into my backpack pulling out a bottle. “There you can have it, I have plenty” He smiled and took it from my hands. I focused on the outside again with a small smile on my face. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel any better.

Another hour or two and everyone was asleep, Kira was cuddled up under Scott and if I’m honest it made my heart swell. They were too cute. Liam had his head on Malia’s shoulder and Lydia had her head against the window. Even though Stiles barely uttered two words to me this entire ride I fought to stay awake so he wouldn’t feel lonely. It was a long drive and he was the only one driving, I felt bad for him.

“You look tired; you can go to sleep if you want.” I tore my eyes away from my phone and looked up at the boy I hold so close to my heart. “No, no I’m good. I’ll stay up” I managed to get out without making a fool of myself. He chuckled and placed his hand on my thigh, giving it a light squeeze. A wave of emotions ran through me, lust being one of them. I shook them off and reached down grabbing the bag of kisses I brought. Carefully I peeled off the wrapping and popped it in my mouth.

“You feel like sharing?” Stiles asked and I nodded a little to eagerly. I unwrapped one for him and held it up to his lips. He could have just opened his mouth and let me drop it in but no he wraps his lips around my fingers and slowly takes the piece of chocolate into his mouth. Another rush of heat ran through my body and I found myself squeezing my thighs together. What was he doing? Two seconds ago he was all heart eyes over Lydia and now he has his hand on my thigh and is sucking my fingers. Yet again I chose to ignore the feelings and focus on something other than him.

“You’ve been waiting 3 weeks for this (Y/N), are you really going to fight it now?” He whispered, letting his grip on my thigh tighten. I bit my lip and focused my attention outside of the window. “I’ve been a dick ya know? I haven’t been paying proper attention to my girl” My heart doubled in size when he said my girl. “Do you know how hard it is? To have the most beautiful woman on the planet and not be able to satisfy her when she needs it? These last few weeks have been complete hell.” I whimpered softly and relaxed a bit in my seat. “I try so hard to be rude to her, because if I’m not it’s so much harder to keep my hands off her.” His hand slid up my thigh and I praised myself for wearing a dress. “I try to focus on other girls you know? No one can make me feel the way she does, so if I focus on other girls it helps me fight the urge to take her somewhere private and fuck her until she can’t walk.” His voice was low and raspy, I found myself involuntarily spreading my legs apart slightly.

“Stiles…” I whimpered “The pack is right there” He completely ignored my remark and rubbed circles on my inner thigh. He kept inching closer and closer to where I needed him most. “She whimpers my name just like that, when I have her all hot and bothered under me. God I miss having her writhing under me. I miss hearing her moan my name, that by itself can send me over the edge.” Slowly he pushed my panties aside and slid two fingers up and down my slit. I gripped his forearm and bit down on my lip to contain my moans. Part of me is alert because someone could wake up at any time and catch us, and part of me doesn’t care because it’s been so long. “Fuck you’re so wet for me baby” He groaned as he continues rubbing circles on my clit. “I haven’t seen my girl cum in so long, her cheeks get this pink tint to them, and her lips are swollen from all of the kissing and biting. Her hair is all over the place but it makes her look even more sexy. If that was possible. Her eyes flutter close and her mouth forms an “o” shape while she moans out my name and claws at my back. And sometimes when it’s too much for her she’ll bite down on my shoulder and it’s the hottest thing ever. I don’t think I’ve ever told her this but I love waking up and seeing all the marks she left on me.” I’ve never heard him talk this this, and if I’m honest it the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. He slips his middle and ring finger inside of me, pumping them slowly as his thumb circles my clit. “Fuck Stiles… Like that” I moaned out, clamping my hand over my mouth and looking around frantically in case I woke someone up. His eyes stayed on the road the whole time but his lips formed a smirk. “I could make her cum with just my hands, but I think she likes my mouth the most. That’s definitely my favorite part. I haven’t tasted her in so long. It’s gonna be the first thing I do when I get back from Mexico.” I whimpered again and grinded against his fingers. “Promise?” I whispered breathlessly. He tore his eyes away from the road and looked at me. “I promise baby”

His fingers moved faster inside of me and I felt myself going over the edge. He pressed down slightly harder on my clit. He was prolonging my orgasm and I don’t know if I was happy or annoyed about it. “She likes when I do this” He curled his fingers inside of me before pulling them out and slamming them back in. I was a mess in the front seat and there’s no doubt that the care would stink of sex. Even though we actually didn’t have any. “You like that baby? You like when I finger fuck you in a car full of people?” a soft mewl left my mouth and I nodded “You like the fact that I’m gonna make you cum when our best friends are right there?” I was at a loss for words as he pumped his fingers faster and curled them inside of me.

It wasn’t long before I clenched around his fingers and came undone. He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of me as I rode out my high. When I calmed down he pulled his fingers from between my thighs and I watched in awe as he sucked them clean. I leaned back in my seat, panting and fixing my dress. Stiles placed his hand back on my knee and I smiled softly. I tied my hair up and took his hand into my lap, playing with his fingers. The fingers that made me feel so good just a few moments ago.  I brought his hand up to my lips and left soft kisses all over his knuckles. It was a small gesture but it was something he loved. My eyes travelled down to the obvious bulge that formed in his khakis and I bit my lip. Dropping his hand, I unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned over the console.

“Babe what are- “He let out a soft moan as my lips attached onto his neck. “Shhhh baby, you’re gonna wake them up”

“Yeah it’s a little too late for that” I froze, Stiles froze, the entire world froze when we heard Scott talk. I fell back into my seat so fast and Stiles chuckled. “How long were you awake bro?” He asked “I woke up as soon as she leaned over to you” oh thank god, Scott didn’t witness any of our previous actions.

“I’m glad you two are back to normal dude, It’s been crazy for a while and it looked like it was really taking a toll on you guys” Scott said.

“Oh you have no idea” Stiles looked over and winked at me, causing a smile to break out onto my face. Everyone soon woke up and the rest of the drive was filled with laughter and planning. I for one couldn’t get my mind off what happened while they were asleep, and I was looking forward to returning the favor.

All I know now is, I seriously need to stop overreacting.

So I just realized

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That this man, Stefan Carl, who is currently struggling with medical complications

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Who appreciates and cares about all of his fans, watchers, and his Meme Friends

Who would wear tons of make-up just to recreate the character who will always be in our memories

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Loves us all so much, that he would do what he could to get his treatment ad put on a Liveshow for all of the people who over the years have stuck with him with love and dedication, so that they have something new to remember him by.

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Stefan Karl will not only be known for his acting skills as Robbie Rotten, but as a man who keeps upbeat spirits and cherishes all around, truly pure.

I hope good health for him


18.03.16 | Busy, busy, busy ✨📚🌿 

Because I haven’t done as much as I should’ve this past week (mostly due to some unforeseen, very frustrating circumstances) I have to work really hard this weekend. 

Currently I’m struggling with some immunology, which, even though very interesting, proves to be an equally challenging subject- so please keep your fingers crossed for me 💪🏻 

Have a productive weekend everyone! ✨


This will be behind me someday.
—  “The current struggles you’re facing will become things of the past. It’s an inevitable cycle. Nothing last forever. You can’t smile right now, but you will soon.”// Maxwell Diawuoh, Six Word Story #30 (327/366)

ok so i was browsing through old art while despairing over smth i’m currently drawing and i found this?? ??? and i hadn’t realised i never uploaded this omfg…

done for the tw mating games thing last year!!! i don’t…remember what the theme was rip