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“Camminare insieme, per esempio è un dialogo. Come ogni dialogo muto, come ogni dialogo puramente fisico, ti mette di fronte a una verità anche quando non vuoi. Se ci fai caso, il tuo modo di camminare insieme a qualcuno dice tutto sulla relazione che hai con l'altro. C'è chi è troppo nevrotico e tende a stare sempre qualche metro davanti a te, anche se tu gli corri dietro. Chi si stanca e si ferma e si trascina e, tenendoti sottobraccio, ti frena. Chi si appoggia, magari senza accorgersene. Chi si strattona sempre in qua e in là perché non sa andare dritto. E c'è chi ha il tuo stesso passo.”


i don’t think i do much shameless advertisement of my redbubble on my tumblr as much as i do my other social medias so:

here are some cuttlefish that you can buy as stickers.  they have names and biographies and i poured my gay little heart into each and every one of them.  link here!

Baby giant sea bass update!

The critically endangered giant sea bass (Stereolepis gigas) has a special place in our hearts. We’re currently housing six giant sea bass—from miniscule juveniles to a 230 pound 30 year old—as a part of a long-term growth study. And exciting news: one of our juveniles just graduated up to a bigger exhibit!

Felicitations, young giant sea bass!

Hanging with the cool kids in the Kelp Holdfast exhibit.

They grow up so fast! Here’s what this fish looked like as a one-month-old baby giant sea bass, just under an inch long:

Baby giant sea bass at one month and less than an inch long!

And it’s still got got a ways to go! Check out the 230 pound 30-year-old in our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit:

Our Monterey Bay Habitats giant sea bass isn’t done growing either. Giant sea bass can grow to over 500 pounds! 

Giant sea bass are critically endangered due to overfishing, but are starting to make a comeback thanks to protection by the state of California. By displaying giant sea bass here at the Aquarium, we hope to share their story with our guests and inspire conservation of these gentle giants.

Learn more about giant sea bass at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: