current rotation

current rotation:
  • empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) - what it takes to move forward
  • snowing - i could do whatever i wanted if i wanted
  • snowing - fuck your emotional bullshit
  • mineral - Endserenading 
  • mineral - the power of failing
  • algernon cadwallader - some kind of cadwallader
  • sunny day real estate - diary
  • the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die/deer leap - are here to help you
  • frank turner - england keep my bones

SLik d Feat Decypher, Picture Perfect

Oh my lawd, this joint is way too good.  Support, follow & peep their music

Slik D|Decypher


I’ve lost my notebook that u use to keep track of replies I need to write. If you are waiting on a reply from me, please get in touch.

(or, if you want a penpal, I could probably add another couple to current rotation 😜)


A QG Style Guide: August Sneaker Rotation 

Here’s a look into my current sneaker rotation for the month of August. As the end of summer approaches I share with you a few gems that I’ve been sporting for the last month. Starting off with my favorite Air Jordan silhouette aside from the cement 3′s (sidetone: top 5 Air Jordan of all time) I have a huge appreciation for detail and quality suede. The Aqua 8′s are a streetwear necessity which is why whenever I sport mine it’s usually with a pair of joggers and a graphic tee. 

Keeping things simple and classic is an art of mine so whenever I’m off to work or just doing some window shopping on the weekends the Nike Tennis Classic are always my go to sneaker. Built for comfort and made to withstand long walks across the city. The upper and midsole are both perforated which will help alleviate any sweat build up and to top it off a grained sole designed for better grip. 

Now I’ve always been a fan of Vans and sometimes a classic pair of the Sk8 Hi’s are essentials to your wardrobe. Whether you’re a skateboarder, into streetwear culture, or just enjoy the pleasure of a versatile sneaker the Sk8 Hi’s are quintessential to any individual’s wardrobe. Stay tuned for more sneaker rotation posts to come. Stay classy ladies and gents!!!

Where to Purchase:

Nike Tennis Classic

Air Jordan Retro 8 

Sk8 Hi Vans (Black/White)

Sk8 Hi Vans for J.Crew (Turtledove)