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i took my english exam this morning and i’ve had a productive day of studying for my latin exam tomorrow!! i hope that everyone’s enjoying their day, and hopefully we all get through exam season together :)

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3/100 days of productivity!! I made biology notes today!! currently learning about the membranous and non-membranous organelles of eukaryotic cells!! slow progress but I’m getting there!! 💫

18th May 2017

i’ve been really into doodling lately ohmy 🙈🌻and guysss please recommend me an anime to watch i just finished anohana and i cried so much

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11th May 2017

bujo spread for the second week of may! trying out a new style of flat lays hehe (。・ω・。)ノ i’m in love with the orange and brown tones 🍂

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05.13.17 // hello everyone!! it’s been a busy few days! i got a 7 on one of my huge presentations :)) and i’ve started to coach again!! 

there are 4 days until my itgs exam ;))) heh…. here are some notes I made to revise the extended response section!

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25th May 2017

more doodles & flat lays! tbh i’m so grateful for everyone who has left nice comments on my posts, messaged me, followed, reblogged or liked my posts (*¯︶¯*) i hit 2k followers last week and i just want to say a big THANK YOU!! i love all of you sm ✨💕 

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05.15.17 // noodle notes?? :) making some itgs summary notes for my exam! i didn’t take pictures of the other ones in time so expect those in the coming days :)) 

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3.4.17: a playlist (x)

i. call me out sarah close / ii. do you miss me at all bridgit mendler / iii. green light lorde / iv. issues julia michaels / v. rips in your jeans shannon saunders / vi. runnin’ thru lovers sabrina claudio / vii. sleepover hayley kiyoko / viii. song like you bea miller / ix. tell me sabrina claudio 


LISTEN…. i love everything about this dialog but the part that absolutely blew my mind was just… tony wondering if ultron can still be good…… listen to me…. this is something i miss so much in both the mcu and most comics nowadays…. my son… the guy who would hire ex-convicts without looking at their records at all… the guy who would wax lyrical about the value of second chances with minimal prompting… the guy who was manipulated by villains multiple times exactly because he was so intense about Believing That People Can Get Better… the guy who fell in love with villains multiple times…. the guy who refused to kill based on the premise that everyone deserves a chance to turn themselves around… the guy who looked at the system that fostered a crime instead of condemning the criminal…. the guy who hasn’t given up on you even after you gave up on yourself… listen……. LISTEN….. MY SON……..

P L U S that delicious contextual layer of ULTRON HAS HIS BRAINWAVES SO REALLY TONY’S WORRIES ALSO TIE BACK TO THE HOPES HE HAS FOR HIMSELF AND HIS SELF-IMAGE and anyway this event is 739283629x better than the actual movie it’s based on lmao


05.17.17 // one paper down, one more to go! here are some encryption notes from a few days ago :)) trying to get back into the studying mood oh nooo ;)

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