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I’m back! I miss writing, I miss all of you. It’s been a very long time! I can’t remember the last time I wrote Sunday Currently entries; kind of upset for being inactive for almost 5 months since I can’t find time to write and blog again with my heavy and hectic  sched. Nonetheless, Thank You everyone for staying and still reading my blog. You’re amazing!


Reading This is where the world ends by Amy Zhang. I bought this book a month ago and still on the middle part of the story. :(
Writing this blog and some home works for tomorrow’s classes.
Listening to Jona’s YOU from the movie ‘My ex and whys’. I’ve been listening to this song a couple of times now, and yes I’m in love with this song.
Thinking if I’ll go for a jog early in the morning…alone. I was really determine to be healthy, sporty, productive and stuff but some things really kept me from doing so.
Smelling the body cream I sneaked from my mom. Hehe.
Wishing for my fingers to be more productive and functional so I’ll be able to write more.
Hoping for a productive week ahead!
Wearing a blue cottony shirt I stole from my mom’s closet paired with comfy shorts.
Loving my fancy clutters and organizers. I wish I can always keep it organize like this. Hayy.
Wanting to lose some weight. (HOW?)
Needing someone to hug. Charot! Tulog lang sapat na.
Feeling motivated to work out. Kasi naman, ilang kilo na bilbil ng lola nyo.

So how’s Sunday everyone? I hope everyone get the chance to complete their sleep. Anyways, I did some blog make over lately and I hope you love it too!

01 // fly

01 // fly
flight log: departure fic series

Mark | 2353 words | guardian angel au
You’ve known Mark for as long as you remembered, but he has a secret (or two) that he’s been hiding. 

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