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so yesterday in the queue for frank someone passed around a notebook to give to him and everyone wrote really nice heartfelt messages about how much they admire him and his music has helped them … this is my page

don’t you fucking dare say stuff like ‘he let himself go’ about current gerard, he overcame addiction and he’s now happier than ever. just because he has long hair and a beard it doesn’t mean he deserves your ugly comments, you make me sick

Dr. Destiny #1

“Is this the place?” Dr. Destiny asked, sidestepping the roots of a tree and navigating between several shattered tombstones.

The graveyard around them was a very desolate and ancient place. The woods around them carved a path past the cemetery walls and onto the burial grounds, with lone trees growing between the gravestones, which were themselves covered in moss and upturned by burrowing roots.

“Yep, this is it.” her current patient looked at one of the gravestones, it was surprisingly whole, though very time worn.

Dr. Destiny glanced at him, he was surprisingly cheerful for somebody staring at his own grave. You could tell he’s been undead for a very long time.

Her current patient was Gerard Clemens, a former skeleton soldier in the armies of the Enchantress, he was tired of unlife and wished to return to the other side after his summoner’s defeat.

That’s where Dr. Destiny came in. She was the reverse necromancer. Her job was putting undead corpses, zombies, ghouls, vampires, golems and everything else undead back in the ground.

Usually she just performed her surgeries, as she liked to call them, in her family’s old graveyard near her office. Most patients didn’t mind. But Gerald proved very difficult to work with. He had some unfinished business.

“Just so you know, you’re not making this is easy on me, Mr. Clemens.” she explained before moving to the grave next to Gerald’s empty one. The tombstone read Darius Clemens, 1553-1604. 

“I’m sorry, doctor. I just need to tie some loose ends before I go back.” he crouched over Darius’ grave. His cracked skeletal face looked downright silly in the jeans and t-shirt she gave him. “He told me he couldn’t stand to be a day without me. That bastard outlived me 20 years. What a dickhead.” he grabbed onto the tombstone with his skeletal fingers. “He kept the name too.”

“If you don’t mind.” Dr. Destiny gestured for him to stay back. She touched her hands to the cold ground, the full moon reflected onto her black-rimmed glasses as she began to chant. Her eyes sparkled neon green and her tattoos began to glow the same color as a wave of energy coursed through her arms and into the ground.

“Darius Clemens, I summon thee. Rise.” she walked back as the ground beneath them began to rumble. Soon, a skeletal hand popped out, and following was the rest of the body.

“Oh hey, is it time for another one of Carey’s halloween parties-” the skeletal man looked up. “Oh…” he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. “Hey, Gerald.”

“Hey, ‘babe’.” Gerald stomped his foot and crossed his arms over his t-shirt.

“You look upset.” Darius crawled out of the dirt. “Is this about the ring? Because I didn’t pawn it, it was grave robbers, I promise.”

Gerald raised his arms, his voice sarcastic. “Not before Gildroy the butcher put his greasy fingers through it I’m sure!”

“Hey, leave him out of this!”

“Oh sorry, I wouldn’t want to get your new husband involved in our post-mortal drama. His soul is only bound to your for eternity.” Gerald spouted sarcastically.

Dr. Destiny raised an eyebrow as the two skeletons started what seemed like a lovers spat several centuries overdue.

“Hey, listen Gerald, you were dead.” Darius was defensive.

“For like a year!” Gerald’s bones clacked angrily. “You didn’t even wait til half-mourning to start cheating on me!”

“I was gonna get back to you once me, Gildroy and the kids all died!”

“Like I’d believe that! You’ve been ignoring my calls since the telephone was invented!”

Dr. Destiny sighed. She sat down on the roots of the ancient tree and stared at her phone, with the list of all the other patients she had to attend.

It was gonna be a long night.