current favorite hockey players

Hockey asks:

1. Favorite team?
2. Least favorite team?
3. Second-favorite team?
4. Favorite rivalry?
5. Any rivalries in your family?
6. Best-looking uniforms/logo?
7. Favorite goal horn/song?
8. What hockey merch do you own?
9. Favorite hockey memory?
10. Olympic hockey or NHL hockey?
11. Which Olympic team do you root for?
12. Which legends do you wish you could have grown up watching?
13. When/how did you first get into hockey?
14. Favorite current player(s)?
15. Favorite players of all time?
16. Least favorite player(s)?
17. Least favorite player(s) on your team?
18. Favorite hockey movie?
19. If you could have any jersey, which team and player would you choose?
20. Favorite hockey city?