I hate idolatry and I hate how so many of us get hyped over symbolism while taking very little action. The same people who love stupid movies like “Dear White People” (yeah it’s dumb, I hate explaining anything to Whites especially liberal ones) are the same ones that don’t show up to the polls! The same ones who don’t care about board meetings for their city are the same ones asking why there is little change. White supremacy cannot be what stops so many of us from trying; did King make a mistake pushing forward? We’ve got to stop this looking to celebrities for support nonsense because at the end of the day, WE are the ones that are going to have to do the ground work, not them.

Flint is a good modern example of what happens when we actively mobilize and fight back against the government. They made noise and haven’t stopped, even though there are other current events of Trump’s administration. It’ll be a while till they have clean water but they have been relentless. That fever needs to translate nationally. Stop obsessing over the Black Panther party, stop looking back to Malcolm. It’s time we make a mark in this era and end reaching out to Non Black folks for support especially those of us who are African American because Non Black Asians and Latinos have a history of ripping off our movements while actively voting for laws that harm us. Solidarity looks great on paper but unless it’s executed properly then the discussion is honestly a waste of time and shouldn’t be on our agenda. Right now, the Black Caucus is aging out there aren’t enough young Black men and women to replace them. Congresswoman Maxine Waters will be vacating her seat in the 43rd Congressional district of California. Our focus shouldn’t just be on police brutality; Black lawmakers do make an impact on legislation and we need more of us to hold office now more than ever.

On May 24, 2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, striking down the Civil Code’s definition as being only between a man and a woman as unconstitutional. It is the first Asian country to do so. 

In the next two years, the Legislative Yuan will have to either amend the Civil Code or to enact laws addressing same-sex couples. If the legislative fails to pass an amendment or legislation in the next two years, same-sex couples “shall be allowed to have their marriage registration effectuated at the authorities in charge of household registration.” 

The fight isn’t over yet, but this is a victory for everyone to celebrate. I am so proud to be Taiwanese. Congratulations, Taiwan! 


Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first black female judge in the New York State Court of Appeals and the first female Muslim judge in the United States, was found dead on April 12, 2017. Sheila Abdus-Salaam was born Sheila Turner to working-class parents in Washington DC on March 14, 1952. Her inspiration to become a lawyer came from the TV shows she loved as a girl and from Frankie Muse Freeman, a civil rights activist and lawyer, who visited her school. Among her many accomplishments, Sheila Abdus-Salaam made the groundbreaking decision in a case that allowed LGBT parents to pursue equal parenting rights. 

Lacking a final statement from a medical examiner or a suicide note, the police and the media have still been quick to label her death a suicide, citing that she was ‘stressed at work.’
We can only wait for further investigation and hope that she receives as much justice in death as she offered to the world in life. For the time being, until we know the results of the investigation, SAY HER NAME.

Sheila Abdus-Salaam.

Okay I haven’t seen this floating around tumblr yet, but the first Black Muslim appeals judge, Shelia Abdus- Salaam was found dead in the Hudson River. From the articles I’ve seen, there haven’t been any indications of foul play but at this point we can’t be certain. For now I’ll say that we should honor the work she did, she was seen as a trailblazer in her position. Keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.


“Found me somebody I’m about to kill… this old dude,” chillingly exclaimed 37-year-old Steve Stephens into his mobile phone camera whilst on Facebook live on the 16th April, 2017. The man Stephens was referring to was 74-year-old grandfather, Robert Godwin, who was walking down a street in Glenville, Cleveland. Stephens pulled his car up beside the elderly man and told him that he was killing him because of his ex-girlfriend. He then shot Robert dead in broad daylight as he tried to cover his head with his hands and shopping bag.

Following this brutal and senseless killing, Stephens continued to broadcast on Facebook live, detailing his desire to “keep killing until they catch me,” adding that he had killed 13 people in what he referred to as the “Easter Sunday Slaughter.” Currently, no other bodies have been found. Stephens, who had worked as a children’s mental health case worker, said that he snapped after the breakdown of a three year relationship with an ex-girlfriend. Robert Godwin was described as “a good guy,” by one of his sons, who said his father would have given anybody the shirt off his back.

Steve Stephens is still on the run and has made contact with police, who are conducting a manhunt for the murderer. It was revealed that he could have crossed state lines and may be in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana or Michigan. Police have warned citizens to be on high alert and do not approach him if sighted.

a truck just drove into a crowd on the busiest street for pedestrians in Stockholm. It’s not yet known how many have been injured or killed but there are multiple deaths. It’s unclear if it was a terror attack or an accident, but it’s suspected to be a terror attack
The truck drove into the store Åhléns varuhus and there have been reports of a fire

har ni familj/vänner i Stockholm, ring dom, men få inte panik. Det är kaos just nu, så anta inte det värsta om dom inte svarar direkt