This is about my school’s yearbook tweeted by a guy in my grade, I’m glad it’s getting so much attention because this is ridiculous.

the yearbook staff’s Twitter account tweeted that they have to be “politically and socially correct and can’t keep everything that is possibly offensive” yet there was a senior quote that said, “Started from the bottom then I got some top”, which anyone in our age group knows is a reference to blowjobs. Another one saying, “Love no thotties”, and again, everyone in our age group knows that a “thot” is slang for “slut” or “whore”. They have since not commented on it further and have deleted the tweet about being socially and politically correct.

Action waves in the brain

Two researchers from Princeton University have developed a theoretical model describing the nervous impulse as an electromechanical wave that travels along nerve fibres, explaining curious experimental observations and challenging basic assumptions about how the brain works.

The mechanism of the nervous impulse was made clear in a series of experiments carried out by Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley from the late 1930s onwards. They prepared segments of giant squid axon, placed them in salt water solution, and then impaled them with microelectrodes, with which they could both inject electrical current into the fibre and record its voltage. This enabled them to control the voltage across the membrane and also measure the movements of current responsible for producing the impulse.

The nervous impulse (action potential, AP) and accompanying action wave (AW) together make up an electromechanical pulse that travels along the axon. From El Hady & Machta (2015)


Swim with a Viking

The ocean is in constant motion. Forget about waves and tides here - in the grand scheme of things, they don’t move that much water. We’re talking about the ‘global ocean conveyor belt’. A vast, global circulation system driven by the Sun and the spin of the Earth, which moves water from surface to the deep and back, and between every ocean basin on the planet.

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Enchanted Waters, by Jeremy_Jonkman_Photography

Cannon beach at haystack rock is an overly popular location to photograph, but I found myself tempted because how could you not, its just so beautiful. In this shot I was wading out in the rising tide for a couple of hours at sunset just to capture this dreamy photo. I am going to dry off now but I think all of my work paid off! This photograph is a blend of two exposures for dynamic range. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for any votes, favorites or constructive comments.