“I try my hardest to fit in with the other girls at school but as you can tell, I fail miserably. I don’t understand all the new ‘trends’ they get. I try and mess up my hair a bit like I see all the girls doing and it ends up looking like a bird’s nest. Shoes. Shoes, were the worst. I have long toes and wide feet so it’s hard to find fitting shoes. So I always wear my old worn out ones which people call 'granny shoes’ which upsets me because to me you shouldn’t be mocked by the clothes you wear, actually, you shouldn’t be mocked at all. Endless times of my hair being pulled in the corridors and my glasses stolen off my face just made me give up on trying to fit in. It made me release I am who I am. Maybe I cannot work the right clothes or make my hair look like a million pounds each day, at least I can see no one will ever change me. Or force me into change.

I love the person I am,”