curranmeller asked:

to comment on your post about ivy winters, last week, her Marilyn Monroe was the only time she has been considered "the bottom" the rest of the time, she has been safe or in the top 3. ALL the other queens (apart from roxxxy i think) have been called out more than once for slacking and not bringing their A game. TRUTH.

Yes! I mean, look at this chart of the current contestant’s track records-

Right now Ivy is tied with Roxxxy for second highest score after Jinkx! (and Detox, who everyone claims is the strongest, isn’t actually ranking so well) Also, I’d argue that Ivy should have won the first challenge as well as the ballet one. (or share the win with Jinkx for the dancing…double elimination, why not double win? I say this because while Alyssa obviously had the strongest dance skills, she did not look or act anything like RuPaul and was pretty much playing herself, while Ivy and Jinkx did a great job with the dancing plus more fully embodied their characters while having great chemistry together)