Community Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Review

Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons was without a doubt the funniest episode this season thus far. I was wildly entertained and laughing madly for most of the episode. I also found this to be the first post-Troy episode with some real heart, showing how much our study group really does care about each other.

Despite the fact he wasn’t quite the star of the episode, Jim Rash most certainly stole the spotlight with his comedic brilliance this episode. His commitment, facial expressions, delivery, etc., was simply hilarious.

Danny Pudi had some incredible material in this episode as well. He once again wrangled his comrades as dungeon master and guided them all through scene after scene of awesomeness. His acting through the hobgoblin interrogation scene was so funny my sides ached.

We also had David Cross guest starring in this episode, fitting his role perfectly as Hickey’s son. He fit in excellently with the cast playing off of everyone wonderfully.

As a final note, Neil’s cameo was perfect.

Go watch Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons on NBC or Hulu now. Your move Mr. Tickles.