92 Truths

Rules: Once you have been tagged you are supposed to answer the 92 truths about you. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you!

I was tagged by deanwinchesterismyhomeboy (she’s an amazing writer that you should definitely check out)

What was your:
Last Beverage: Water
Last phone call: My dad.
Last text message: “Okay and you give me the money to travel back and forth. Lol!“ (My roommate trying to convince me to go to vet school in Ireland)
Last time you cried: A couple of hours ago.

Have you ever:
Dated someone twice: No
Been cheated on: No
Been drunk and threw up: No

List your:
Favorite colors: Blue and black!

Last year have you:
Made a new friend: Yes I did at work!
Fallen out of love: No
Laughed until you cried: So many times
Found out who your true friends were: yup!
Found out someone was talking about you: Yup!

How many people do you know IRL on your fb friends list: Every single one!

First surgery: Never had surgery. Unless stitches count then when I was like 4 or 5. I fell into a fire place and cut my lip.
First piercing: My ears.
First best friend: My friend Katie who I’m still friends with to this day (Almost 15 years)
First sport you joined: Gymnastics in Kindergarten. Then soccer for 10 years.
First vacation: Disney World in Florida!

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Water
I am about to: Go to sleep!
Waiting for: My best friend to text me our camping plans for the summer.

Your future:
Want kids: Yes! I want a boy first and then a girl.
Career: Veterinarian! If that doesn’t work out hopefully a vet tech or a humane society employee.

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Eyes!
Hugs or kisses: Hugs
Older or younger: I would date someone a year younger than me or two/three years older than me. (Unless somehow I meet some of my celebrity crushes then I’ll make exceptions =P)
Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
Relationship or hook up: Relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant: A mixture of both!

Have you ever:
Kissed a stranger: No
Drunk hard liquor: Yes!
Lost contacts or lenses: Yes! I constantly drop my contacts and can never find them.
Sex on first date: Never
Broke someone’s heart: Yes
Arrested?: Almost.
Turned someone down: Yes
Cried when someone died: Yes
Fallen for a friend: Yes

Do you believe in:
Yourself: Not really.
Miracles: Yup!
Love at first sight: Yes!
Heaven: Yes
Santa: I wish I still did.
Kiss on first date: If the date goes well then yes.
Angels: Definitely!

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curlyhairedcrooner asked:

Seriously why would you tag hate as the actor's name? There are lol tags for that. I'm not even mad, I'm just genuinely curious. Like are you desperate for attention or are just trying to annoy people who are actually trying to find things in that tag?

I’ve never tagged a single thing darren criss in my life, news flash, if you say a complete title of something it shows up in the tags

learn to use this website before you talk to me ever again and ps get some taste

curlyhairedcrooner asked:

If you're starting off with alcohol I would def recommend something fruity like Mike's Hard Lemonade or some fruit flavored-wine based drink like Seagrams maybe. They take longer to get you drunk but you can get a pleasant little buzz and most of them actually taste really good.

oh i tried that lemonade BUHHH didn’t really like it ;A; maybe it’s an aquired taste or maybe i should give it a go again! (i mostly just like taste tho!)

curlyhairedcrooner asked:

So Gina gershon is Blaine's mom right? (Like maybe sin in her insta post was meant to be son?) I'm not sure how I feel about that. I really wanted his mom to be Asian and it kinda sucks she wasn't cast that way. Opinions?

Yeah, it’s really disappointing that she’s not at least part Asian, but she does look like Blaine. I had a mini-rant on this this morning when I found out. It’s just another slap in the face to people. They should have just represented.

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers ❤


1. I am actually getting good grades in uni so far, i guess I take university more seriously than high school… oops

2. I’m beautiful

3. I’m very artistic

4. I have such great friends, old and new

5. I have to go study for my 2 midterms now, and I believe in me (that’s a nice thing)

curlyhairedcrooner asked:

Write ten facts about yourself and then pass this on to ten of your favorite followers! ♥

Hummmm, so…

1 - I have 2 younger siblings

2 - I really, really love cats

3 - My first otp (since I know what a otp is) was Naruhina

4 - I’ve been in the Glee fandom since episode 3x03 aired, only because I saw Klaine fanart in a Hetalia blog and thought “Wow, since when Glee has gay people” (I only saw a comercial about it once, don’t judge me), and then I started seeing Glee because of Klaine, since they looked pretty funny in that fanart (look what have you done, person)

5 - My dream since I’m 6 years old is going to Paris

6 - I became addicted to the internet because Neopets

7 - My first favorite singer was Mika

8 - My favorite color is blue

9 - My favorite Disney (and Pixar) movies are The Little Mermaid, Aristocats and Wall-e

10 - My favorite Harry Potter book is the Chamber of Secrets

Also, thanks for choosing me! ♥

curlyhairedcrooner asked:

once you get this you have to say five nice things about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers :)

First of all, thank you!!

  1. I, personally, think I am funny (thought many would disagree). I always make puns in my head and chuckle at them.
  2. I pride myself on being as kind to people as possible
  3. I can make myself cry on cue, that’s good for acting.
  4. I can memorize lines/lyrics really fast, also good for acting.
  5. I find myself to be a pretty decent cook.

curlyhairedcrooner asked:

For us, they let us take a picture OF him, not WITH him (they made this very clear) once we were out of the way and on our way out of the store. If they're doing this for you as well, best advice is make friends with someone 2 or 3 ahead of you so that you can ask them to take a picture of him while he's signing your book. Hope this helps! Also, at ours you could give him letters/gifts/etc, but he couldn't sign anything other than the book.

I was lucky that my sister as with me because I basically broke down crying in front of him (she actually has video of this). Again, thanks so much for the advice. Sometimes I never know what to expect going into these type of scenarios.