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I’ll be posting the full video in a bit of my review on Motions new #curly2straight hair system. Come hang out:)

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I received a package of yums in the mail today from the awesome people over at Lunchbox™. I’ll be doing a review of Motions new #curly2straight system on my blog this week {} and I am also hosting a giveaway on my twitter {@roscospears} ..come hang out! #motionshair #naturalhair

Naturally Curly x Motions #Curly2Straight Live YouTube Event

The Internet is so cool.

Live chat with Taren Guy and Lexi with the Curls moderated by Evelyn who apparently went to UT (hook ‘em) felt like I was just hanging out (hehe Google hangouts) with them. The point was to discuss Motions’ new Straight Finish line which is supposed to assist with while simultaneously protecting from heat styling. Both Taren and Lexi had previously tried the product and discussed their results.

BASICALLY I was more excited for the event than hearing about the actual product line. I watch both of these vloggers on the regular and I’ll be seeing Taren in Houston (!!!!) in a few weeks so I was interested in what they had to say when it comes to straightening natural hair. Both of them had no visible heat damage and raved about the process. I guess if they can keep their beautiful HUGE hair and still heat style every once in awhile then maybe flat ironing isn’t all thaaat baaaad.

I don’t think I’ll do it for awhile. The straight hair thing is very “been there done that” for me because my last relaxer was relatively recent. I want to explore how big and curly my hair can get before I go putting some scalding hot metal on it. But it’s nice to know that it’s an option. Shout out to Motions and for erasing some of my fear.

As far as the discussion… MY question was one of the ones to get picked and both Lexi and Taren answered it. So. CLAIM TO FAME. Holla at ya gurlllll


Versatility at best. Our Nature Curly give you full light weight curl or a polish sleek and fun straight. #curly2straight in seconds #POW (at

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Want to try out Motions new Straight Finish #Curly2Straight kit? Simply type in your zip code and find a Walgreens near you!