Happy 21st Birthday Harry

Harry Imagine

Imagine meet Harry for the first time.

Imagine Harry picking you up for your first date.

Imagine Harry standing up for you.

Imagine Harry telling you he loves you.

Imagine Harry writing you a love letter. 

Imagine Harry talking on the phone with you. 

Imagine you surprised Harry by coming to a big event, you said you couldn’t make it to.

Imagine Harry asking for your hand in marriage. 

Imagine Harry hanging out with the guys before your wedding night. 

Imagine Harry waiting for you to walk down the stairs on your wedding day. 

Imagine Harry waiting on you to come to bed on you wedding night.

Imagine how that night would go down. 

Imagine telling Harry you are going to have your first child.

Imagine Harry holding yours and his first baby.  

Imagine Harry reading to your child.

Imagine you taking the child to see Harry on tour. 

Imagine a few years have gone by and you and Harry decide to adopt a few kids.