1.  Getting Cut By A Stylist Who Doesn’t Have Curls

2. Not Accounting For Shrinkage

3.  Opting For A Blunt Cut

4. Using The Wrong Products

5. Shampooing Too Often

6. Using High Heat


I’m starting this list because as a born and bred Curly Top, I know first hand what a struggle it can be to figure out how to manage/become comfortable with your hair (and do so on a budget). So, please feel free to add, reblog, and share with the curly heads you love (Please don’t delete the source.) 

1- Kiss sulfates goodbye.

I didn’t even know sulfates were a thing until it was brought to my attention. Basically, they are chemicals inside many of the shampoos and hair products that you know and love, ie; Aussie, Suave, Garnier, etc. 

A couple of the biggest problem-causing sulfates are called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, they promote bacteria, reduce proteins, and basically leave your hair covered in a thick layer of wax that sucks all of the natural oils out of your hair. I have been sulfate free for about a year now, and anytime I am forced to use a shampoo with sulfates in it, I can immediately tell the difference in the texture of my hair. As someone who will never spend a dime over the necessary price for beauty products, I’ve compiled a small list of my favorite Sulfate free or low sulfate products that you can find just about anywhere and that will not break the bank:

  • -L’Oreal Paris EverCurl
    This was the first product I tried after making the switch and I love it. It averages about $10 at places like Walmart and it lasts a while. They have a bunch of different options in this line like gel, style milk, etc. It’s cheap and it smells REALLY GOOD!
  • -Shea Moisture
    My favorite is their Coconut Hibiscus line, where they also offer several different types of products. This is probably my favorite out of everything that I’ve used (I’m partial to the Curl and Style Milk and the Hold and Shine Moisture Mist.) They also have a wonderful set of Shampoo and Conditioner, each product also averaging about $10.
  • -Miss Jessie’s
    This one is a little more expensive, each bottle averaging around $22, but it’s definitely worth the money. I love the Pillow Soft Curls product, but right now I’m working my way through a bottle of Multi Cultural Curls and it’s great, though not my favorite. 
  • -Suave Professionals
    Now, I know that I mentioned Suave earlier in the ‘bad list’, however, they have a line of Keratin Infused shampoos that are really low in sulfates AND in price! I usually never buy the shampoos and conditioners from the lines listed above, because it’s a lot of money for a little bit of product, and, let’s face it, in a Curly Haired’s world, there’s no such thing as ‘Family Size’! I can usually hit up Walmart or CVS and get a giant bottle of both this shampoo and conditioner and pay around $9 TOTAL! THAT, my friends, is a deal!

2- Find a good oil.

I’m partial to a salon quality Argan oil, but you can use whatever suits you best depending on your type of curl. You’re probably going to pay a little more for the oil than you would some of your other products, but at a couple of pumps a few times a week, one bottle can last months. 

3- Develop a solid after-shower routine.

This was a hard one for me to figure out, but once I got the hang of it, what used to be an hour long process now only takes about 15 minutes. Each routine will vary from person to person depending on your curls/resources/etc., but here is mine:

  • -First of all, I never wash out all of my conditioner. I don’t walk out of the shower with my hair still sudsy, but I leave just enough in that it makes the next 15-20 minutes a smoother process. 
  • -I start by squeezing all of the excess water out of my hair, (honestly, I’ve learned that my life post-shower is so much easier if I just stand on a towel) making sure that it’s still pretty damp, but not dripping down your shoulders. It’s a fine line. 
  • -Then, I rub a little bit of whatever curl milk I’m planning on using later into my hair (I only just learned this about a month ago and it has SAVED MY LIFE!) this seriously makes the whole brushing your hair out thing eight billion times easier. I know that people say you’re not supposed to brush your hair when it’s wet, but most of those people have board-straight hair and no actual valid opinions. You can brush curly hair when wet, or not at all. There is no in-between. 
  • -Brush it out. I start from the ends and work your way up to avoid as much breakage as possible.
  • -Now I add my oil. A few pumps of Argan into my palm, and I make sure to rub it all over my hands so no matter how I touch my hair, the oil is making contact. Try to avoid the roots, just because you have your own natural oils living there and they get kind of angry (greasy) when you invite other people in. I’ve found the easiest method in doing this is to start at the highest point you plan on putting the oil, and then twisting your hair into sort of a faux-pony tail, it spreads evenly and you don’t have to worry about your hair tangling again.
  • -Flip and scrunch! Put however much curl milk you feel necessary into your palms, flip your hair and get to work! I like to start in my biggest problem area, which is the base of my neck. I put a little more product there than I do anywhere else because it dries out so quickly. Once I’m done, I flip my hair back and scrunch up the curls on the crown of my head a little more, just because I have an issue getting a lot of volume up there.

4- Satin pillow cases are expensive.

It’s true. I know everyone says that the way to keep moisture locked into your hair is to sleep on satin pillow cases, but they’re expensive and my head slides around. No bueno. So, I’ve found a loophole! The messy bun! It’s a life saver, really. I usually wash my hair before bed, so when I’m done putting the products in, I flip my hair over again, collect it all into a bun at the very top of my head and tie it off (I use scrunchies. They don’t leave those annoying hair-tie lines in your hair). Make sure you’re not tying it too tight though, or else it could ruin the curls and you’ll wake up with a frizzy head. This locks in the moisture and protects your curls from those pesky cotton pillow cases.

5- Stop hurting your hair!!

It’s okay. We’ve all done it. Spent hours in the bathroom with a fan and a flat iron trying to look like Megan Fox. (and proceeded to sweat out all of that hard work in a matter of hours). Stop it. Throw out the flat iron, the curling rod you use after the flat iron to get those pretty beach waves, and the hair dryer- YES! I said the hair dryer. Even with a diffuser, you’re causing unnecessary damage to those beautiful curls of yours! Be nice to your hair!

6- Vitamins.

Biotin. I’m not kidding. It keeps your hair long, curly and most of all- Healthy! It’s cheap at any Walmart or drug store and as a bonus, it helps out your hair and skin too!

That’s all I’ve got for now. If I think of some others, I’ll come back and add them, but if you have any opinions or tips that I didn’t mention here, PLEASE add them! Let’s have a discussion, learn and GROW together! (See what I did there?)

anonymous asked:

HELLO yet again friend and also new friend mimi ♥ I need tips or if you could point me in the general direction of how one might remedy dry, frizzy hair. Whether it be shampoo,conditioner, creams, whatever. Thanks loves!

I have been waiting for this ask!!!!!!

Curly hair is tricky to handle because it’s prone to extreme dryness, which of course leads to breakage. Hair products are inherently straight-haired centric. Think about all of your favorite hair product brands, and think about how many of their products are specifically made for curly hair. One or two at the most, I guarantee you. Ever try using non-curly shampoo on your curls? You’ll end up with sandpaper! I even find that some curly haired products still leave my hair needing more (ahem Aussie) but anyway…

I’ve tried so many different products designed for curly hair, and none are even half as successful as SheaMoisture’s curly hair products. Hell, I even use a conditioner that is not specifically made for my hair type every single time I step in the shower and my hair still feels amazing. SheaMoisture is also organic and doesn’t use any bullshit chemicals in their products. Read their website for more info.

2017 has been my best hair ever and I am so excited to share with you my favorites! Some of these are $$, but they last several months so I personally feel that the investment is worth it. 

1. SheaMoisture’s Curl & Shine Shampoo. Curly haired friends- this is the shampoo you have been waiting for! This shampoo smells amazing (coconut and hibiscus, it really just smells tropical to me) and feels amazing. It leaves your hair feeling properly cleaned but not stripped of any natural oils. I know that many people that warn against shampooing your hair every day, but I get dandruff if I don’t. So I use this product every time I get in the shower. And it never disappoints. 

2. Shea Moisture’s Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. Not sure why this is $27 on Amazon? You can buy it from SheaMoisture’s website in a smaller bottle for $6. Do you remember in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when Professor Slughorn brews that love potion that smells differently to everybody? Well my potion would smell like this fucking shampoo. It just smells so goddamn good I can’t even convey into words. And it’s not specifically for curly hair!

3. Paul Mitchell’s Leave-In Conditioner. If you have curly hair, you should be using a leave-in conditioner on a regular basis. Your hair just won’t retain moisture for that long, and leave-in conditioner gives it that extra boost. SheaMoisture doesn’t have a leave-in conditioner? I don’t know why? They have what they call “styling creams” for curly hair, but it’s not the same thing. So I use Paul Mitchell’s lychee leave-in conditioner, which is not natural or silicone free. But I’ve decided that I don’t care, because it literally keeps my hair feeling amazing every day. So I’m recommending it. 


I thought you might find it helpful if I listed my method for washing my hair? This is what works for me, and obviously it may or may not work for you. But hopefully this gives you some ideas to get started!

I like to wash my hair at night with shampoo and conditioner, and in the morning I’ll wet my hair in the shower and then apply Paul Mitchell. But if you like to shower in the morning, do your shower routine and then apply Paul Mitchell with your hair still wet. That should carry you through the day and into the night at the very least with amazing hair.

1. Shampoo. I like to lather my shampoo a bit before rinsing it out. I recently read this post when trying to find some good beauty tips for ya’ll. It recommends that you avoid shampooing the ends of your hair, because they dry out more quickly. You then avoid conditioning your scalp, because that creates more dandruff and bacteria build up. Read the post! Well anyway, I’ve been following those directions for two weeks now and noticed a change after two days.

2. Conditioner. Make sure to condition the underside of your hair and any layers you have! If you have oily skin like I do, I would recommend that you do your hair first and then clean the rest of your body. Because I get crazy acne from all the shampoo/conditioner remnants that are washing out of my hair. 

3. Leave-In Conditioner. Wet your hair (or maybe your hair’s already wet from the shower), and then apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner to everywhere but your scalp. Again, read the post. If I’m working a nine hour day during the winter’s driest months, I bring Paul Mitchell with me to work and reapply. Did I mention that it’s lychee scented??

Well anyway, that’s my two cents. Those are the three best products I have ever tried. Hope this helps xx

I enjoyed seeing the table in the vacation rental in his video now I can picture them all sitting down to have dinner together there as one big happy family :’) talking and laughing :’) dan and phil sharing stories they experienced together and going “no no no no that’s not what happened!” “oh please you were so not doing that” “alright fine you tell it you tell it” :’) martyn teasing phil about smth as all brothers do :’) cornelia and dan sharing inside jokes bc u KNOW they have them :’) dan and phil with their legs touching under the table :’) dan texting phil smth he doesn’t wanna say aloud and phil laughing aloud causing dan to give him That Look bc that defeated the whole point of texting it :’) having dessert together at which point kathryn gives dan extra bc “he’s my favourite” and phil pretends to be offended even tho he agrees :’) phil and martyn doing dishes while cornelia takes dan to show him her favourite curly hair products :’) sitting on the couch and watching some american sitcom together before going to bed :’) dan and phil staying up on their laptops or phones and then talking until one of them falls asleep :’) can u hear me crying :’)))))))))))))))


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Hair Routines

So my Truth or Dare post seemed to be fairly well received! I really liked making that one and I joked in another post about Thorne’s hair routine, and here we are. I kind of want to extend this to morning routines?? But IDK. Let me know.

Cinder: Obviously those messy ponytails that are mentioned about a million times. In terms of washing, she has to wash her hair every other day or so to keep it from getting too greasy. She learned to do it fast because Adri constantly pestered her for taking too long or raising the water bill.

Kai: As prince and emperor, he has to always look good, so he does all kinds of stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, gel, split end protection, whatever. Even more complicated than Thorne’s daily rituals. Haircut-wise, he was adamant about keeping his hair longish, because that’s how his mother liked his hair. 

Scarlet: She has to brush her hair. Every. Single. Night. Curly hair and farmwork do not mix (I’m assuming. I don’t have curly hair so…). Her grandmother used to brush her hair for her, and before that her mother. Most evenings after dinner and chores she makes Wolf do it, or he’ll offer. Often he will brush as she tells him about her day or how the crew is doing. He brushes as gently as possible. Also, she owns pretty much every curly hair product known to man. Occasionally wears a braid or two on heavy farm work days. 

Wolf: Owns exactly one comb and one bottle of shampoo. His hair hates laying flat and he sometimes has to borrow something from Scarlet.

Cress: After living for years on the satellite with her ridiculously long hair, she tries to keep her hair as low maintenance as possible. She keeps it just long enough to tie back when she visits hot places or needs it out of her face.

Thorne: SO. MUCH. PRODUCT. His hair could literally be hit with a rock and NOT MOVE. He and Kai trade hair tips and tricks (Kaiswell, anyone?). He constantly has a military style haircut and NO facial hair because they didn’t allow that when he was a cadet. Plus, his dad has a big bushy mustache, and Thorne doesn’t want to be associated or even look remotely close to his father.

Winter: Her hair routine is fairly simple. Levana didn’t allow her a lot of staff so she did a lot herself, learning from the netscreen in her room. Before her dad died, he also taught her how to wash and braid her hair properly. When Winter and Cinder were kids, they would do each others’ hair, so Winter got some practice. Sometimes braids Scarlet’s hair when they’re together since she understands curly hair.

Jacin: He does very little with his hair. All the guards had pretty much the same haircut and style. Like they even had to have all their ponytails at the same place or they would all get in trouble. Basically all he does is wash it, comb it straight, and maybe tie it back.

Iko: Even though she’s an android, she LOVES experimenting with crazy hairstyles. Sometimes she even wears wigs. She also uses her netlink to look up new hairstyles or techniques to try on the girls (and the guys). She and Cinder have a standing salon date every week. Cinder fake hates it but secretly she enjoys having that to look forward too, especially during really stressful weeks. If any of the other girls are in town they join. Iko has two specific salons, one on Earth and one on Luna, depending on where they are. She is loyal to them and refuses to go anywhere else. She knows the name of every person who works at those salons.

This concludes my TLC hair routine post! Shoot me an ask if you have a post like this that you want to see. I love writing these. Thanks!

A preview of the potential for my waves/curls. Today I used a mousse which I purchased last night and haven’t used before. My normal go-to product is the Got2Be Glued hair gel. I like the fact that it holds my curls better than the mousse I used today. I don’t like the fact that it leaves my hair feeling crunchy rather than soft and more “flowy.”

@nikimontage I may have to check out some of the products you mentioned!

Do any other “curly girls” have products or routines they would be willing to share? I’m looking to bring these curls to their full potential!

When you go to your beauty supply and settle for random curly hair products that might not even work bc the community is boycotting Ms. Shea Moisture
SheaMoisture just made a lot of their core consumers upset
After SheaMoisture released a video for their "A Million Ways to Shea" campaign, the company came under fire over its apparent whitewashing in a possible effort to expand its consumer base. Shea Moisture is a product that is predominantly used by black women. The company has since issued an apology.

Shea Moisture whY????