Harry Styles being interviewed but every time he says “um” it gets faster

Happy 21st Birthday Harry

Harry being an adorable angel whilst someone took their chance and tossed their phone at him but, sadly, he didnt see it.


I’m super late on this, but who cares! :P 
Selfies of 2014 you cute, but you 2014 were not. So Glad for new beginnings and saying goodbye to this shitty year.


6 selfies from 2014 💕💕💕
For fuckyeahmixedbeauty

I’m multiracial and both my parents come from closed adoptions so I don’t know much, other than that my mother is half black with south Asian ancestry and that my father is czech-romani.
That’s a lot to explain to people who ask, so i generally just identify as a woman of color. I love that term and it holds a lot of power, strength, beauty and solidarity for me. I think it describes me and my blended background perfectly.

2014 was great to me (and my hair)!! I’ve never loved or accepted myself more.