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Written by @breakdawn-avenue . I claim no responsibility for this but omg it’s prescious. 

“I can’t believe you dragged me into meeting the others,” Yuri snarled after leaving the bathroom, already changed into his pyjamas.

The very moment after coming home with Dennis, he disappeared in there for a whole hour, leaving his friend alone with his thoughts and questions. Dennis didn’t mind, though. He washed up the dishes they left in the sink before heading to the meeting with his counterparts and Sora, checked his mails and watched TV to catch up some news. Just little things that brought back a bit of normality. Things he learned way back in Heartland and Maiami City while not working. He’d love to teach Yuri some of them but it was a difficult task since all Yuri knew was the Academia life with training and working. No slacking allowed, never. The younger male needs to be occupied with something. Something useful. In his eyes. Meeting his counterparts and Sora didn’t count. But Dennis had a feeling that Yuya and his red eyes had a say in it so Yuri, while grumbling and rarely saying anything at all, went along. Somehow, much to his pleasant surprise.

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I was sad to hear that @gibslythe was no longer writing Dirty Laundry after chapter 10 due to some feedback. However, I thank you for giving us one of the best klance fanfics i’ve read in a while, even though not everyone thought the same. I would have hoped you would have continued the fic, but if you aren’t having fun while writing, then you should’nt go on.

Thank you for the experience!!