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Taehyung’s curly hair

Taehyung’s curly hair

Taehyung’s curly hair

Taehyung’s curly hair

  • Taehyung’s curly hair
  1. Taehyung’s curly hair

Taehyung’s curly hair

Taehyung’s curly hair

Taehyung’s curly hair

BTS Reacts to Their Friend Wondering About Love Pt. 1


“You’re joking right?” Yoongi says, never looking up from his phone.

“I’m not! That has to be the reason no one likes me!”

He rolls his eyes. “Y/N, you’re gorgeous,” he says nonchalantly.

“Yoongi~~~” you shove him playfully, pretending to be annoyed to hide your embarrassment.

“What?” He shrugs. He always made it seem like he was never fully invested in anything, but here he is giving you such a sweet compliment.

“Well…I just wonder what that’s like, you know? Having someone like you…Having them love you regardless of all your flaws,”

There is a silence….

He stares at you in disgust. “…That’s so cheesy,” he gives you a side glance and you roll your eyes at him this time. The pen in your hand begins to tap uncontrollably as your thoughts deepen. Your eyes stare blankly as your lips frown. He notices and decides to take a picture of you, unable to control his dry chuckles. You stare at him, pouting and it only makes him laugh harder. “Cute,” he says between laughs to himself, looking at the picture he had just taken. At this point you begin ignoring him, still pouting to yourself.

“Oh please, you don’t need anyone. You have me.”


It had been the third time you painted your nails and removed the undesired color. The outer edges of your fingers were stained by the remanence of fresh polish and the tips felt dried by the overuse of acetone. You stare at your fingers, frustrated. Nothing worked…You heart stammered a bit as the self-consciousness began to grow in your chest. Who could ever like someone like you?

You breathed in, cutting your self-loathing thoughts midway, and began to pack your polishes and used cotton balls. You often chose to sit in the park to paint your nails, since they would dry faster and the scent from the acetone wouldn’t concentrate near your nose. The issue with this is that you are not in the privacy of your home, where no one can bother you while you — in your depressed state. Instead, it being a weekend and all, sitting the park subjugated you to the company of many young people. One of them being Park Jimin, a neighborhood guy you grew up with.

He sees you in the distance. “Y/N!” he yells as he makes his way closer to you. “What’s up?” He looks down at you and the first thing his eyes notice are the state of your fingers.

“Nothing really…” you say, your voice beginning to leave you. The world could not have hated you more. Here you are, in such an ugly state, feeling sorry for yourself in front of Jimin. You hide your hands in your sweater sleeves, feeling embarrassed for yourself. He turns his head slightly.

“You okay?” he asks honestly.

“…No…I…” you look at your sleeves where your hands are hiding before your sight becomes blurred by the tears filling them. Today wasn’t a good day for you. You suddenly pick up your bags in an attempt to leave when Jimin grabs your arms.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“…I…I feel so stupid,” you say quietly. “Why do I even try? I mean…who would ever like someone like me?” There was a moment of silence with you looking at the ground and Jimin looking at you, unsure how to respond. Then you finally begin again, “I wonder what that feels like… Loving someone and having them, well, having them actually love you back?”

Jimin shakes his head and slowly looks for your hidden hands. He holds them in his, rubbing the tips of your fingers gently. “You don’t have to do this…Don’t do this to yourself. You’re fine the way you are, Y/N” he looks up from your hands. “I promise, you are the prettiest already.”


You were eating lunch at a nearby café catching up on some comic book reading when your close friend Taehyung suddenly sits in the chair across from yours. He pushes your book down onto the table with a smile that is full of excitement. You stare at him hoping for an explanation but are only disappointed with his simple “Hi!”

“Hey Tae. Sorry, now isn’t a good time…” you say, picking up your book again.

“What~? Why?” he whines, pushing your book down once again.

“Uh, I’m just…doing some thinking.” You explain. Your gaze falls onto your book.

Taehyung reads the title of your book, realizing that you were reading a romantic comic again. He sighs loudly and you look up at him, wide eyed and surprised at his reaction.

“What? Are you dreaming about a guy like him?” He points at the character’s face. His face deepens into a pout. “I think I’d be way cooler than him,”


“You want to see? I can show you what it feels like to be loved by a real man, Y/N.” He says boldly, his eyes locked on yours. You find yourself so shocked that no words come into mind for a decent response…Is he…Is he serious? Little do you know that Tae is completely serious, he just uses this playfulness to boost his ego and make his attraction to you less tense.

“Y/N,” He says, his voice deep and steady, as he extends his hand waiting for yours.

You stare at him and ask, “What is this?” but his only response is his raised eyebrows and that infamous stare of his. He doesn’t move his hand as he patiently waits for you to accept it. You sigh, unsure why you decide to play along, and give him your hand. He quickly raises it to his lips and kisses the back of it gently, before erupting into a bubbly giggle.

This turned into a post slightly about insecurities~ It just came out that way. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

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