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Accidentally confessing to Remus Lupin you’re in love with him | Headcanon

You’d be close friends with Remus

You’d be on your house quidditch team

You’d be playing a quidditch match in really bad conditions

It was storming and there was fog everywhere

You couldn’t see five feet infront of you

You definitely couldn’t see the bludger coming right at you

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Getting hit in the head, knocking you out immediately

You would fall to the ground but before your body could smash into the floor you heard a spell

“Arresto Momentum”

You’d wake up in the infirmary surrounded in piles of candy from Honeydukes and a large group of your friends

Everyone cheered you up by telling you about how cool it looked as you fell

Despite the feeling of someone tap dancing against your brain, you laughed at a particular comment from Sirius claiming that ‘You were always a one for the dramatics’

“How am I not dead?” You laughed

Sirius Black who was sat behind your friend from Hufflepuff spoke up

“You can thank Lupin for that”

Your friends all started to tell you about how Remus immediately saw you falling and cast the spell

“Even Dumbledore was impressed and gave Gryffindor 50 points”

You were blushing immensely and hoped no one would say anything

Madam Pomfrey soon shooed everyone away and gave you a small vile of black liquid

“It’ll help your body replenish but you might go a bit loopy”


“Yes but it’ll go away after a few hours”

After swallowing the foul potion she patted your head and told you to relax

After a couple of minutes of just being sat eating the chocolate around you and giggling to yourself you heard the doors open

You noticed a boy walk towards your bed with his hands in his cloak and his head down

You recognised the mess of slightly curly brown hair immediately


What the fuck why would you say that?

Stupid potion

He smiled at you and pulled out chocolate frog from his pocket and passed it to you

“Hope you’re feelin better Y/N”

“I am now that your here”

You begged your mouth to SHUT THE FUCK UPPPPP

He blushed a little and took a seat in the chair besides your bed

“Pomfrey give you that potion I assume”

“Your assumptions are correct Mr Lupin”

He smiled at you and stared to read all the cards around you to des raft himself from staring at you

“You cast that spell that stopped me from falling”


Without thinking you leaded forward and kissed his cheek

“Thank you wolfy-boy”

He froze and turned red but looked down

“Wolfy-boy?” He laughed

You were still too close to him and hadn’t really pulled away from when you kissed his cheek

You studied his face and his scars

The potion took over and you grabbed his face

“You’re scars are really beautiful”

He looked at you and you felt as if your heart would explode

“You’re really beautiful”

From the way he leaned in you thought he was going to kiss you but the stupid potion that was messing with your brain pulled your body back down to the bed

He huffed and leaned back into his chair

You ended up muttering about god knows what and Remus just sat and laughed every so often at you

You stopped talking to stare at him while he laughed

“I think I’m in love with you”

He stopped like he’d been hit and looked over to you but you’d already gone into a conversation about your opinion on dragons

He couldn’t stop thinking about what you said

You got let out of the infirmary the next day and couldn’t remember the entire thing

You walked into the Great Hall and sat besides your group and the Marauders

They all asked you how you were feelin but Remus

James subtly asked you if you remember much from yesterday

Remus looked up from his food and looked hopeful

“No why? I think that potion Pomfrey gave me wiped my memory” you laughed

Looking over at Remus you noticed he looked hurt as he got up from his chair and walked out

“What’s up with him?”

No one answered you

After breakfast you went in search for Remus

You saw his hair first as he pushed through a group of first years

“Remus Remus hey”

He stopped and you thought he’d turn around but he carried on

You chased after him and grabbed his wrist to turn him around

“Hey Rem why are you ignoring me?”

“Seriously you don’t remember?”

“Remember what?”

“Nothing Y/N you probably didn’t mean it anyway”

“Remember what?”

“You’re in love with me. You said you were in love with me and a tiny part of me wanted it not to be true so I wouldn’t have to admit that I’m in love with you too”

“You’re in love with me?”

He laughed and threw his arms up

“Yes I’m in love with you”

Before he could say another word you stomped forward and grabbed his shirt, pulling him into a kiss

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You’d admit you were in love with him after

He’d respond with another kiss before you’d hear wolf whistling from the end of the corridor

Sirius, Jame and Peter would be cheering and you’d laugh into Remus’ shoulder

He’d ask you out shortly after

You’d take full advantage of the prefect bathroom

Studying together

Helping comfort home sick first years

Joining the Order together

Going on missions together

You save each others lives on more than one occasion

You being completely and utterly in love with eachother

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