curly or strait

Being Cherl Blossom’s Best Friend Would Include...

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  • Being co-captain of the River Vixens.
  • It’s almost like you are stuck together at the hip since you were little.
  • Always having each other’s back no matter what.
  • Being right there for Cheryl when she find out her brother actually died. 
    • “He’s gone Y/N! He’s really Gone!”

      • “Do you think this is my color?”
      • “If vomit green is; then sure.”
  • Knowing before everyone else what really went down with Jason and Cheryl
  • Having stupid little spats but always making up by a girl’s night.
      • “Curly or strait?”
      • “Straight, I’m always curly Y.N!”
  • Throwing the best parties Riverdale has ever seen and the cops always being called but it never stops the two of you.
  • Being a force to reckon with on your own but completely unstoppable and scary when together. 
  • Cuddling together in bed because you are just that type of friends. 
  • People sometimes mistake you to as girlfriends but that’s not the case at all.
  • Getting ready before games together and doing each other’s make-up and hair.
  • Jamming out to music in Cheryl’s room
  • Her mother always being so mad cause the music is way to loud!
    • “Turn that racket down right now, you two! It’s giving me a head ache!”
    • “We’re having fun mom! Stop trying to stop us!”
  • After the game going to Pop’s to get a milkshake and a shared basket of fries. 
  • honestly being made out of the same cloth.