curly meringue

Test-Driving Miss Jessie's Enhancing Curl Cremes: Hairistocracy

We’re guilty of sticking with the same hair cut for years — if it’s not broke, why fix it? — but that can be a little boring. But not everyone has our issue. Paulina, one of our amazing operations associates, is always eyeing new cuts and styles. She’ll be sharing her tress inspiration and tips every other week.

Paulina (top photo left) and Sarah (right) showing off their gorgeous curls.

We’re big fans of Miss Jessie’s products for curly hair here in the Birchbox Office. But if you sift through their catalog, you may quickly notice that there are so many options. My associate Sarah and I were overwhelmed by the amount of products—to say the least—so we took it upon ourselves to do a week of trials with the brand’s best sellers. Enter the Curly Meringue, Quick Curls, and Stretch Silkening creme

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Twist Out on my birthday. 11/27. Used Miss Jessies Curly Meringue. 

My hair was already dry so I just sprayed some water, oil, conditioner mix on it to get it damp. Then section by section applied the MJ-CM to my hair. It didnt seal my ends the way I would have liked it to but that could be because my hair was not completely wet. Went to bed. Woke up. Hair was dry so I undid the twists and combed through them with my fingers to add more volume. Add nice flowers with a basic head band and there you go. : )