curly haired weirdo

Trying to make an overwatch oc is the most difficult thing to do. Designing is easy but giving them different abilities that actually go to go together and sound right is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Like I did research on different supernatural abilities that I could make my own and make it fit into overwatch. I’m trying make seem like they could be an actual character in the game. That shit is hard.

Payzer 1.0

So, this post is really freaking long because Payzer is the shadiest and most complicated relationship to analyze in my opinion. Also because it wasn’t questioned as soon as it happens like the rest of their relationships (mostly because they weren’t that famous and we didn’t have much material just like Louhannah). So, get ready for some reading after the cut (and sorry, I’m french so I hope it’s not too cringing to read) :

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