curly hair is good

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i have mad curly hair and i’ve never liked it and i straighten it like every day. : (

Why not?! 

I have mad curly hair too. When I was a kid, I thought I should just treat it like straight hair, and all it ever did was frizz. It was awful. My whole life people with straight hair were telling me how to ‘fix’ my hair. By turning it into straight hair, 99% of the time. 

But that really isn’t necessary.

Curly hair doesn’t function like straight hair. And you can’t treat it the same way - it’ll just hate you right back. You have to know how to take care of it properly. It requires A LOT more moisture, and a LOT less washing/shampooing. 

As soon as I stopped washing it religiously and started conditioning it plenty, I started to worry less. Curls aren’t a curse like some people think. If you’re interested, you should try googling it! You might be surprised! And if you think you’;re curious, you should defs give it a try!

(Obvs, if that’s not for you, that’s cool too. It’s your hair, and you should feel good about it first and foremost.)

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i knooowww, there are so many cute things you can do with curls. Granted straightening is one of the easier things if your curls are unruly and you do not have time… but you are a princess with a stylist just for you this should not be a problem

To be honest, straightening my hair has been one of HARDEST things to do with them since… forever?

Everyone tells me it’s so great, but the few times I’ve tried, I’ve ended up bitterly disappointed, and had wasted a good half an hour of my time.

My hair doesn’t stay straight for longer than maybe an hour. After a salon professionally straightened my hair, it was growing waves back and frizzing in about 1.5 hours. Not very effective. At all.

Straightening dries out your hair and makes it unhappy. :/ It’s never really worked for me. If it works for others… great! But if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll know it.

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Because curls are for commoners and peasants and actual real life in people.

Seriously, there’s so much freaking stigma against it…



mine do weird shit sometimes - for example, this is a more 'relaxed’ state and when it’s a lot more frizzy - it looks kinda bad, but I’m still super sexy

then there’s the slightly better-moisturized curls, which have a bit more shape and bounce to them and are significantly less frizzy - 

The curliest they ever are is when they’re properly treated

–anyway, there’s another photo I have of my curls that I really wanted to find BUT I CAN’T FIND IT - the point is, curls are GREAT!

I hate seeing the Strilondes (Dirk, Dave, Roxy, and Rose) drawn with dark skin. It looks ugly as hell when they have white/light blonde hair alongside it. It’s also ugly when people draw them (especially Dave) with the sides shaved and the character just has a curly poof of hair atop their head. It just doesn’t look good in my opinion.

But whatever, the artist is doing what they want and I shouldn’t condemn them for my conflicting opinions. As long as they’re having fun, I say go for it, but that won’t stop me from not liking the design.


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