curly darren


So today I met Darren Criss.
Let me just say: it came out of NOWHERE and I was only ready because I had planned on meeting JGroff, so I already looked super cute (for once).
SO I won the lottery for Hamilton (LITERALLY EVERYONE GO SEE IT) and it’s probably the best, most-impressive, COOLEST musical there ever was or ever will be.
And after that WHOLE THING we walk out and we’re like two people behind this short tiny curly haired DARREN CRISS.
We call his name and he turns around and introduces HIMSELF (yes Darren, we know who you are) and asks us for our names and we ask him how he liked the show and he said he liked it (GOOD) and we ask for a picture but he said no and that was completely fine with us, tbh.
Then we ask if his arm is ok (it’s in a wrist brace!!) and he said it’ll be fine for the show (no worries, guys!!) and we tell him we’re gonna be there opening night and he goes “oh noooo” like he’s NERVOUS or something.
And then he talked to like 2 other people and managed to escape (so proud of him) and he managed to escape after he left backstage with no one seeing him (double proud).
tl;dr: Darren is 147% an angel and he’s way tinier in person than you’d expect and yes his hair is pretty.

So who gets to be Harry?

This anon prompted me, and what interested me was them both dressing up as Harry Potter. I took the prompt in a certain way, I hope you like what I tried to turn it into. ~986 words

“Chris. What is this?” Darren questioned loudly.

There was a pile of clothes arranged on the foot of their bed, along with a red cape, the layout clearly for a purpose. Chris walked into their bedroom, making sure Brian or Cooper weren’t in the way as he shut the door.

“My costume for tomorrow Dare.” he explained. “By the way, you still haven’t decided on yours yet.” Chris pointed out.

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In March 2012, [Tyler] Oakley faced the camera, balanced a laptop in his sightline and paged through a photo set of the curly-haired actor Darren Criss, whose turn as a hunky gay singer in “Glee” made him a fixture of teenage dreams. In these new pictures, which had just been leaked online, Criss was lounging on a beach wearing only a pair of low-rise jeans and a layer of perspiration. Oakley’s videotaped reaction was exultant. “I literally cannot even,” he informed his fans. “I can’t even. I am unable to even. I have lost my ability to even. I am so unable to even. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!”
Soon, Oakley’s groupies had immortalized his soliloquy in GIF form: “Can’t” upon “can’t,” looping forever. Now they could conjure the GIF whenever they felt so overcome by emotion that they couldn’t even complete a thought.
—  When You ‘Literally Can’t Even’ Understand Your Teenager (