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ok ok ok but what about, afrotextured/natural haired alya that is all i really want in life,that's the only head canon i will fight for

Alya can easily have both natural curly and coily hair all you gotta do to swap em is some water, brushing and braiding 

Listen up!

If you’re a curly coily or kinky hair girl and you want your hair to grow faster, I got two things for you: protective styles and wild growth oil.
Taking care of your hair correctly while it’s in a protective style is great for retaining length but when you add wild growth oil, it’s a whole new level. I’ve only been using the oil for 3 weeks at most and I see a significant difference. I wish I had taken pictures if y'all want me to do a full review and tell how I use it then let me know!


Beanies are great, but not if they’re completely cotton. Cotton will dry out your hair, making it very dry and brittle potentially causing breakage. To avoid this, sew a bit of satin on the inside of them so that you retain that well needed moisture!!!


Topic For Today :

I posted onto Twitter today “ All black girls have good hair. ” The tweet was sent out to encourage black girls to not be so insecure about their hair. There’s far too many women who are told that their hair is not beautiful because of the texture or curl pattern of it, which in turn goes to create a lot of other deep rooted issues within them. Nowadays women feel if they don’t have a curl pattern of 3b or 3c that their hair isn’t gorgeous. I sent that tweet out to make black girls feel good about themselves, to reassure them that they are more than worthy of feeling beautiful, and that they will never need anyone’s approval to believe so. The definition of beauty is constantly being reinvented everyday, in all kinds of different ways. Which is why it broke my heart to pieces when I came back to see such spiteful and degrading comments. And from my own people, and not only that but male figures. I still can’t wrap my mind around how negativity works. How do you think of something so malicious… type it out on a social platform and publicly post it in hopes that other people will see it? I don’t care how corny it sounds, but words do hurt. Seriously. It takes a few seconds to come up with a rude comment that you somehow found comical and post it, but there’s literally grown women in their 40s walking around still insecure about things people said to them when they were in grammar school, it’s not necessary, we need to be more compassionate and loving towards each other, empowering each other as well as ourselves instead of tearing each other down. ALL HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL! THICK HAIR, KINKY HAIR, WAVY HAIR, THIN HAIR, SHORT HAIR, LONG HAIR, COILY HAIR, CURLY HAIR, CRIMPY HAIR, ALL HAIR. But above all HEALTHY HAIR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Spread the love and positivity.✨🌻

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Hi! you're art is absolutely stunning, and i was wondering if you have any hair colouring tips?

I can show you a little step by step of my process. I have straight hair and curly hair here as examples. Featuring my OC Kat and Vampire Academy’s Lissa (wips I had in my folder).

Gradients save my life, I use them for everything

Light on curly/coily hair falls different than on straight hair. The texture and body is vastly different, so light often collects in the centre of the body of hair (in Kats case, near her ear). 

Straight hair falls in relation to gravity, it is shaped around the head and shoulders; add lots of shine and sparkle. Voila.

(also, references help if you’re having trouble)

curly hair qunari tho man

qunari spending their off-work hours rubbing olive oil and raw honey into their hair, washing it with cinnamon and red pepper when they want to lighten it a bit for the summer, chatting about their day as they coat each other’s hair with egg and avocado treatments

tal-vashoth whose hair gets ratty and damaged after leaving the warmth of par vollen and seheron, who have to cut their hair because they’re never able to find the right ingredients in human shops, and when they do, they’re expensive as hell, who maybe invent weaves and hot combs to make their hair easier to manage in the human parts of thedas

vashoth who grew up learning all the little tricks to take care of their hair without access to the oils and plants of par vollen, washing their hair gently with lemon and lavender, lathering it with oats and coating it with linseed oil to protect it

qunari with bantu knots and box braids and two strand twists and dreadlocks and cornrows, who have to wake up early for farming or baking and just shake their heads out, rub in a bit of oil and go

qunari who pineapple or plop their hair at night and sleep with silk scarves around their heads

vashothari keeping silk and satin pillows, scarves, and hoods as an important part of their immigrant culture, giving them as heirlooms to their children and as presents on important festivals and birthdays

just. qunari with all kinds of different curly, coily, kinky hair


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Can you pls do a T'ChallaxReader fic where the reader is a black ballet dancer and it's audition season so she's stressing about her hair looking right, and about her body type and how she's much thicker and more muscular than a lot of the white dancers she's auditioning with, and T'Challa suggests that she should move to Wakanda with him and where she'll be more comfortable in the dance environment (and sneakily hints that his palace will be her permanent home bc possible marriage?)😭😍

“You don’t get it.” you sigh, “In ballet you’re supposed to be thin. Really thin, and your hair is supposed to be able to go into a neat bun.”

T’Challa watches you pace around your room, and his brows furrow, “That sounds incredibly unhealthy. And like it’s only suited for one type of person.”

“You mean white girls?” you ask, frustrated, “Because you’re right. I love ballet, but in this country it isn’t welcoming to black girls with curves or muscles or curly, coily hair. How am I supposed to be able to walk into an audition room when I’m not what they want and everyone knows it?”

You’re so into your frustrated thoughts that you don’t notice when he approaches you, only alerted to how close he’s gotten when he wraps his arms around your waist and presses a soft kiss to the back of your neck.

“You are a wonderful dancer.” he says, sounding so sincere you have to smile despite your irritation, “The best I’ve ever seen. The institution here sounds like it’s only set up for one kind of person to succeed, and that’s unacceptable.” you sigh, feeling somewhat defeated. You love to dance, and it’s so incredibly heartbreaking to know that you could be passed over simply because you don’t fit a very narrow set of rules. Nothing makes you sadder. You work just as hard as all these little whites girls, probably harder, and yet you can’t help but feel like you won’t even get a chance.

T’Challa is quiet for a moment before he quietly says, “The ballet institutions in Wakanda are far more well rounded and advanced than it is here. And I think you would be quite happy there. And with me, in the palace.”

You pause. What?

“Did you just try to be slick and suggest I move to Wakanda with you?”

He chuckles, pulling you closer.

“And move into the palace with you?”

He’s suspiciously silent behind you, though he doesn’t move his hands from around your waist. You turn in his arms, needing to look him in the eye and see that he’s serious.

Because you know Wakandan culture. If you move into the palace with him then that means–

“Are you serious?” you ask, voice shaking the slightest bit.

He huffs a soft laugh, pressing his forehead to yours, smiling as he pulls you to him, “I am very serious.”

The answer tumbles out of you before you can even think about it. But it’s fine. You know what your decision is. It’s an easy one.

You’re moving to Wakanda, and you’re going to be a professional ballerina.

And you’re going to be the King’s wife.

You kiss him, deep and excited.