curly and boo bear

evancl  asked:

What if Harry and Louis had a pretend wedding at jays wedding. WHAT IF Louis got on one knee, proposed, said his vows to harry, and Harry did the same, they kissed and danced under the moonlight. WHAT IF they went to LA and celebrated like it was a light version of their honey moon. WHAT IF that's why Harry wore the wedding bracelet for almost 2 weeks?

What if before every show they say a new vow?

“I promise to always make you eggs on toast”

“You already promised that, love”

“Well this time I promise as your spouse”

“Well then I promise to think you’re always wonderful and curly”


“Yeah. Long hair don’t care boo bear”

“Heyyyy that’s your nickname”

*goes in for a kiss*

“I think we kind of share that really”