curls with a flat iron

Tips I've learned from being a hairstylist that I'd like to share with you:

1. Don’t wear your ponytail, bun, or clip in the same spot everyday. This can cause friction that will eventually cause breakage. Instead, mix it up by wearing your ponytail higher or lower or to the side. You could even try a braid.

2. It’s healthier to NOT wash your hair everyday if you can. When you wash your hair, you strip the scalp of it’s natural oils that moisturize the hair. I know you can’t always skip shampooing, especially if you workout everyday or your hair gets greasy after one day of not washing. You don’t have to skip shampoo too many days in a row, just try every other day.

3. Static in the hair is caused by lack of moisture. Lack of moisture can be caused by washing your hair too much, using alcohol based products (such as hairspray or mousse), salt water, chlorine water, using too much or too high of heat on your hair, or simply by not conditioning enough.

4. When you condition your hair, don’t put it on the scalp. Only put in on the mid shaft and ends. Why not put it on the scalp? Because of those natural oils I mentioned earlier. They’ll moisturize the hair near the scalp.

5. You only need to condition Every other day or a few times a week. Make at least two of those times a deep conditioner.

6. Chlorine can dry and damage your hair. One way to help prevent this is to get your hair wet before going swimming. Your hair is like a sponge, it sucks up and holds water. If there’s already water in your hair when you go swimming, it makes it harder for chlorine water to get in and stay.

7. Please use a thermal protector when flat ironing, curling , and blow drying. It will not prevent damage altogether, but it will cut down on it. There are blow-dry cremes and sprays out there that are just for styling and not protecting. Make sure it actually says on the bottle ‘thermal protectant’. My favorite is Redken’s Iron Shape. Just about every salon sells it.

8. Acne: There are several causes, hormones, stress, bacteria, poor diet. Zits on the neck or jawline are usually caused by hormones (puberty, your period). Those you can’t really prevent/heal without acne cream. Acne on your cheeks is most likely cause by poor diet. Cut down on sugars, processed foods, and bad fats. Zits along the hairline at usually caused by stress. Another cause of zits may be from bacteria on your pillow case. Wash your pillow case every other day. On days you don’t wash it, flip over so you always have a clean side to sleep on. Another way to keep your face clean is to actually clean it with face wash. Make sure it isn’t one that is too abrasive. Also, avoid touching your face a lot. Oils from your hand can build up on your face and cause zits.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll try to add more later.

I’m pretty sure the stars aligned perfectly while I was at Macy’s today… I’m gonna add a new thing to my posts and try and describe the methods and techniques for the items I got! But as always, feel free to message me or drop something in my ask :)  


Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow Palette - $49

For this item, I wasn’t even planning on lifting at ulta. I went in looking for an extra large toiletry bag that would fit my blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron. I talked to the SA for a minute and we looked together and couldn’t find any big enough (found one at TJMaxx though - yay!) and after I went right to this palette because I’ve been eyeing it for a while, saw there was a lot, grabbed one, inspected the box, acted like I went and checked for a bag again, then made my own blind spot by crouching down and concealing in front of the facemask shelf. Then walked out! Total time in store: about 5-10 min.


Turquoise Headband - $25

Pink Suede Pinafore - $79

My Dillards is extremely easy and has so so many unattended dressing rooms. I needed a black dress for work, grabbed a lot and a couple other items (probably had 10-12 in my hand including the headband) and went to a dressing room that there was no SA near the checkout or rooms. I spent probably 10 minutes trying on the clothes, decided I didn’t like any of the dresses but absolutely fell in love with this pinafore. To check for hidden rftds in tags I take my iPhone’s flashlight and hold it directly up to the tag. If it’s not too thick you can typically see it. The headband had a thin sticker tag wrapped around it - no rftd so I just tossed it into my purse (which is a michael kors jetsetter - they hold great form on their own!) and then I checked on the pinafore. That one had a cardboard tag but my flashlight could still see through it and that it did. I looped the tag’s plastic part out of the shirt and looped it into a different one that I wasn’t taking… I folded the pinafore down pretty good and laid it in my bag. I then took all my stuff including the extra hanger  and put it on the fitting room rack. Total time in store: 15-20 min. 

*Important! In between me going to Dillards and Macy’s… I went to Forever 21 and purchased a tight white longsleeve shirt to wear under the pinafore, I got a Forever 21 bag from that. When she was bagging my shirt I asked her if she can throw the pinafore in there and took it out of my purse… I told her I brought it from home to find a shirt for under it… She couldn’t have cared less*


Michael Kors Ava in “Dusty Rose” - sale price $133.50 (30% off)

LET ME TELL YOU… I should be calling the outer space haul or something because the stars must’ve been perfectly aligned while I was in Macy’s. I absolutely did not plan to do this or EVER thought I’d score a MK purse. There were absolutely no SA’s anywhere near the designer purse section, and only like 2 customers walking around. So at my store, all the purses that are marked down or on sale all go onto this two tiered table and get gator tagged. They don’t get looped onto the table like all the other purses on display do. I was checking out all the purses and wallets there and I noticed this Ava was the ONLY purse on the entire table without a gator tag. So I picked it up and put it around my wrist and ended up putting my F21 bag over it. I then shopped around a bit and threw two dresses over my arm with all the bags and went to an unattended fitting room in the women’s section that there were no customers and no SAs anywhere to be seen! I had to hype myself up to even look at the bag and check it out. It was absolutely perfect - no security tags, no hidden rftd’s (i did the flashlight trick). So I took the pinafore out of my F21 bag, wrapped it around the purse, and put it back into the F21 bag. I put the two dresses on the fitting room rack then hauled ass out of the mall. I was pretty done after that. Total time in store: 10-15 min. 

I hope this was helpful! Sorry it’s so long! I’d also like to add that I do not own or did not use any magnets or hooks :)



Portuguese vocabulary: hair related

Hair - Cabelo (m)

Texture - Textura (f)

Afro - Afro (m)

Curly – Cacheado (m), crespo (m)

Note: “crespo” is curlier than “cacheado” and sometimes it’s also used to refer to afro hair

Wavy – Ondulado (m)

Straight – Liso  (m)

Lenght - Comprimento (m)

Roots - Raízes (f)

Ends - Pontas (f)

Long – Longo  (m)

Short – Curto  (m)

Light - Claro  (m)

Dark - Escuro  (m)

Ginger - Ruivo (m)

Highlighted – Com luzes

Dyed – Pintado (m)

Curling iron – Babyliss  (m)

To curl – Cachear (v)

Flat iron – Chapinha (f), prancha (f)

To straighten – Alisar (v)

To tie - Prender (v)

Brush – Escova (f)

Comb - Pente  (m)

To brush - escovar (v), pentear (v)

To cut - Cortar (v)

Hairdo - Penteado  (m)

Fringe, bangs - Franja (f)

Ponytail - Rabo de cavalo  (m)

Pigtails - Maria chiquinha (already in plural) (f)

Braid - Trança (f)

Braided - Trançado (m)

Extensions - Extensões (f)

Weave - Aplique (f)

Convention Check List!

*I’m sure everyone is more than ready for the Convention; but just in case, here is a Handy-Dandy Checklist!
–This is more a reminder for those staying overnight, but there are some things to remember in general!


Convention Essentials:

  • [*] ID/License
  • [*] Cash/Change
  • [*] Credit/Debit Card
  • [*] Wallet
  • [*] Cell Phone
  • [*] Registration Ticket(If Pre-registered)
  • [*] Camera


  • [*]Toothbrush
  • [*]Toothpaste
  • [*]Floss
  • [*]Mints/Gum
  • [*]Mouthwash
  • [*]Deodorant
  • [*]Soap
  • [*]Face-wash
  • [*]Baby-wipes
  • [*]Contacts
  • [*]Contact Solution
  • [*]Eye drops
  • [*]Lotion
  • [*]Razors
  • [*]Eyebrow Razor
  • [*]Shaving Cream
  • [*]Tweezers
  • [*]Cotton-balls/Cotton Swabs
  • [*]Hairbrush
  • [*]Comb
  • [*]Hairspray
  • [*]Flat/Curling Iron
  • [*]Hair ties
  • [*]Hairpins
  • [*]Headscarf
  • [*]Wig Cap
  • [*]Shower-cap
  • [*]{Medication}
  • [*]Nail-clipper
  • [*]{Feminine Products ie. Ibuprofen Pads Etc.}


  • [*]Underwear
  • [*]Socks
  • [*]Undershirts
  • [*]T-Shirts
  • [*]Long-johns
  • [*]Sweaters
  • [*]Shorts
  • [*]Pants
  • [*]Pajamas
  • [*]Bathrobe
  • [*]Slippers
  • [*]Jacket
  • [*]Coat
  • [*]Bathing Suits
  • [*]Pool-shoes
  • [*]Sneakers
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Scarf
  • [*]Hat
  • [*]Dress (For Rave and other Events)

Food! {Ideas} =Hotel Rooms have Refrigerators, but No Microwave in most cases! 

  • [*]Water
  • [*]Breakfast:{Cereal, Muffins, PopTarts, Granola Bars, Donuts, Toast, Canned Fruit, AppleSauce Etc.}
  • [*]Lunch:{Sandwhiches, Ramen Cups, Pizza, Crackers/Cheeze, Tuna, Etc.)
  • [*]Dinner:{Steak, Chicken, Pasta, Pizza, Patties, Bread, Vegetables Etc.)
  • [*]Snacks:{Rice Krispies, Muffins, Packaged Cakes/Cupcakes, Chips Etc.)



  • [*]Primer
  • [*]Foundation/BB Cream
  • [*]Concealer
  • [*]Finishing Power
  • [*]Bronzer
  • [*]Blush
  • [*]Brushes(Foundation Brush-Powder Brush-Perfecting Brush)
  • [*]Mascara
  • [*]Lip Balm
  • [*]Lip Stick
  • [*]Lip Liner
  • [*]Lip Gloss
  • [*]Eyeliner
  • [*]Eye Shadow
  • [*]Eyelashes
  • [*]Eyebrow Liner
  • [*]Nail Polish


  • [*]Wig Cap
  • [*]Wig
  • [*]Shirt
  • [*]Pants
  • [*]Belt
  • [*]Outwear
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Hat
  • [*]Pendants/Necklaces
  • [*]Rings
  • [*]Broaches
  • [*]Tie/Bow/Scarfs/Neck-wear
  • [*]Belt Chain
  • [*]Boots
  • [*]Wings
  • [*]Weapons
  • [*]Other Props
  • [*]Ear-Rings
  • [*]Fake Teeth
  • [*]Horns/Fake Ears/Other Head-wear
  • [*]Glasses/Contacts

Formal Ball:


  • [*]Strapless Bra
  • [*]Dress Slip
  • [*]Tights/Stockings
  • [*]Purse
  • [*]Necklace
  • [*]Earrings
  • [*]Bracelets
  • [*]Rings
  • [*]Hair Accessories
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Heels
  • [*]Flat Shoes
  • [*]Shoe Pads
  • [*]Band Aides (For toes)


  • [*]Undershirt
  • [*]Dress Shirt
  • [*]Tie/Bow
  • [*]Suit (Pants and Jacket)
  • [*]Dress Socks
  • [*]Dress Shoes


  • [*]Outfit
  • [*]Shoes
  • [*]Purse/Bag

Photo Shoots

  • [*]Camera
  • [*]Props
  • [*]Notebook(For contacts)/Character References


** For MINOR injuries/Sickness (Please don’t try to preform First Aide on other people if you aren’t trained for it! You could make it worse and kill someone…)

  • [*]Band Aids
  • [*]Neosporin
  • [*]Ibuprofen 
  • [*]Sanitizing Wipes
  • [*]Gauze Pads
  • [*]{Inhalator}

~!–I hope this is Helpful–!


Uploaded a new crochet DIY. Hope you enjoy!

anonymous asked:

hi katharine! i couldn't find this in your faq, so i hope you don't mind me asking - any tips for how you grew your hair so long & keep it looking so healthy? i've always loves your various braided styles & am working on growing mine long too! thanks!

Aww thanks. 

Mostly I opt for shampoos made of non-scary ingredients (right now I’m using Lush). I don’t blow dry or flat iron (I do occasionally use a curling iron). I was every 3 days or so with dry shampoo in between. I also keep it up a lot of the time because I have to for work (so less brushing/tugging/tangling). Also, I have never dyed my hair. I think that the crazy things you have to do to dye your hair is the fastest way to make sure it can’t get really long. 

Curls - Nate Maloley

A/n: 25 Days of Christmas

“Lil Mama what are you doing?” Nate asks in his husky morning voice. “I’m getting ready” you shout from the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom you shared with Nate. “Already?” You can hear him climbing out of the bed and his feet shuffling against the floor. “Yeah perfection takes time” you smirk focusing your attention on the mirror. “I didn’t realize you were straightening your hair” he says surprised “Yup” you reply mindlessly continuing to glide the flat iron over your wild curls. “But that takes so long. We could still be in bed" Nate whines wrapping his arms around your waist. It catches you by surprise and your arm jerks the iron. “Careful Nate and keep it in your pants”

“Can’t you leave it curly” he asks playing with the unstraightened strands. “eew no I want to look like I’m at least trying when I meet your family” you grimace setting down the iron. You untie another section of hair as Nate sits down on the toilet watching you work. “Plus I’ve already started” 

“They’re so soft and fun” he comments. “You just like the way it tickles when we cuddle” “That too” Nate grins

He sits on the toilet seat in silence mesmerized by the process. 

Nate stands abruptly from his seat and exits the bathroom only to return moments later. 

“Just needed to get a glass of water” he says taking a sip “NATHAN MONTGOMERY, you son of a bitch” you shriek as the water runs down your back drenching your hair and his white button down that you were in. You watch in horror as your hair gradually shrinks up returning back to it’s naturally curly state reversing all of your hard work. 

“I’m not going to have time to fix this” you sigh frustrated running your fingers through your mane. “I know” he replies smugly leaning back admiring his handiwork. “You’re a dick you know that” you say wringing out your wet hair. “You have no idea how much I love it like this” he smiles looking at you in the mirror. “Hope it was worth it because this” you say gesturing to your crotch “is on lockdown” “Dont be like that baby” “What what I can’t hear you I’ve got to dry my hair” you shout over the hair dryer shaping your curls. 



  1. Comb through your hair to make sure it’s free of knots and tangles.
  2. With a curling iron with a diameter of at least one inch, curl hair inwards toward the chin. Evenly distribute hair to both sides of the head and curl, up to about the chin. A curling iron with a clamp or a flat iron will do this job better than a wand as they allow you to start at the root, smooth down to approximately the ear to flatten away frizz, and then tilt inwards toward the face. Hair rollers with also do the job well!
  3. After hair cools, lightly tousle with fingers to distribute the curls and add in a hint of volume. If the hair above the ear is still frizzy/too voluminous, carefully run a flat iron down from the root to keep it sleek, stopping before reaching the curl.
  4. Grab a one/one and a half inch square of hair from right above the middle of the forehead. 
  5. Braid this portion together, curving it to the side. Braid a few inches worth of hair before tucking it underneath the rest of the hair and pinning in place.
  6. Comb all the hair behind the braid backwards toward the back of the head to remove any existing part.
  7. Use hair spray to keep the curls in place if necessary.
  8. Good luck :)