curls of dreams

i’m opening commissions for the first time in 7+ years. yikes lol. this is to help fund me going to SDCC with my buds. since my wrist behaves better with pencil and paper, i’m only opening 1 digital slot [full colour or b/w ] this round. the rest will be traditional pencil art

[i am not offering inked/colours at this time.]

more examples and prices under the cut, cos long post is long.

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The white fog creeps from the cold sea over the city,
Over the pale grey tumbled towers,—
And settles among the roofs, the pale grey walls.
Along damp sinuous streets it crawls,
Curls like a dream among the motionless trees
And seems to freeze.

The House Of Dust - Conrad Aiken

confession time: I slap pastel on everything. even the things that arent supposed to be in pastel

(thank you @novembon for the request and the kind words!!! I’m glad you enjoy what Ive got on my blog. hope this reigen trying to be cool suits your taste.)

this request post predicts the pastel apocalypse. find out how the world will end right here

Happy Solstice!
“listen, dear heart” said the bear to the child, “Listen while the forest slumbers, and all appears as in death. On this, the longest night, winter’s solstice. Listen, for something is stirring within the heart of the trees”
And she listened, holding her child’s breath as snow flakes drifted down like sugar. For within every tree, dreams were unfolding, and warm buttery light was gleaming, for spring was sleeping, stirring, dreaming.
The child nodded, she understood.
The bear and the child, curled up together. Their dreams entwining as they slept. The winter wind, and mushrooms rings, hollow trees, and crystal wings, the rising sap, and sparrows song.

notevenjokingrightnow  asked:

#7 From Live For Love please!

Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme (send in more prompts for any of my AUs!)

A Scared Kiss…

She had leaned over his guitar to kiss him. So full of emotion from the song he had written for her - performed for her - used to share his love for her.

She couldn’t be comfortable. But he was terrified of ending it.

So he tentatively reached one hand to rest on the back of her neck - tangling in her curls, just like he’d dreamed so many times. Held her a bit closer. Pulled away just enough for them to catch their breaths. And then returned for more.

Praying he hadn’t screwed it all up. That she felt for him even a fraction of the way he felt for her. That she could see in his song all the promises he was too afraid to tell her in any other way.

Savoring this moment - with sirens wailing outside the window and the neighbors next door cheering on the Knicks - because it may be the last they’d ever share.

Finally, finally she pulled back. Reached for his guitar, and gently set it against the wall. Turned to face him - smiling brighter than he’d ever seen.

“Stand up,” she said quietly. Voice strong.

He stood. Knees like jelly.

Her arms reached - and he picked her up because it was the most natural thing to do. And walked slowly, slowly in the direction of her bedroom.

“I’m so scared,” she whispered against his lips.

He sat on the edge of her mattress. She wound her legs around his hips. He cradled her - the most precious thing on earth - and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t be afraid,” he swallowed. Praying that he sounded braver than he felt. “There’s the two of us now.”