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Lord give me strength and energy to get through my “wash day” routine...

1. Hot oil treatment for 2-3 hours (olive & coconut oil)

2. Detangle hair (with fingers or wide tooth comb)

3. Shampoo hair (scalp twice) (SheaMoisture coconut hibiscus shampoo)

4. Condition (DevaCurl Decadence conditioner)

5. Comb through and rinse (Wet Brush)

6. Deep condition 1 hour  (SM Shea Butter deep treatment masque, *dark yellow label)

7. Scalp massage and rinse out DC

8. Style hair with leave in and coconut oil (SM JBC leave-in, *light yellow label)

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Finally!!! I actually had more drawings along with this one but I’m not done with them and eh, it’s been a while since u guys have seen Danny so here they is!!!😚💕💕💕

(Yes ik they look terrified… Or at least that’s what someone said… Idk yeah this is a weird face expression I guess, I really didn’t know what I was going for while I was drawings this so)

I’ve been thinking of changing their design but egh agh u tell me guys idk but eh ya know.

Living with white roommates pt 1

I normally do wash n go on my hair about every 3 days, let it air dry for 30 mins then diffuse it until it’s fully dry, with the except of my edges right above my ear because that part doesn’t curl properly. So I flat twist that part and let it dry overnight.

I’m sitting on the couch and my roommate turns to me, eyes wide, and asks, ‘how did you make that part of your hair do that?! It looks so perfect!’ I tell her I have to twist that part of my hair because it doesn’t curl nicely like the rest of my head… still looking in amazement she then says, 'So do you use some kind of machine to do that? What would happen if I used it on my hair??’

And I just kinda stare at her for a bit because I have no words, my words have failed me

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Where was his blue jacket? Lance frantically searched the girl-he-just-slept-withs house everywhere until found a curled up figure on the couch "whatshernames roommate" he thought, the girl had his jacket wrapped around her body, to which he quickly yanked it off her, waking her up in the process, the girl looked prettier than he had thought but he quickly erased those thoughts, he put his jacket on and was met with the smell of vanilla. He definitely wasn't going to wash his jacket for a while.

Omggggg I love that damn jacket

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