curls for the girls


so this is a little thing i’ve had in my docs forever, and didnt really plan on editing/finishing, but it’s tedromeda week on @hpshipweeks so i couldnt miss it and also @merflk motivated me to do it so here it is !

she’s sitting at the best table, a dozen pretty notebooks open in front of her; she’s reading a huge biology textbook that looks a hundred years old, has a thermos and a macbook that lights her face up on her desk; but somehow, nothing looks messy, she’s got it all together, whether it’s her ridiculously beautiful black hair braided in complicated twists that make ted think she had a personal hairdresser or something, or her expensive clothes, her golden watch, her fountain pens. her life, too, apparently.

ted is wearing his old manchester united shirt, the last clean(ish) one, and sweatpants that his mom bought him. he has endless pieces of paper on his desk, filled with paragraphs and paragraphs of his small handwriting, erasures everywhere. An empty Redbull can lies on the floor, his head is resting in his hand like a tired sloth, he’s been looking at the girl for a while now.

there’s only 3 of them left in the library.

well, four, but does frank really count? he fell asleep 2 hours after lunch and hasn’t woken up since. ted blames giovanni’s pesto pasta, and also the fact that frank ate 3 portions of it, and maybe the fact that he hadn’t slept for 2 days before that.

so, three. him, Princess Girl, as he has now mentally called her, and a curly, short haired blonde girl who looks very small next to this giant book, has dark circles around her eyes, a pale face, and is also, like, not moving, and ted wonders if she’s brain dead and no one noticed, and are these the thoughts he has when he’s on the verge of death? this feels like a battle that Princess Girl is clearly winning.

‘We’d like to remind you that the library closes at 10pm. Please return the books you’ve borrowed before 9:30. Thank you.’

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